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Walgreens / non caring pharmacists!

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My name is David Morgan. I ordered my KEPPRA prescription for my seizures for 11 PM pickup on Friday, July 6. I fell asleep, and did not pick up the med's, had to go to work, and then went to pick up the med's at 5 PM.

I was suffering from either withdrawal from the medication, or the onset of the seizure by the time that I got to the prescription counter. I was sweating, dizzy, dry heaves, and explained this to the check out person. A stout, afro - American person, who was working with my new blue cross blue shield card, which said that it paid for prescriptions.

As he was telling me the situation, that my KEPPRA was not covered by blue cross, blue shield, I was blacking out... I was asking him to please give me a pill so that my body could stabilize. He continued to explain how I could try another drug, call the prescription company, etc... while I was dry heaving in front of him, asking him over and over for a pill, and the girl in the back was screaming to him that it would not make a difference.

I threw up on the counter, and the clerk then called over the intercom for a manager, and he was telling the clerk who came, over in the opposite corner away from me, that they had a "situation". I went over, and listened to him telling the clerk who came (obviously not a manager) that he had a situation, that I had thrown up on the counter...

They did not care that I was going into seizure mode. They would not give me a tablet of this medication that would stop the convulsing, until they had re-worked all of the paperwork, for blue cross , blue shield, embarrassed me with all of the other customers watching me sweat, beg, and throw up. And then watching your clerks to be more concerned with vomit on the counter, than the well - being , of someone that was obviously, beginning to have complications , due to the lack of medicine in my body.

They finally brought the bag with the pills in it to me, threw them in the bag, and acted like nothing happened.

I called the prescription manager at 5:30. She was aggressive, and rude. I asked her name and she would only tell me Lauren. I asked for her last name, and she said that she would not give it to me, that it was not any of my business. This is a horrible way to treat any customer, especially an infirmed customer. The prescriptive community is supposed to be supportive of the infirmed.

The Walgreen's is at

145 Fourth Avenue
Manhattan, NY 10003

the specific prescription number is [protected]

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  • Ch
      1st of Sep, 2007
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    I understand how horrible the situation must have been for you and don't think the management acted properly however, maybe you should plan ahead and not wait until the last minute to pick up your rx. Take care of yourself, when it comes down to it no one anywhere cares more about yourself than you should. I mean you made a mistake here and they can't just give out drugs without going through proper procedures for legal reasons. Not to mention, when you take the medication it's not like it works in seconds.

  • Ho
      12th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Yeah, I'm going to have to say that the blame is split here. The reaction of the employees is obviously irresponsible in this case as you stated. Honestly, my approach would likely be more frustrating for you. I would have likely given you the initial dose, but as soon it became obvious that you were having problems from withdrawal I would not have given it to you for two reasons. You would not get any benefit from a medication if you are dry heaving/vomiting the drug doesn't immediately get absorbed into the body and as healthcare professional I have to have emergency medical services there. Also if seizures were to begin, the only solution woud have been to give you IV doses of much quicker acting medications to prevent further seizures. I have a question that you have conveniently omitted the answers to: How long had you been without medication? If you took your last dose the night before you came in, it would be extremely unlikely that your dose is so sensitive that a single missed dose would cause this (I'll assume you're taking it twice daily, if only once it is even more unlikely).

    It just frustrates me as a pharmacist that someone makes the statement "this is a life sustaining medication, I need it now" while waiting to the last second or longer to get their medication. I can appreciate not being able to afford medications and Keppra often times has a 3rd tier copay, but you can not hold the pharmacy responsible for the consequences of that. Anytime I see that high copay I write down a similar medication or two and have them check with their physician if it would be an appropriate alternative.

  • Bl
      16th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Very sorry for what David went through for his Keppra RX.
    Since the symptom you were displaying matched what the RX was for and you came to pickup your refill, this pharmacist (hotpoquets) would have been willing to give you one pill to help you through while he worked out your insurance information even though you would have thrown it up. Don't know what more a pharmacist could do, except call an ambulance.

    1. I think for such a serious condition, you should have had back up pills or an alarm clock to wake you up so you wouldn't have overslept and missed picking up your pills and had plenty of time for them to enter in your new insurance info.
    2. Paid them in full and sent in receipt for Rx to the insurance company. They ALL allow the filing of 'paper claims' with drug receipt attached. All they wanted was $. They weren't being mean to you on purpose. Why didn't you write a check?
    3. We all have to take responsibility for our conditions and to not blame the pharmacists for coming in sick, throwing up on their counter and blaming them. How could they know your new insurance carrier if they didn't have your card?
    4. You don't have to refer to the skin color of a pharmacist! Was it pertinent to your story?
    Quit doing that, we're not in the 50's any more.
    5. TCB and hopefully this will not happen to you again!

  • Ed
      30th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I really feel bad for you, but you could of avoided the situation by having more meds on hand.
    Walgreens has been going down the tubes for some time now, having CVS, Target and Walmart ahead of the game. Walgreens stock is at low and I see no future gain unless they they fire incompetent staff and hire competent people who know how to deal with emergencies like yours!
    Yes, you are right about the pharmacy staff they are RUDE and they think they are doing you a favor by filling your prescription...take your money and buy your prescriptions at a pharmacy that appreciates your business!!!

  • An
      13th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    @original complainer

    The pharmacy is not an ER.

    @Edward Clark

    The pharmacy is not an ER.

    Do NOT enter the pharmacy in an emergency situation expecting them to know what to do. Again, I repeat, a Walgreens pharmacy is NOT an emergency room. They are not, and will not be, trained to handle an emergency situation. Granted, in this situation, I also would have been more sympathetic and tried to help, but AGAIN, the techs and possibly even the pharmacist were probably in shock, froze up and didn't know what to do. Give them the benefit of the doubt here, people.

  • Co
      27th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    seriously. UGH. what is WITH you people who think that a Pharmacy is an EMERGENCY ROOM???!?!? Antymaster, thank you.

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