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Walgreen'sunauthorized use of credit card info

I sent photos to this store via walgreen.com on 9/3/08 to be picked up at the Green Springs store. The total charges were to be $4.56. I gave my credit card number to pay for the pictures because they were a gift for someone else. The individual went to the store 9/4/08 to get the pictures and made additional purchases also. They didn't realize that their additional purchases AS WELL as the photos were charged to my credit card. I authorized the purchase of $4.56 and NOTHING ELSE. The total charge was $49.15 verified my the debit made from my bank at the time of the ourchase. I talked to the assistant manager Brandy Merkelson 9/4 and to store manager (Jeremy Smith) at [protected] on 9/5. Ms Merkelson said nothing other than to call Mr Smith. Mr Smith offered no satisfaction other than saying, "that's just the way it is." I called the Walgreen district office [protected]) and they said they would call me back but have not done so yet. The store manager offered to refund my money, but I told him the family member that received the photos was going to re-imburse me. My issue is that Walgreen stop doing this. I am seeking punitive damages from Walgreen. This is a personal direct issue right now. No litigation has been filed or immediately anticipated. No attorney is involved.

I am seeking $1, 000 as damages for aggravation and inconvenience caused by this issue and am seeking to have Walgreen stop this practice and prevent it from happening again. They could simply have the transaction charged at the time it was authorized and not let the person picking up the photos have access to charging anything else to my credit card.

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    • Ma
      Mary Lou Giallanza Sep 11, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      This is a complaint concerning a mishandling of my film dropped off 9-3-2008. My vacation photo's of my grandchildren seems to be ruined. The manager claimed to go to Asheville and approached other film developers, they could not fix the now broken roll of film. This all started with a malfunction of a machine within the store I intrusted my film to in Brevard, N.C. Please Somebody Respond, Mary Lou Giallanza

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    • Sc
      Scott W. Spears Sep 30, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      In regards to Inna Kim's complaint, if you knew that your relative was going to the store to pick up the pictures and "make additional purchases", did you specified to your relative that they were only to purchase the pictures with your credit card? Seems the blame can go both ways. If your relative are willing to pay for the purchase, then the only practise that needs to stop is giving out the credit card number to spare yourself future aggravation. Since the store manager was willing to reimburse you for the oversight on both parties, the store does not deserve to be sued. You need to realize that it is not a common practise in giving out your credit card # to a relative. They can use their own credit card. That way, you just pay them for the $4.56 charge on the pictures to protect youself from needless future aggravation. I am sorry that you went through that, but nowadays, one must limit needless practise of your own to avoid needless aggravations.

      In regards to Mary Lou Giallanza's complaint, bad things happens. A house fire can get rid of many pictures, but families have been able to roll with the punches. When a machine broke down, you need to place yourself in the other person's shoes in the workplace. (You cannot help it. You certainly did not want to ruin the films on purpose.) When times are tough, customer satisfaction is higher than normal to keep the business running, and when the manager goes out of his way to salvage the film roll, but failed, I would have to give him credit for trying. There is a difference between incompetency and failure of a machine. With incompetency, that would be failing your trust. The failure of a machine is not. I am sorry that those pictures are ruined, but your grandkids are still around to take more pictures of them. Be thankful for the ones that you have.

      And before anybody asked, as of September 30th, I am not employed at Walgreens. Thinking about applying there, but a little hesitant because of my being deaf in my left ear and tinnitus in my right ear for customer service. Patience is a quality not found in most customers so I probably will not apply.

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    • Sb
      SBubble Dec 03, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      It is a shame you dont apply walgreens is a wonderful and DIVERSE company. you wouldn't nessicerily have to work "With" the customers to work for walgreens. Additionally, you could be an asset if you use sign language. At my store we have several deaf customers regularly and I'm sure they would appriciate that help.

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