Vodacom Connect Store / very very poor service

Pretoria, ZA

I have a account with vodacom since May 2016 and iv paid it every month via debit order. I tried to take another contract in june and they said i should 1st wait for 3 months to pass. So i tried again in August after the 3rd month of the contract and they sed i should wait another 90 days. I call the acquisitions dept on monday the 7th November 2016 and they checked and said i do qaulify for a new contract and a portfolio increase. I just need to log a service request. I logged the service request on tuesday the 8Th November 2016 at 13:52pm and they said it will take 24hrs to update. I call them 5 times 2 day and after it reached the 24hr mark and all the agents i spoke to said they will re-escalate. Then i requested to speak to a manager and all of a sudden they said i don't qualify. So why in the 1st place did they say on monday that i do qaulify and i must log a service request. After all my trouble and calling they telling me now i don't qaulify but in the 1st place on monday i did qaulify. No1 at vodacom is interested to help me and i am a client of them. Is this how they treat all clients because the service is really bad. After this experience i wouldnt recommend vodacom to any1. And still i don't get any response from them. Can any1 tell me how do i take this matter further

Nov 09, 2016

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