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+27 860 555 111(Everyday Banking) 29 29
+27 860 555 222(Professional Banking) 3 9
+27 860 555 333(Business Banking) 9 9
+27 860 116 400(Small Business Services) 5 5
+27 860 111 263(Private Wealth) 0 3
+27 860 102 187(Corporate & Investment Banking) 2 2
+27 214 167 000(Corporate Property Finance - Cape Town) 1 5
+27 413 988 000(Corporate Property Finance - Eastern & Southern Cape) 1 2
+27 112 944 444(Nedbank Group - Gauteng) 7 10
+27 313 641 111(Corporate Property Finance - Durban) 0 5
+27 124 367 000(Corporate Property Finance - Pretoria) 1 2
+27 860 333 111(Insurance - Personal) 4 6
+27 860 104 526(Insurance - Business) 0 4
+27 860 003 681(Stock Brocking) 0 2
+27 214 166 000(Wills & Trust Services) 0 5
+27 800 220 290(Beneficiary Solutions) 1 3
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+27 124 367 125(Executor Services - Pretoria) 0 4
+27 214 166 123(Executor Services - Cape Town) 1 2
+27 413 988 028(Executor Services - Port Elizabeth) 1 2
+27 514 005 920(Executor Services - Bloemfontein) 1 2
+27 315 265 188(Executor Services - Kwa-Zulu Natal) 0 3
+27 800 110 929(Lost & Stolen Cards - Domestic) 0 2
+27 117 104 330(Lost & Stolen Cards - International) 1 2
+27 860 114 966(Merchants) 0 3
+27 861 263 464(SAA Voyager Credit Card) 0 2
+27 800 004 244(Amex® Platinum Services) 1 3
+27 860 102 194(Amex® Gold Card) 0 3
+27 860 102 193(Amex® Green Card) 0 2
+27 860 119 966(Amex® Credit Card) 0 2
+27 860 444 000(Client Complaint Helpline) 13 5
+27 214 123 000(Nedbank Group - Western Cape) 4 3
+27 413 935 800(Nedbank Group - Eastern Cape) 2 2
+27 313 641 000(Nedbank Group - KwaZulu Natal) 4 5

Complaints & Reviews

credit card application

I would like to express my utmost dissatisfaction with Nedbank.

Taking into consideration that basically all the banks in South Africa offer the same services, awards and similar fees, the only thing to distinguish any bank from the other is customer service. It is thus extremely disappointing that a new client, who earns approximately R1 million p.a. receives such pathetic service.

I applied online for a credit card. Despite the first two calls received from Nedbank regarding my application, I received no further calls. I had to phone Nedbank everytime to follow up. I was not even informed that my application was successful and only found that out when I phoned Nedbank to follow up. And I am not referring to not receiving a response within a day, I am referring to an entire application taking one month to finalise.

I was later informed that my card has been lying at distribution since 8 November 2019. Despite requesting the card to be delivered, by the 27th of November I still did not receive it. I was then informed that I would have to go into the branch if I want my card before the end of the month. This is now despite the fact that the card has been ready for 3 weeks now.

I arrived at your branch, at 08:30, number 1 in the queue to still wait 45 minutes simply for a card collection.

Furthermore, Nedbank has the most pathetic "user-friendly" website and app for internet banking. (And I have online banking at FNB and ABSA). It took me another hour on the phone, just to find out I now all of a sudden need to go back to a branch to register and increase my limit to more than R1.00

I would definitely not recommend Nedbank to anyone and will not do any further business with Nedbank.

home loan department

in 2007 we started with the rezoning initiative and Nedbank gave us a confirmation letter to continiou with with the rezoning of the property. We own the property on which we have taken a second bond to improve our business requirements for our proposed business application. In the past 12 years we have face numerous obsticals and challenges to get our business going and 4 years ago we were in the position to continiou with the prospected layout and rezoning of the property. Our city planner requested a new confirmation letter from the bank with who we have a bond on which in our case was Nedbank, we have done and gone all the extends that Nedbank has asked us to do and after 4 years we received a very short e mail to say the request was declined with no reason. Our bond at Nedbank is way under a million rand and our property has been insured for over R13 million rand by Nedbank after they have send out an assessor. I have been asking and demanding, threatening and consulted with our attorneys to have the matter resolved but unfortunately we have not had any positive feedbank from the desk personnel at Nedbank to give us the answers that we need. I have been a client of Nedbank for the past 39 years, we have received a letter from Nedbank in 2007 to give authorization for the rezoning on which we have started, we have had two bonds with Nedbank over the past 27 years, we have developed our business and spend millions on it over the past 12 years, we have a current bond below one million rand with Nedbank and our property was insured for over R13 million rand, but Nedbank cannot give us a reason why they cannot give us a letter to rezone the property. we have not asked for any financial assistance and we do not want to borrow money from the bank. unfortunately I like the bank and I have always only received a good service and never had a problem, now after all this time I must now unfortunately due to this insulting service seek another bank to do my business with which is not just inconvenient but also very annoying due to this lack of service and the time consuming issue and frustration of a new system. The wors of all is that since I have been enquiring about the rezoning letter from the bank there was only one person that had nothing to do with the request that was prepared to assist and she herself had to find out how and what was done, it was like no one at the bank knew what we were asking is even part of the bank's portfolio, so obviously I was dumb strucked and now after 4 years of attempting to have the matter resolved we have ignorance.

nedbank current account and greenback

There has been charges on my Nedbank account since September and although I have emailed and discussed this telephonically with them. Nedbank is yet to revert on what the charge...


Please would you investigate Quintin Swanepoel (private banker) and Dilshaad Ismail (Quintins assistant or some other title that she is wishy washy with) of committing internal...

credit card budget facility

On 17 September 2019 I made 2 payments with my credit card and asked that this should be put onto budget.

Prior to this, I had an available balance of approx R2500 (left over from my card's limit)

After numerous debits and credits from Nedbank regarding these 2 amounts, the available balance has dissapeared. Which tells me that it has gone off my straight as well as been put onto budget.

I've made numerous calls to the card department, speaking to different people on every occasion. Even logged a complaint in the hope that someone with the appropriate knowledge will take this matter further and sort it out. It's been almost a month now and no luck as yet.

paid up letter

This is by far the worst bank I have ever came across. I had loan with them for years, which I struggled to pay at some point. I went under debt review and started negotiating settlement discount with them through Hammondpole Attorney. I was give a 20% discount which I tried to negotiate for more and unfortunately that wanted tons of document, later they sent me a Settlement Quote. I paid up the money that was stipulated, I was even provided with a paid up letter. My transunion was updated, everything reflecteda zero balance. Weeks later I get a call from Hammondpole ( Lulama), to my surprise she tells me that Nedbank has indicated that they made an error when preparing the settlement quotation, the account is short of R2k and they want me to settle it. They even went as far as listing me on credit bureau for the amount that was discount. I mean what on earth do you call this. How is any of this my fault, You provided me with a settlement letter and suddenly you are telling me that i'm short of R2k? is this even lawful?? I moved mountains to get the money for the settlement, now how on earth do you expect me to raise extra R2k? and also why is the debt reinstate on transunion, as the full amount! taking out a loan with you was on of the biggest mistakes i have ever done. i will never ever consider doing business with you, neither will i ever recommend you to friend or family.

personal loan

I've submitted a personal loan application online and have had 3 people phoning me regarding this. No one has an idea what they are doing and all 3 of them are giving me different answers. I've been trying for over a week and have not heard anything! I have been told by petronella that it takes 24 to 48 hours and I have been waiting now for a week which is unacceptable. I tried calling regarding this and I keep being put to different extensions. Dwyane has phoned me and asked me to send her an email which I have and she only got back to me 3 days later. Nedbank goes on about their customer service, but if this is what they go on about I do not want to do business with them

personal loan

I have taken out a personal loan with nedbank in 2017 and a year later I lost my job, i called the customer service centre to notify them that I was unemployed to my surprise the loan kept accumulating arrears and I don't understand how because when I took out the loan I was made to take out an insurance for it stating that it will cover my loan should I die or be retrenched..can someone help me with this matter because the amount is double from when I last paid it

car servicing

I made a service plan of my car with nedbank as it financed me for such car. I didnt receive any documentation about our contract of the service plan I try to contact them but...

Banking details for outstanding balances on personal loan & credit card

I am Renay Moira Oss, ID number [protected], Cell. no.: [protected], Reside at 206 Mimosa Flat, Short street, Bloemfontein. My personal loan and credit card are in arrears. I...

business finance

I provided Nedbank with all the required information for a business loan on the 25 of June 2019 one month later nobody can give me an answer with regards to the application. How...

banking: credit card / credit facilities

Nedbank will not approve credit facilities despite clearing up confusion and motivation from my branch. Approved for a Platinum bundle which comes with all credit facilities such as Credit card etc within the montly charges but have not been granted these facilities. All efforts have being in vane. All evidence was submitted and motivation from branch managers did not help...
Pranil Hurbans

Nedbank Call Centre and Complaints Centreservice

My name is Mokgere Esther Pitsi. I am a loyal customer to Nedbank, I have been with the bank from 1992 and introduced my family as well. I am very disappointed and unsatisfied with Nedbank's service. I withdrew money from a terminal in Vivo on the 23rd of May 2019, The ATM machine shut down before dispensing the cash and the slip, but the amount was deducted from my account. I visited my branch to submit a query twice. It has been over a month, I have made over 10 phone calls to Nedbank call Centre to require the money back. I have been transferred from agent to agent with promises to escalate the matter and note it's urgency. They always promise to call back but they never do. I have also contacted the Complaint Centre hoping that they will help, but I haven't received feedback. Nedbank promises "world class service" but I haven't experienced it in this matter. I request that they refund my money back into my account, including the funds I've consumed in calling them

Netbank Credit Card - Fraud Departmentunauthorized credit card charges

I received a call on 23/10/18 about a R2000.00 being drawn from my account. I immediately closed the account. I lodge an coplaint with Nedbank's Fraud Dept. Riaan Pattenson([protected]) handled the case. He said my pin was compromised. The Ombudsman said the exact same thing. [protected] Ref: 18/11:0338, Ref: M960/16C [protected] . I have a police case number too (CAS 209/11/2018). Sergeant Nkwenkwezi- steenberg Police Station. The police investigation is not going well. Nedbank informed the sergeant that they have no internal cameras at the ATM's( Standard Bank and Capitec) . They said the alert was send to notify me of R2000.00 withdrawel because I stipulated an alert for that amount. They have not provided me with the evidence thereof. I have never used the Credit Card ever before the Fraud. The amount is R7000 and has increased to nearly R10 000.00 because I have not made a payment towards it.

I dont know how to contest this case as I just have to accept that "they" say my pin was compromised. I was not negligent with my pin and dont know how to prove it.

Please help me as I cant afford to pay for money I did not spend. don't make dept. I only took out the Credit Card because I was going on holiday and wanted it just incase I needed it.

transfer of employee's salary

Good day, our employee Muiken Edward Baduza, ID [protected] brought us his employer, D O Motors Service Station in Boksburg a Nedbank Tsakane stamped document advising us of the change in banking details. On 21 June 2019 we have effected the payment of his weekly wage successfully. On Saturday 22 June 2019 at approximately 11:00 I have received a call from Mr Baduza, being at the bank at the time to advise that the account that the bank confirmed is in fact not a legit bank account number. How on earth can this happen. I have informed Nedbank Tsakane that I will check the transfer etc as I immediately doubted myself that it could have been my error. Upon checking our transfer went through to the account confirmed by letter from Nedbank. I have contacted the bank on Monday 24 June 2019 to confirm that what we have done was correct. Kero Moremi the branch manager at Nedbank Tsakane advised that we must await 48 hours for the money to return to our account. Today, Thursday 27 June 2019 the money has still not returned to our bank. I have contacted Kero again who advised me that they will have an answer by close of business today. This is totally unacceptable, punishing this poor man as this is the fault of Nedbank and now giving all sorts of stories blaming our poor employee resulting in having no money. I find it totally shocking of the service receive from Nedbank and I will also log a complaint at Hello Peter to make public aware of the service. Regards Amanda Odendaal D O Motors [protected]

private banking - dispute on debit orders

There are two R99.99 debit orders that have been going off my account since 2017 which is fraud. Descriptions are SR DIRECT [protected] SAGEPAY R99.99 and SCB -ZFUNERALZF4550 -99.99...

banking fees incorrect and must be refunded


My call to you

I am a nedbank savings account customer. I am a very unhappy one at that. I come from a family who have always banked with this bank... Even as private wealth clients. But because I am no big fish they think it can be dealt with at leisire or that they can treat me with less importance.

Here are the facts...
1. Over 5 yrs ive visited numerous branches complaining about this and heard a million excuses.
2. Ive called in dozens of times.
3. I keep getting told I have 2 profiles.. I correct it and months later im back where I was.
4. I keep getting thrown out of cellphone banking.
5. My bank fees are ludacris and when I ask im told its my fault re atms etc which is rubbish.
6. After receiving an sms from nedbank saying I have spent r2800 in fess in 2018 I lost my cool and called in to demand answers.
7. I am finally told I have a business account linked to my profile which is the reason for the charges

An employee silindile ncobo who emailed the manager and I straight after our phone conversation told me outright that ive been incorrectly charged for a business account not disconnected from my profile 10 yrs ago. And I would be reimbursed those fees. I have the right by law to request you pull the tape of that call to hear her taking responsibility and apologising on nedbanks behalf. Yet valerie denied me that right when I asked her. She asked me why I have waited so long to query this? How dare she! The bank has stolen from me for how long I have no idea and she puts the onus on me?

Ive asked that she clarify by close of business today what is happening on this matter. I know how banks operate... Pull the account records... Sort the fees into accurate and inaccurate... And refund me the accumulated total of what they took from me. Simple... As I said i'm a single self employed mom and this money is survival to me.

Ive been told nedbank will fight me.. Drag it out... Well lets see. I have a free attorney ready to pounce on this matter and I will go to the press and ombudsman without hesitation if they continue to bully me and take thwir time.

online banking

I'm a brand new client. I was given a profile no and a pin to register for online banking. But I cannot register as the system keep asking me for a password. I've spoken to two consultants who confirmed that I only need a profile no and pin and thereafter create a password. Very poor online banking services compared to my previous bank. I think I need to go back to my previous bank. I thought they were bad but I didn't realise there's worse out there. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

customer service

Good Morning, I hope you all are doing well, I am very disappointed on the poor level of customer service received from Nedbank from December 2018 to present. I paid up my...

Nedbank Mall at Tsakane — service

Firstly the doors were not open on time and there was a queue already, they opened at 9:04 to be precise. We went in and I was number three in the teller queue, only two teller...


I have been a nedbank.client since 2011 Every year around this time, i notice that some companies debit money from my account without my permission firstly 291 rands was taken and...

Nedbank South Africa — call centre and incompetent or poorly trained operators

Nedbank does it self no favours by not having an email service at the Call Centre that can be used internally to distribute client requests to relevant departments. . I have...

release of my title deed

I settled the account in March 2017.
The bank want letter of bond cancellation and insurance before they can release the title deed.
My ex- wife refused to sign those papers till i approach the court to compel her to do that.
I submitted those documents on 19th of last month, still the bank does not release the title deed.
They say they want the policy number of the insurance company, they never issue me with insurance documents when i applied for that, what surprises me is that their statements reflect debit of R432.00, even now they are still debiting that money from the R4000 they were supposed to refund, but they don't know the insurance policy and company name but the money is debited by the bank.
I want the bank to release my title deed as i don't owe them, also to refund whatever money from R4000 which is still there,
Homeloan acc. [protected]
Ref no: [protected]
Contact: [protected]
Mr H Kobue
I request feedback.

  • Updated by Kobue · Dec 03, 2018

    I request the bank to tell me when am i going to get my title deed.

american express platinum card

I am attempting to settle my credit card in full. Investec are settling the card from the proceeds of the sale of my property. They require a settlement letter. I phoned and requested a letter on Tuesday 13 November 2018. I was promised the letter within 24 hours. I phoned again on Thursday 15/11 and again on 16/11. I still have not received the letter.

no support to stop fraud

I had an amount of R99 debited from my Nedbank account without my consent so I contacted the call center who then traced the company and sent me their details. I was advised that...

horrible inhumane service from nedbank building loans

Im so disappointed in the horrible and inhumane service we are receiving from Nedbank, can they put themselves in our shoes to feel what we are going through when they give u...

money drawn from my account

Nedbank legal services withdraw all my money from my account. Resulting from this I lost my job. I admit I have not been making regular payments on my account. This came about...

personal loan

119089 Hi, I took a loan with nedbank, was unable to pay till my account was handed over to the attorneys, the attorneys then gave me a settlement which I then paid in July, We are...

Nedbank Account Holder — teller service

I am a Nedbank Account Holder. I normally do all my banking transactions at Bedford Centre and find their service quiet prompt and efficient. However, on Tuesday the 4th Sept...

customer behaviour

I went to open bank acoiunt today, 30 August 2018 at Nedbank Preller Square branch, what i experienced there was shocking. Some white customersdo not want to be assisted by black...

stealing money from my account

So i had made some plans so sell some stuff to get money so that i can get through the rest of the month my car broke i dont have food in my house and my electricity is finished i...


Was told my account is over draft, which I don't know about but I decided to open the case at vaal mall branch, where was told it will take 40 day's for investigation and got ref...

bond application

My client applied for a bond 19th April the bond was approved quote signed then it went to verifications firstly they wanted statements of ck then they want him to transfer hi...

my pin and password were given to another person by richards bay branch manager - unlawful withdrawals r90,000.00 withdrawal

119089 Official Complaint to the Nedbank Head Office laid on 11th June 2018 by Mrs Fredrieka Hattingh who operate certain bank accounts, with yourselves, and specifically has a bank...

call centre

Hi my name is Phillip i received a message on my phone this morning from nedbank ref:tpp 9417 i spoke this young rude lady who does not even lesson she so so rude please try talk... — home loans

I got an approval for my home loan application at the end of September in 2017. I had to pay for the deposit of R150000.00 which I agreed. Just when I submitted documents to...

Nedbank South Africapoor customer service by teller

On Friday May 4th I went to Nedbank at the Cavendish, Claremont branch. I left the bank without having my problem resolved. Frustrated and disappointed, I have reached my lowest level of despondency with Nedbank. As a result I asked my bank account to be closed. What resulted in this frustration? I deposited money at the teller who was a male. Before depositing, I explained to him that I want to pay an Old Mutual account. I do have a debit order for the monthly payment but it passed the date. My problem I stated, "I want to make payment today to Old Mutual and what is the best way to do it and what are my options." The response I received is that it will take 7 days for the stop order payment to be effected. That was not helpful. I was told that a lady in front can assist me with adding Old Mutual as a the meantime the teller next to him overheard the conversation and said to him that it will take 2 days for the payment to process. Clearly my teller was uncertain as to do what next. I was confused and felt at that point that my problem was not addressed. I told the teller if you can't address my problem, then close my account as it is frustrating to spent my time in the bank and still my problem is not resolved. At the same time I asked to speak to a manager. I stepped away from the teller's counter waiting for the manager. The person who I assumed was the manager, came to the teller and I overheard the explanation. Three issues:1) the teller heard what I said but did not listen and as a result did not address my problem; 2) the manager never approached me to how best address the fact he did not speak to me at all. He made a slight eye contact and went ahead to sign off the closure of the account or payout; 3) the speed at which the account closure was set in motion was unbelievable. Within seconds the process was initiated. Clearly Nedbank has no interest in maintaining their existing clients and to how best meet their needs. I left the bank because a further delay in counting out my money to be paid back to me almost caused me to loose my ride which I got to the bank due to the bus strike. I did inform the teller from the onset that my time at the bank was limited. Frustrated, I left the bank. No problem solved and felt that I have not being listened to, that is not by the teller nor the supposed manager.

bank tellers

I was turned back 3times today its 4th time at ur brunch in festival mall Today I am told my fica documents are from 2012 with an attitude from one of ur bank tellers ( simphiwe...

poor service

Just waiting 30 min in the que for the Atm in which there are 4 but only one was working to be told by the consultant at the atm that he Wil be taking all the people doing...

Nedbank Centurion Mall — not resolve dispute

I compaint two week ago at Nedbank Centurion Mall about a deduction on my mother account with them.I got power of attorney over her bank issues.The people of the bank were very...