Vacaciones eDreams / paid for tickets, none received

my wife tried to buy airline tickets with "e-dreams" she got a booking reference but the credit card payment failed (although the credit card works for all other online transactions) and was asked to make a wire transfer instead. Because she is not familiar with wire transfer she abandoned the transaction and asked me to try with my credit card
I reserved the same flights, received my booking reference and paid by PayPal. The payment has been taken by Vacaciones edreams and I received a message saying I would receive another email confirming the booking (and the tickets)
The email never arrived, I checked with PayPal and £900 has gone out of my Account, I checked with the Carrier - EgyptAir and was told there was no booking under the Booking reference given by edreams.
Many attempts at telephoning this Company (at high telephone charges) has led nowhere - once in a while I get to speak to someone who transfers me and the line disconnects.
In addition to this, I received a scam email trying to elicit my PayPal Account information with regard to my failed transaction with e-dreams
My advice to anyone is never to use this Company, and am very surprised Airline Companies seem to continue to do business with this Company - it seems to be a criminal activity

Jul 11, 2014

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