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Bad employer

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TJ Maxx
Framingham, Massachusetts
United States
I have been a TJ Maxx customer for several years and also a Customer Service Manager at a retail store. Today i was shopping and as i was looking for a pants for my husband one of the employee's came by doing the reshop, and she found a pair pants at the floor ( like every store ) she thought i let that follow and refuse to pick-up. But when i came by was all ready there. So i move on and she star calling me a " FAT LAZY" ... I turn back and i ask her if she was talking to me ? She said : " WHATEVER". After that she follow me my whole shopping. I end up bying nothing. I feel very umcomfortoble. Her name is Martha and i just want ask if that's the way the company treat the customers ? In my store 90% of our costomers have the rights and if one of the employees treat one of a customer like that will end up losing their jobs.
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A  26th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I very much agree. You should see what it's like working in their stupid warehouse. First they pay you crap. Then they want you to work long hours. They don't even give you any sick days. They are called sick hours instead. And you have to earn them. They tell you that when you become eligable for vacation time you HAVE to take one week straight and the second week MUST be split up. The health insurance in my state of PA goes up every year and covers you less. The annual raise of $.50 per hour doesn't even cover the extra expense of the health insurance. Therefore, your pay accually goes down. How do you like that? Bust your balls for this company and this is what they do to you. Yet they say your pay IS competitive. Yeah? With who? Burger King? Wendy's? They probably pay more. What's worse they really go out of their way to fill the warehouse up with spanish workers. They even bus them to and from work from 20 to 25 miles away. The bus never came to pick ME up to take me to work. What a big joke this place is. People if you want to see what's wrong with this country, just take a look a TJ Maxx warehouses. They are in a tax free zone. They don't contribute anything to the local area. The main reason they got the tax free zone was because they promised to hire 80% from the local area. Guess what? The local area only has 12 hispanic families. That's why they bus them in from far away. More then 50% of the workers are hispanic. How can this be when the local only has 12 hispanic families? They LIED to get the free tax zone. This is one discusting company. I worked there 4 plus years so I know what I saw. I never shopped in any of there stores and I never will. You can't make me. Here's the best part. They have a union there. The union and the company are great bedfellows. Whatever the company wants, the union gets it for them. This is called a COMPANY UNION. This is what makes unions look bad. We all know republican bussinesses hate unions. But when a union sides with the company all the time the workers have NO voice. I could go on and on about them. Bottom line. I wouldn't have anything to do with them, period.
A  11th of Sep, 2009 by    -3 Votes
I can't speak for the warehouses, but I worked at TJ Maxx when I was in high school. And my family was constantly at war with them. I would be given a schedule of four to nine-thirty and there were nights when the manager wouldn't let the staff go until ten or later. Since I didn't have my driver's license at the time and was dependent on my parents for rides, that meant there were nights they were waiting up to forty-five minutes in the parking lot because their daughter's manager wouldn't let them off work at her scheduled time. My manager's response? That she couldn't let the closing employees go until the store was up to her standards because it would be unfair to the opening shift. My parents fought the manager on the issue, saying that since I was a minor, I could not be forced to work beyond my scheduled shift and that my parents expected me clocked out promptly at nine thirty. I was fired two days later for acting hostility towards store management and other employees when I did nothing of the sort. The only thing that happened was my parents called out the manager on holding employees in the store past the end of their scheduled shift.
A  7th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I was hired at Tjmaxx, and I only worked there for just under a month before I quit in disgust. I saw my managers treat customers very rudely... I was supposedly not in their system, so my clocked-in hours were not being recorded... I was told I'd get paid for those "lost" hours but I never did... I was yelled at by a manager for working in the area I was TOLD to work in, written on the schedule that I should work in... AND, the icing on the cake (besides being a volunteer for a profit organization, haha) I was sat down in a room, and we watched a video about how "bad labor unions are". The whole atmosphere was very threatening and hostile. We were told all the bad things about joining unions and how we shouldn't if approached. Gee, I wonder why they were so dead-set against us getting rights such as benefits (which we didn't get), being paid for the time we actually worked, and having a voice in the workplace. Unions don't seem so horrible after this experience. I am stellar at customer service, and I refuse to work for a place where I feel no pride in my workplace. It was embarrassing. I felt less like a worker ant at Macy's.
A  6th of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I am still working at TJ Maxx, but only until I finish school. I hate this job with burning passion. During the holidays they had me work 11-12 hrs shifts and then told me that I'm pushing my overtime. Ummm...I'm not the one making my schedule. Then not only that they would put you down if you did not sell enough credit cards. Just for the record, TJ Maxx Sunray is always #1 in the region in MN, so when we fall behind like 10-15 cards like we did in January; they push the card limit to 20 a day just to compete against the other stores. My CSC would write the number of cards you have to get in that day, for example me, i was suppose to get about 6 a day. If I don't reach that goal, I get yelled at like "Are you asking every customer?" "Your dragging this store down! You have to find a new to present yourself!" Why do I have to push myself so hard just for TJ Maxx? I'm underpaid, receiving no benefits, no vacation time, and if I do reach my daily goal they set for just for me, what do I get??? GUESS??? A $5.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO JIMMY JOHNS OR A FAST FOOD PLACE OF YOUR CHOICE that's around the mall. For the record, I don't eat jimmy johns or the fast food restaurant around that crappy mall. So, what am I going to do with that worthless gift certificate? And only 5 dollars? What can I get with that? When you work your ### off, you receive what they call a "STAR CARD", and what do with that? I have so many of those I lost count. No, I don't care to enter them for the monthly drawing because the winner receives a TJ MAXX T-SHIRT! Wow! I want one of those! Yeah right. I can careless. I love giving great customer service but always asking them if they want a TJX card is too much. 8 out of 10 customers that shop at TJX has a DAMN CARD! So, why do employees get blamed for it when the weekly goal isn't reached? I don't know but maybe the managers should work hard on trying to get them too so at least there's some motivation like "if she/he can do it, so can i!" I can't wait to finish college, so I can leave this crappy ### job!
A  5th of Jul, 2011 by    +3 Votes
I have been an employee of TJ MAXX since the beginning of March 2011 and I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT! The manager that hired me is one slick son of a ###! She will be the most nicest sweetest person during orientation and your interview and for about a couple weeks of your work. After 2-3 weeks of being super nice, she becomes the biggest a-hole you would ever meet. She is most definiately bi polar but must not know it. On fridays when she is the MOD, a lot of my co workers would be terrified to go and get their checks from her. She would say things like "why are you bugging me?" and "i dont have time for this right now". A co worker of mine was so terriified of her, she didnt get her checks for about 3-4 weeks because she didnt want to be yelled at for getting her paycheck that she EARNED! i dont know about you but there is something seriously wrong in this picture! I will admit that i get a sick feeling to my stomach when i go to the back office to get my paycheck! Our store gets frequent visits from the DM (district manager) for hours at a time. For example if he were to be coming in an exact week, she will make sure to tell everyone that hes coming and to "not throw her under the bus". She says this because if he were to ask any questions about her attitude or anything about her, we will most definately not say anything. She is lucky that every visit he has made i wasnt working because she WILL NOT be in the position she is right now, trust me! She is the assistant magnager too not even the store manager! As a matter of fact our SM (store manager) arrived maybe a week before i started work and cought nemonia about 3 weeks into my work and hasnt been there since! Another one of my manager is rude as well. She isnt even an actual manager, shes the key holder. One day i was infield putting clothes away from the fitting room when an old friend of mine and i noticed eachother. He came over and talked to me WHILE I WAS WORKING. i didnt stop any of my work to talk to him, i can mulititask. A few minutes later, not even i got a call over the intercom saying "*name* please call 306, *name* please call 306". i was like "great, what now!" I walked over to the fitting room and called 306. The manager said "You need to tell you friend to go home" in defense to me INOCCENT friend i said "hes an old friend of mine in here shopping with his mother, and i was working while talking" she then said "well i cant let you get distracted while working you need to save that for lunches and breaks, now tell them to leave!". surprised and very embarassed i had to kick them out. WRONG if you ask me!! well i could go on and on but i will spare you the time. If you are ever looking for a job, DO NOT apply at any TJ MAXX especially the one in Superior, CO. is a living hell! Thank you and i hope i helped!
A  1st of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
I work at T.J. Maxx and absolutely, have ranged between throughly not liking the experience and absolutely hating it. I cannot recommend working there at all. They never stuck by the terms of what the job was supposed to entail as was stated in the interviewm, but instead evolved the job into something grossly different. I feel like it was misrepresentation. Moreover, the behavior I have seen in my experiences there has been both degrading and obnoxious for no apparent reason. Frankly I feel that certain managers on duty call themselves flexing their muscles but seem to do so just to get a kick out of it and just because they feel they can. Instead of senior management nipping behavior in the bud that deteriorates morale the allow it to continue and practically pat the offenders on the back. This is not the way to inspire your employees and build loyalty.
A  12th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
I worked at tjmaxx from may 2011- may 2012! I agree! A customer will ask my manager something, he will smile at her, help her and then turn around and be like " next time go look for it yourself" or a customer will be checking out, having a convo with the cashier, when the customer is leaving, the cashier would turn around and tell me, "Ughh, she talks too much, with her busted a** shoes" hmm poor customer service! I received 2 compliments online from customers who were pleased with my customer service, all the company did was, give me a water bottle! Wth! Those employers were so jealous of me bc I was always looking onpoint at work! And I don't sit n talk about customers with them! These same employees, would take a $100 MK dress and mark it down to $10 and then put it on hold for themselves and buy it afterwards! The ones working in layaway would steal stuff! Oneday, a customer begged me to put her stuff on layaway alongside with mines! Little did I know she had changed the prices of those bags! I put it, the day I had to take it out, they didn't find it! But the manager had taken it down n put in his office and called the company and told them I was a dishonest associate! Two agents from the company came n spoke to me, they said they found a jewelry price tag in my locker! They said I stole it bc I worked in the jewelry dept! I told them " NO" I bought those earrings when I was on break bc I had loss my studs! Unfortunately I put the price in my locker! They said they have it on camera, I begged them to show me for proof. They never did! The said, The purses( ) had wrong tags! I was scared to tell them that it was a customers bc they would say I have a customer my discount! They forced me to sign a paper, and said " all would be fine" I was signing my termination document, they asked me to do was leave! I did, and till this day I'm still looking for another job, and I'm still putting their company as reference! After all the things I did for them! Even though they still owe me for Some hours I was called to come work, but they never put it in my paycheck! That company is the worst company! Period!
A  2nd of Jan, 2014 by    +2 Votes
I am a good employee and got a perfect score on my annual review in 2013
yet when i call in because i am sick i get told that well you miss work alot,
which i dont. I dont want to get a customer sick or cough on one that is unsanitary
Also we are expected to pick up womens feminine products used ones
I may add without gloves. We do not get paid enough for that. It is constantly
Cold during the winter in the fitting rooms and it took over a year
To get a ceiling tile fixed after talking to management mulitple times.
I do not appreciate being treated the way i am. I have been working there
For three years now and always do my job even after being harassed by
On of my managers to constantly do something somewhere besides where i am
Scheduled for and ignoring my doctors orders. No wonder no one stays at our store for long.
N  31st of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
I am an excellent employee, who has been told consistently by the coordinators that I work hard. Yet I get no recognition from management, they nit-pick about the tiniest things, and they gossip about the associates! I dread going to work every day because of the stress-level. Minimum-wage, no sick days, no vacation time, no benefits. "Free" lunch a few times a month. Even the discount is measly. I was paid a lot more to do a lot less at my old job. Oh, did I mention I'm getting fired for nothing?
N  20th of Dec, 2015 by    0 Votes
I spoke to the manager Debbie about this.
12/20/2015 Morganton NC, I finished my shopping getting ready to check out. There was a lady with a cart looking at merchandise so proceeded to go around to get up to the register. About that time a rude voice said she is next giving me a mean look, this is a employee. After that the customers were looking I was so embarrassed. And she continue being rude. I am a 59 year old man well respected in my community been in business for 38 years. Employee like that make or break you! To beat it all she looked to be my age

Morganton NC
A  29th of Sep, 2016 by    0 Votes
Worst place to work in Michigan!! The Frandor location is awful! Bipolar manager . expects the workers to do everything calls employees names lies and what does she do ?? Sits in the office trash talking the customers and employees, she even keeps the store money designated to the employees, she laughs about it and plays favorites with her snitches, she is completely rude and lazy. Her favorite subject is the learning disabled employees, she blames everything on the asst mgr yet he is the only one that tries to make it a good environment, Do Not work at the Frandor location . go to McDonalds bk taco bell scrub jail toilets anything!! You will hate your life if you work there drugs are rampid with employees and mgrs so if you are a pill head it might work. But if you just want a honest job this is not it !!!

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