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Hi, my name is sylvia and I visited the chapel hill's t. J. Maxx in akron ohio and as I was paying for a pair of $30.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Akron, OH00 polo pants for my son and I placed my cart where I had seen serveral carts and as iwas finishing up paying one of the manger's walked swiftly over moved my cart and there was several cart there making a statement like a hate when people dont put there carts bac where they belongs and the cashier that was handing my change reply in agreeing with her and said she really hate it too and that she wish they would put carts where they go I was really upset me and my son felt offended, but I did maintain my composer, and I said dont complain about your job description, it's apart of your job, it called customer service... Justice please. The proof that I have is the reciept thank you

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  • Je
      May 01, 2019

    I have payed my bill and still getting charged for paying it on time that's not normal at all .And I called customer service and they where rude I kept explaining to the guy why was I getting charge for paying on time .

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  •   May 03, 2019

    @Jennifer Rangel The store is not the same as the tjzz credit card. You can't even pay your bill at stores!

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  • Bu
      May 02, 2019

    Stop being lazy and put the cart where it is supposed to go. What a good role model you are for son.

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  •   May 03, 2019

    What Justice would you like, pig?

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