Tim Hortonsbee in coffee

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I ordered tim bits but had to exchange them because they were hard and stale. The tim bits that were given to me next had a fly on it, that too was returned. Then while finishing my coffee I looked at the bottom of my cup and there was a huge bee at the bottom of my cup. When I told the manager she was very rude and gave me my money back, I told her it was not the money, she replied "what do you want me to do?"


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      Aug 12, 2010

    What DID you want her to do? Did you show the manager the bee? 'Cause if you didn't you could've just been anyone trying to get free stuff or something, as far as the employees and manager knew.

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  •   Dec 12, 2010

    yeah i agree. what did you want then? just to [censor] and moan? go back in time? STFU [censor].

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