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I have read over dozens of the complaints listed below, and I must say I am deeply saddened by the way adults conduct themselves these days. First of all, who has time to get so angry over things like a table coming with a scratch? You do realize these products most likely ship from all over the world, and no matter how well they are packaged and handled some will unfortunately get damaged. Secondly, the extended warranty complaints are ridicules, and anyone who would just buy the "it covers everything" claim is foolish. I'm sure you are given a copy of your warranty upon purchase, it is your own error that you did not review the paperwork you were given or ask the right questions. As for the seven day return policy why is this so offensive? Most clothing stores have policies regarding the condition their products can be returned in and appropriate timeframe, why do you expect furniture is an exception to these common practices? Had you taken a few seconds to ask about a return policy you would not have been faced with the issue of exceeding this seven day window. The Brick holds polices, like every other company that are expected to be upheld by not only those in customer service but the customer as well. I understand that in todays age most people thrive on the victim role, but take a step back and realize your own erros in these cases.

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      24th of Jul, 2012

    If I pay full price or sale price for something I believe I deserve what I payed for not for an employee to feel he/she is not responsible for the appropriate care of my product as an employee which I one of the reasons I will NEVER EVER BUY FROM THE BRICK AGAIN!!! Seeing this comment from an employee and or possible management of the brick saddens ME to know customer service has been thrown out the window along with respect! Can I deliver your furniture to your house with a scratch or dent or tear in it? Please? I know you paid for it but I'm lazy and was possibly unqualified when I was hired so it's not my fault there's something wrong with it now! EXCELENT EXCUSE HAHAHAHAHAHA BRAVO LOVE THE CARE THAT YOU HAVE FOR YOUR CLIENTELE ;-) I will post this MSG anywhere and everywhere I can just so the public eye knows how the brick will care for the product they sell to their customers!!!

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