The Brick / property damage

Kleinburg, ON, Canada

I recently received a delivery for a sectional sofa. A piece in the sofa was already damaged when it arrived. I requested the delivery guys to take that back but they denied. They asked me to call the store and request the replacement. Since, that was the heaviest part of the sofa, they did not handle it properly and they slammed on the wooden floor, which caused me badly dented and scratched floor. I took pictures and sent to the Bricks claim department within 30 minutes of the delivery. I did not hear anything back for next 3 days from them. In the meantime, since it was a brand new house, after our 30 days inspection, I had previously booked an appointment with a contractor to repair some floor in the house elsewhere. So, the contractor came the very next day after the delivery to fix that floor. I requested if he had any spare floor board with him since we were left behind with no spare floor boards !! Since, he was the guy who worked on our floor originally, and since he had extra floor boards, and since I already submitted the pictures to the claims department, I went ahead, paid him $400 & got the floorboards replaced. Now, the claim department have rejected the claim, since I already repaired the floor. I told them that I did not have any spare floor boards with me, so I had to make sure that I get the same material from original company who did my floor in the first place. Also, the location of the damage was right at the archway from the kitchen to the family room. So, I could not take the chance and wait on Bricks to get back to me. First, they deliver the damaged product and they cause property damage and now, they refuse the claim!!! What kind of customer service is this???

Oct 22, 2018

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