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Good day,

I am writing to express my ongoing dissatisfaction with your delivery/ store services.
On October 21st I purchased 6 pieces for our bedroom set. We had asked to have it delivered and assembled as early as possible. The rep explained there would be an additional charge and we agreed and proceeded to book the delivery for today, Wednesday October 24th. The delivery came on time as explained, which was awesome, but the crew explained they were not going to assemble these units as they weren't instructed to. Confused and concerned, I called the store immediately to inquire as to why these boxes were dropped off and not built. She said well you have to call the guy who sold you the stuff, and he's only in Friday, I can't help you otherwise, as he apparently made a mistake and only charged you 50$ for delivery. First of all, how as a consumer am I supposed to know he made an error in ordering, or in this case, not ordering the assembly. Second of all, the individual over the phone was the least helpful person. I asked how I can have this corrected, she said you cant, you have to build it. I asked well I physically am unable to build it due to my medical condition, you need to then take this back I can't use it. She said we can't do that either it's not broken... I replied to her I would have no idea if it was broken its all in boxes and not assembled. I was given explicit instruction by our sales rep to call if we had any issues within 48hours... I called within 30 minutes of the delivery. She explained that if I wanted it assembled it would be approximately 200$ more, I explained that that's absurd, I was already charged upfront 50$ after explaining I needed it assembled. I asked her how can I ensure it get assembled and who does she need to contact to take additional payment to ensure it gets assembled. She then put me on hold for a few mins and came back and advised someone would be back to unbox and assemble. The two gentlemen that delivered the boxes originally came back and explained that they are here to unbox only two of the 8 boxes and could do no more... now I have 6 boxed and 2 unboxed and a mattress I cannot do anything with.
Since the store was ultimately the least helpful, I called the assembly number on the back of our invoice and requested someone come by to assemble, I am charged an additional 169.99 plus QC taxes PLUS I may need to wait until next week for someone to assemble this bed. The helpful woman on the phone, Anna explained there should have been someone to assemble it as it is a set that normally requires the service as it includes mounting a mirror and assembling the entire bed, headboard, footer and bed storage and frame. She said she would try to expedite the process to the best of her abilities but it may take until Monday to have someone come to assemble the bed.
In the meantime, I have nowhere to sleep as we are moving in and this was supposed to be rectified today, I will have to stay in alternative accommodations until this is resolved.
Suffice it to say, this is unacceptable and the run around from the store alone was less than acceptable service.
Invoice number 102183ERYZT DURAO140ZS

Thank you for taking the time
Olivia Durand

The Brick
The Brick
The Brick

Oct 24, 2018

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