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I have a question on how your warrenty works..In April we visited the brick at the heartland center. On floor there was sofa i like..however it was the last on in stock so the sale person mentioned that it is best if we purchase. We mention to the sale person we are currently doing renovations and if it could get delivered after a month. He said no that is not possible once purchased they have to deliver within 14 days. There was also a cabinet that we like so the sale person recommended that it best if we also purchased then so we wont have to pay for 2 delivers. We also bought a 3 year warranty for protention. So long story short or renovation had a delay and last Saturday June 10th we brough in the cabinet and one of the glass door was broken and from the broken glass the other door got damaged and on one side of the cabinet there is damange. So on Sunday June 11th
we went to the store that we made the purchase and they were not very helpful or have any customer service. They told us that we should have open the products within 3 days of delivery. If it was mentioned to us of doing do of course we would have..also my warrenty only covers warping of the wood. Why would i paid 95 dollars to cover warping of the wood...had i knowing that i would not taken out a warranty..also they said that they can't replace the cabinet but reorder two door and suggested that we go to home depot and buy a colour maker that make the cabinet to fix the damage on the side. The employee Prince mentioned that he will place the order and will give us a call to let us know the delivery date. Today June 14th i called the sotre and spoke to the employee ans mentioned to him that i didn't receive a call from hi. And would like to know the delivery date, he mentioned that he completed the order and will have to check in the system of the delivery date and placed me on hold. Once he came back on line he told me that his mangaer said that they can not replaced the doors and suggested that we keep the product as is or we can go replaced the glass and they will cover the cost. Could you imagine the frustration i had that i been lied to and now they are telling me that i have to live with a broken cabinet. They he also stated that we might have damaged it. So i mentioned to him had i broke the glass i would have not go to them but replace it myself. But the glass broken glass damaged the other door and on the side of the cabinet is damaged. How could we do that. I have never been so disappointed with a purchase and at this time will never repurchase at that brick or recommended anyone. Further more i work for a bank and we strive for customer service and honesty and do our best to resolve any customers complaints.

Product item code WRIGOLACC

Thank you
Amrita Bispat

The Brick
The Brick
The Brick

Jun 14, 2017

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