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8:20 pm EDT

The Brick dining room chair.

I bought a double reclining couch, a reclining chair, a queen size bed and a kitchen table and a dining room table and six chair last August 2016. A major purchase for me as I'm retired and on a pension. The chair and couch had small rips from the delivery men and when I complained, a month later was given a glue on vinyl patch, which doesn't stick and peels. One of the dining room chairs broke after the second time it was used. I complained and asked for a replacement and was told if I didn't buy a warranty, which was never mentioned at purchase, they couldn't do anything. I always believed that anything purchased had at least a year warranty. I will never buy another thing from the Brick .

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8:34 pm EDT

The Brick unethical behaviour, lack of respect and bad customer service

I newly migrated to Canada and visited on Sunday, 16th July 2017 the store located in Montreal (location is 7999 Boul. Les Galeries d'Anjou
Anjou, QC H1M1W9).

I wanted to buy sofa, bed, mattress and the dressing table from the store. It started well when the sales man showed me all the stuff. While I was going through the things to buy he mentioned that the financing option is available but did not informed me about the criteria. I like the stuff and wanted to go ahead with deal and use financing option. At the time of checkout he informed that bed is not available now and it will take more then a month to get delivered but he promised to comeback to me in 48 hours and will try to arrange for some other brick store. I was ok with that and informed him that I would like to get it delivered on Thursday, 20 July 2017 as I want to move to my new apartment. So I paid the advance of 450 CAD. Then next 2 days no calls received from him. I did the follow up and was informed that he is not working and I was being told to call back. Finally I got hold of him of Thursday, 20 July. He said to come to store as I need to sign off the financing lease + the bed is available now. My first answer to him was that why he did not get the agreement signed when I visited the store on Sunday, 16th July. I am person who is doing job and not come again and again and the store location is very far from my place. But I came to the store same day Thursday, 20 July 2017. His attitude was very rude. He informed that for financing I should hold a Canadian credit card for 2 year. My question was why he did not informed me about this when I first came to the store. He acted rudely and mentioned that whether you want to go ahead with the booking pay full amount or cancel the order. I said I want to meet the manager. I was surprised to see such a reaction from manager when he was not understanding my concern. He guided me properly regarding financing part but was not willing to listen to my concerns. Finally I agreed to pay the outstanding amount from my debit card. I was about to pay the amount but before paying I told sale man to let me know when I will get the things deliver. The answer was 1) bed is not in stock will take a month (which he informed me over the phone it available), 2) sofa I can get the one which is in display as it is also not available in the stock. I was so upset with the attitude that I cancelled my order of 3000 CAD. So to conclude: very bad customer service + staff (including manager) needs serious training how to handle the customer. Hope my complain will be taken seriously.

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8:06 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Brick sylvania 12" bluetooth jumbo tailgate speaker item code: : spa040bt

Hi sir or madam,
I bought a speaker in your Kitchener location from a sales person named Vineet. I paid $90 from my master card which was on sale on the May 23rd. Although I still haven't got my speaker until now. When I called customer service and the store, they said they don't have any in stock and that I have to wait. When I go online to The Brick website and searched my speaker, it shows that if I order now I will be able to get it in 3 weeks time. The sales person told me the same thing and it has been more than 2 months. So I want a solution and action to be taken; Because of this, you guys have kept me waiting so I want my tailgate speaker and my money back as well. On the file The Brick has, my phone number is [protected] and if you want to call me, please call [protected]. Thank you

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3:37 pm EDT

The Brick lg refrigerator extended warranty (fraud) and dishwasher scam by sales representative

I have made many purchases at the Brick in the last 7 yrs. I also bring many customers to the Brick store in LaSalle, Québec for their purchases. I am well known to the staff in the LaSalle store.

First of all the sales rep. Tell you that the extended warranty is fully reimbursed if not uses!
It is not reimbursed at all. You get a credit note that you must use within 90 days of its expiry date. Also, you can only use it to purchase furniture, mattresses and decorations. If you do not spend the full amount of the extended warranty (one shot deal) you lose the balance of the credit.

Also, no one will advise you when this extended warranty is expired so you must keep track of this yourself. Otherwise you lose the total amount of the credit which is due to you.

This being said, here are two very bad experiences that I am now dealing with:

1) LG refrigerator extended warranty:
Purchased March 23/2012. Warranty cost: $229.99
Deadline for use of credit note: June 22nd/2017

I purchased a Metal Art piece and a shag rug with my extended warranty on June 9/2017. The total amount came to $387.47. I paid the difference of $127.48.
Now here is the problem: My extended warranty credit note was denied.

In April/2015 my fridge light was no longer working. Being that I often go to the Brick, I mentioned this to them explaining that I tried changing the light bulb and nothing changed. They told me to call their service dept.
I said: Will I lose my extended warranty because of a light bulb. The sales rep. Said not necessary, it will depend on the problem. Just call them.

On April 13/2015, a service man shows up at my place and walks to my fridge, opens the door, opens a little panel on the side and removes the switch then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a new switch to replace it.
I asked him how did he know this was the problem,
He answered this part is known to be defective and was to be replaced with this new one before leaving the manufacture. They must have missed this one. It took less than 5 minutes from the time he arrived to the time he left.
So I said to him: so this means I will lose my extended warranty credit because they missed replacing it before leaving the manufacture.
He replied no, this should not affect your warranty at all. You let them know this if they do. It is a known fact that this is a manufacturing problem.

Well they did cancel my extended warranty credit note and I did tell them about this. They replied to me, the minute you make a service call, your warranty credit is cancelled.

I called LG's call center and explained all of this to them. They did confirm to me that they had a recall regarding the fridge's light problems.
They also said that with or without a warranty, this would have been replaced at no charge. They also said I did not need a warranty neither from them, nor from the store to have this part replaced.

So, today, I called Trans Global Services with this information and asked them to unblock my extended warranty credit. Remember, I am still waiting for my art painting and rug witch I already paid the deference owing of $127.48.

Trans Global Services ' call center rep. (Jovani) answered the telephone laughing and said hello! I hesitated and said hello? Then the call center rep. laughed again, very unprofessional. I requested to speak to a supervisor or a manager he kept ignoring my request and still laughing asked me why I was calling...After many unnecessary questions and arrogance he kept putting me on hold.
I kept insisting to please transfer me to a supervisor or manager.
Finally, I spoke to Omar (a supervisor) only to get the same arrogance and absolutely no cooperation or sensitivity to my problem. His mind was already made up before he even started to talk to me. He kept repeating himself.
He would not even consider the option of unblocking the credit.

What an awful way to be treated by a Customer Service representative and a supervisor. Especially after being a very good Customer for so many years and also bringing so many new Customer to the Brick store.

I do not understand the way we can be treated so badly.

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10:54 am EDT

The Brick washer dryer delivery

On Thursday July 17 I recently had a washer and dryer delivered and it wasn't horrible experience where they left water all over the floor and had to clean the mess up from the old washer and dryer called customer service in Windsor to let them know all they would give me was a 50 store credit all I wanted was to get back the delivery fee to make it right and they said no only 50 store credit I am very upset as this was all I asked for

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9:34 am EDT

The Brick samsung - washer wf42h5200ap/a2

The salesman was okay. He did some sly things during the transaction, but I still proceeded with the purchasing of 3 appliances from The Brick at Heartland, Mississauga. The Brick has this asinine policy that you can not return appliances back to the store directly; beyond 72 hours from delivery. I purposely used my washer and dryer twice over the course of 9 days of the units being delivered, and my washer started to leak from the bottom of the door. When I called The Brick, I was told to Google the phone number for Samsung online and they will deal with it. Unfortunately, beyond the 72 hours, there is nothing the Brick could do for me. I have an extended warranty and manufactures warranty, and the unit was leaking after only two uses and they told contact Samsung directly. I proceeded to speak with Mark (store manager) who had absolutely no Customer Service skills. Subsequently, he proceeded to tell me the same CRAP. July 20 @ 9:05am, I had contacted Samsung at [protected], to discuss this concern. I had told Marilyn (Cust Svr. Rep #4094887) that I do not wish to waste my time on the phone, I need for the unit to be replaced. She told me after 30 minutes that she only documents calls and forwards the concern to the repair dept. Did I not ASK this girl before we had started the call, if she (herself) could help with this type of situation and her response was "YES". LIES ALL LIES. she then told me that Samsung would only repair the unit and not replace it. WHAT THE HELL..."I called THE BRICK about this issue on July 17 and I have been getting the run around ever since". I am going directly to the store that I had purchased my 3 appliances from because "SOMEBODY" at the Brick will be resolving this matter. I gave the BRICK my money and the BRICK will be dealing with this DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER.

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5:06 pm EDT

The Brick warranty on a furniture


I purchase my set of leather sofa and one of the electric mecanism to lift up the legs has stop working. I send pictures of the issue and called back at the store to here the manager telling me that I had to wait minimum 2 weeks before the insurance Global whatever to send a technician to repair my sofa? What is going on? I paid so expensive for these items plus paid for insurance to have to wait so long just for a repair services and plus treated as if I was asking for a favor and answer by the manager that politic changes and this is how bad it is now at Brick and I had to accept this terrible services because of internal changes? I would never ever refere any body, friends and family to Brick having to deal with such poor service and such low customer service. I very very upset and unsatisfied customer that purchase at Anjou The Brick in Montreal Quebec. Tin Ha [protected]

Hopefully you can do something about this because this whole insurance thing is a scam...

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11:43 am EDT

The Brick delivery

So I order $2000.00 worth of stuff and was going to order another $5000.00. Just bought a new house much bigger then my old one, I have a few rooms to fill. I would never buy from the Brick ever. My order was separated into two. No problem not a big deal, have to be home for two deliveries. First delivery gets slated for Saturday July 15th. Between 3-6. I'm waiting and waiting. I get a call that the truck broke down. Mean while I know they were running late and once they saw that the Qew, which is a highway was backed up they decided to call me with a bogus story. What ever it happens. I call the store on Sunday and talk to a lady that my delivery had not come and told her why I didn't have it delivered on Sunday. I play baseball on Sunday's and would have to cancel it if I couldn't get put to the front of the deliveries at 3pm that day. She promised me that so I could make it to baseball. The Bricks model must be screw the customer at every chance they get I waited til 7pm no delivery for the second day. Not even a phone call nothing. Forcing me to wait around for a bogus delivery two days in a row for almost 8 hours. I have been charged $70.00 for delivery and I have yet to receive my furniture.

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1:06 pm EDT

The Brick customer service

I ordered close to $15, 000 worth of merchandise (furniture, appliances, etc.) from The Brick in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I had an absolutely wonderful experience with the salesperson I was working with. He was kind, compassionate, understanding and helpful. Once everything was delivered, there was an issue with the over the range microwave. It wouldn't fit in my kitchen because of a mistake with the measurement. We did not even remove the microwave from the box. When we called to make arrangements to return the microwave, we were told it could not be returned. After pleading with the woman on the phone, and explaining that we had spent a lot of money and just wanted to return the item she rerouted us to the manager (Eric). I explained to Eric that I had recently experienced strokes and was physically unwell and was trying to navigate a move from the retirement residence I had respite in to my new home. I made a mistake with the measurement and simply needed to return the microwave as it would not fit in the space. He was difficult to deal with, told me he didn't care how much I spent, it made no difference to him, and the policy was the policy. His attitude has left me very disappointed. I will not be purchasing the remainder of my items at the Brick as planned (I was planning to refurnish my whole new home). He finally told me if I could get the microwave back to the loading dock myself, he would arrange a store credit. Very, very poor customer service from this man. Such a shame considering how wonderful the salesman originally was and the fact that the products are usually very good.

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3:35 pm EDT

The Brick samsung flat screen tv

I received horrible customer service at the whitby location when purchasing the product. It felt as if once I paid for the TV, they just wanted my out of there. When I come home, my TV canot be controlled. I found out later through samsung that the brick gave me the incorrect remote control for my specific TV. I have to take time our of my day to make up for the mistakes of the service provided at the brick. When I call in for support/questions, no one is of help. Everyone I speak to is unhelpful by just telling me that the person that can help me is not present. This was my first and last time purchasing a product from this store. I have never received such rude and unhelpful behavior before.

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10:23 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

The Brick delivery not on time for the second time

Hello, I ordered some furniture last year from Brick Kitchener (Broadwalk) and the delivery took 2 months. This time I have ordered a bed and mattress last month and the delivery date was last Saturday July 8th. I got a call and I thought it will be delivered today (Wednesday). Now today, they confirmed that it will be delivered on 19th July and its not confirmed. I am complaining because last year we had a get together event at home and I ordered furniture for that. You took too much time, but failed to deliver on time. This time, my mother in law is coming on July 15th for two months and we ordered a new bed. You failed for the second time. Its very disturbing. Name: Mohammed Ahsan, Phone [protected], Order 060975DVBQR. Order date 9th June. Please investigate.

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Update by Mohammed Ahsan
Jul 12, 2017 10:33 am EDT

Just wanted to update one information. When I talked today, from the office they informed me that I can cancel the order as it is not delivered yet. That answer was quite disappointing as well. We have ordered something for not cancellation after more than one month, right? Its a easy solution for you, but not for me as a customer.

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12:10 am EDT

The Brick rude store manager at surrey newton

I want to complain about the Store Manager at The Bricks Newton branch. His name is Mr Dizon. He doesnt deserve to be a store manager. He doesnt have a right ethics and values to be a rightfull manager of the store. I bought from the store a living room sofa set and 2 accent chairs. My sales invoice # 07077BSVHGE. My ordered was delivered today July 11. Unfortunately the delivery people didnt assembly my sofa because they said that its not listed on their invoice that they will assmeble it. So I was left alone to assemble it myself. My sofa was good but my 2 accent chairs were rocking/not stable. I went to the Bricks to return it and I said to the manager that I dont want it anymore bec of my bad experience. He said The Bricks policy is only to exchange and they dont have a return policy.. "Why? if I am not satisfied, there is no return policy only exchange? he said its because its company's policy. And he went to continue his work. Mr Dizon doesnt deserve to be a Store Manager. He is a Rude person that doesnt console or empatize to the experience of his customer. He doesnt listen and too busy with his paper works. why is The Bricks hiring a Store Manager with so bad attitude. I thought your company policy is " Our commitment is to you ... our customer... But Mr Dizon commitment is not customer but his paper works. And he even said.. "go ahead complain, its our company policy".. I just hope if somebody called me its no longer a Store Manager, I hope somebody with a higher position so that Mr Dizon could change his behaviour to his customer

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3:36 pm EDT
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The Brick sonoma bed frame

I purchased a bed frame in June 2017 and the rail was damaged. Now we identified scratches on the head board and I am being told this is a "rustic look" which is a complete excuse to not take the bed frame back.

I want a full refund on my bed frame ASAP. I have called customer service many times in Edmonton and the store manager at the South Surrey Location whom by the way is very rude, and incompetent (Panam Singh).

I need immediate response to this terrible bed frame and expect this to be returned. Sonia Rao [protected]

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11:50 am EDT
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The Brick samsung french door refrigerator phone [protected]

bought this fridge with warranty and was told that warranty will replace the fridge after 3 calls
have been having same problem and this was our 4th call
the technician came on june 20 2017 and confirmed that he will get in touch with us within next 48 hours.
when nobody called we contacted customer service on june 27, 28, 29
every time we were told the technician will come next day between 8-10am.
the stuff in the fridge has rotten
and this has happened 4 times
seems like nobody is interested in solving a problem
really liked bricks and my account will show how much i have purchased from you
long weekend is coming ahead, family coming .and we don't have no fridge
its very frustrating.
will need a solution asap

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10:40 am EDT

The Brick warranty refund expired

I purchased a fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave all at the same time from the brick (which I now regret)

I also purchased the extended warrant and was told that if I didn't use it in the five years I would get a refund. Well, the 5 years is over and I patiently waited for a letter of confirmation of how much it was going to be.

Guess what? nothing came so I called the brick! Guess what I was told? "Oh you had to use that within 90 days you have nothing now"

I sure WAS NOT TOLD THAT when I paid thousands of dollars for my appliances and the warranty. Now does that want to make me want to shop there?

So, I emailed them and it says a reply within 2 days. Another shocker..thats was the 20th and now its the 27th! They can't even reply in a timely fashion.

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, CA
Aug 05, 2020 2:42 pm EDT

Brick customer support or customer service dont take calls, I am calling from 5 days day and night and they dont bother to attend and when I went to see how much busy they are, and what I saw 4 -5 people were sitting at customer service and were laughing and playing and when I asked why they dont attend call when phone is continuously ringing on their back and they said we were so busy and alot of customers and trust my words I was the o ly one who was in brick store at that time. they are cheep people cheep furniture cheep appliances, all old stuff, old staff old sales people who even can not hear and walk properly... I bought almost 15 thousands of stuff and warrenty too but but waht I got back as store credit 2900 and use with in 30 days other wise I ll lose all.

1:34 pm EDT

The Brick terrible customer service at the 1607 dundas st e, mississauga, on location

I ordered a 'Buyers Best' bedroom set for $2000 back April 24... was told it wouldn't be available until Mid-May... I called many times after the expected arrival date and for 4 weeks I every time I called they said it should be in today or tomorrow.
By week 3 of being told it would be in 'today or tomorrow' I went in to complain. I am 7.5 months pregnant, I'm not sleeping because I just have a mattress on the floor and I was really upset.
I was told by not 1 but 2 employees to 'calm down, it's not good for the baby'... So condescending and rude because THEY are the reason I'm upset.
I explained I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for the past 7 weeks, it's not easy to have to get up and down especially when i have to pee 5 times in the night. Again I was told to calm down because it's not good for the baby. I said it's not good for the baby to be lied to for the past 3 weeks, not be able to settle in to our new home let alone set up for a new baby because we don't have our dressers or anything.
The only thing they offered was for me to pick out a new bedroom set and pay the difference if it costs more... except the next similar storage bedroom set was double the price... which we were NOT going to do.
Once again I was told it would show up the next week Wednesday so once again we made sure to change any plans so we could be available for weekend delivery... and once again... it didn't arrive.
My husband tried calling in... he asked to speak to a manager and was hung up on. The 'customer service' rep, Bridget, hung up on him 7 times when he asked for a manager. Eventually he said he was recording the phone call, and she said he couldn't do that and hung up again.
Since the in store customer service was useless, I tried contacting the Facebook help, it took 3 days to get an answer from them, but on June 14th they said my order had arrived... same day Bridget was hanging up on my husband.
I went in the next day to cancel my order and got dirty looks from the customer service rep (not sure if it was the same girl.. Bridget).
Then while cancelling she said oh.. it just arrived today.
I said nobody called me.. she said because it wasn't off the truck yet so they would call tomorrow ...meaning yet again I wouldn't get weekend delivery.
I cancelled and she did not care at all that she wasted 8 weeks of my time.
They offered nothing... not even free assembly of the bed for leading me on for 4 weeks... and we made it clear, i am no longer in a condition to assemble the bed and we asked about it... but they wouldn't do anything for us.
Apparently waiting 8 weeks for a bedroom set it normal. And the more I tell people about my experience, the more i hear this is common for them.
They offer a low priced set of something and the next comparable set is double the price... then they can't deliver so you end up upgrading.
I could have had an entire bedroom set custom built in the time I waited. I know, I asked at a Mennonite furniture store.

When I read the reviews on the Google page for this location, the customer service team hangs up on people all the time, and they make people wait excessively long times for product, things are promised one day and then not delivered for months.

It's just unacceptable to treat a customer this way.

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2:58 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

The Brick dishwasher

Bought a dishwasher last week, was a floor model, I thought 430.00 great deal, had a small dent on door no big deal, as long as it work that, s the main thing . Well get it home hook it up and water is pouring out the bottom, take it back to the brick said I bought as is, , it, s funny how they are so nice then your buying something but when you bring something back the fangs come out, told me not there problem anymore call the manufacturer, I think that at one point it was drop that, s why it had a dent, husband looked at the bottom a it was cracked. I feel someone at that store had drop it and but it for sale anyway and wait for a sucker ( me I guess) I am so piss off, I will never ever deal with the brick again and will definitely tell friends and family of the hell I, m going though, I can say that the brick ripped me off of $430. 00 . The old saying applies to the brick buy beware

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1:17 pm EDT

The Brick statement billing

On May 30, 2017 I purchased 2 bedroom dressers, a double mattress complete with frame and box spring and a queen mattress at you store located 12748 Highway 50, Bolton Ontario. L7E 4G1.
A balance of 1806.61 was the balance to be paid over 18 months as per the plan I selected, I received a statement with a balance of 1818.86 and noticed a fee of 12.25 added to the 1806.61, I called customer service on June 22, 2017 at approx 12 pm to complain about the fee charged to me, the agent replied that the fee was for plan protection, I had explained to the agent that I had not purchased any plan protection or any extended warranties and the agent said I had signed for a protection plan which I was not informed of when completing the transaction, I told the agent I was not paying that fee since I never was informed to have the protection or not, the agent then replied that I can have it removed but she can not do it that I would have to go the store where I purchased the furniture and fill out a form to have it removed which I did on June 22, 2017.
The issue I have is that I was never informed of this fee in advance and it was put on my account without my knowledge and when I told this to your customer service agent I was speaking to and that I was upset about the fee on how it was added to my account that I would be paying the statement off in full less the fee and will be cancelling my brick card she replied OK, wow great customer service you have I felt the agent was not very helpful and will no longer be shopping at the Brick in the future.

John Moshe
146 Ellwood DR West,
Bolton, Onto.
L7E 4W4.
Brick Account #[protected].

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12:32 pm EDT

The Brick warranty rebate

We bought stove, fridge, microwave, dishwasher at the brick and purchased extended warranty. We where to, d that if we did use the warrant we would get a store credit.

We didn't use the warranty on stove or microwave. I was never told anything about how it was up to me to go to the brick and tell them it was over! I called today to find out about the credit and I get told by a cocky sales person it was up to me. We never received anything saying we had a credit or how much. He basically said too bad!

Another ripoff or con they use to get u to buy warranty? Sure looks that way

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12:25 pm EDT

The Brick delivery call and being dismissed and lied to

We purchased furniture from the brick in Pembroke. The couches we purchased were not in stock and were back ordered. We are spending the summer in the Toronto area, and when my husband received a call and was told the furniture was arriving Sunday he drove back home to be there for the delivery, leaving me behind with our infant. Now that he is in Petawawa, he received a call saying the couches will not be arriving tomorrow after all because they didn't get in! I called the store and was told they can't help me and that they will just call us again when the couches arrive! I told them again? We received that call already and that is why my husband is there. I asked them who would cover the gas money for all the trips to Petawawa and back to Toronto and they shrugged me off! My husband would not be driving 6 hours one way for nothing! I asked for a manager and was told they were with a customer, so i asked that the manager call me back. When I received no call I called back and was told the manager was still with customers. I said I'd wait on hold and was then told the manager is out of the store! So I was either lied to before that the manager is with customers or am being lied to now when they tell me the manager is out of the store! This is very unprofessional and upsetting! I can't believe this is how you treat your customers! I would like a call back from the head office and if this is not resolved I am so upset that I will be willing to go to the ombudsman as well as the media! I spend thousands of dollars at the Brick, and get dismissed like nothing! Unbelievable!

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The Brick In-depth Review

Overall Rating: The Brick is a top-notch retailer that consistently delivers exceptional products and services. I highly recommend them for all your home furnishing needs.

Product Selection: The Brick offers an extensive range of products, catering to every style and budget. Whether you're looking for furniture, appliances, or electronics, you'll find everything you need under one roof.

Pricing: The Brick provides competitive pricing, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. They frequently offer promotions and discounts, making it even more affordable to furnish your home.

Customer Service: The customer service at The Brick is outstanding. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready to assist you. They go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction, making the shopping experience enjoyable.

Delivery and Shipping: The Brick offers efficient and reliable delivery services. They provide timely updates on the status of your order and deliver it right to your doorstep. Their shipping rates are reasonable, and they take great care in handling your purchases.

Website Usability: The Brick's website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It's well-organized, allowing you to find products quickly. The search function is efficient, and the checkout process is seamless.

Return Policy: The Brick has a flexible return policy, ensuring customer satisfaction. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, they offer hassle-free returns and exchanges. Their commitment to customer service is evident in their fair and transparent return policy.

Quality of Products: The Brick offers high-quality products that are built to last. They partner with reputable brands, ensuring that you receive durable and reliable items. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in every product they sell.

Store Experience: The Brick provides a pleasant and enjoyable in-store experience. The stores are well-maintained, and the layout is designed for easy browsing. The staff is attentive and helpful, making your visit a memorable one.

Loyalty Program: The Brick's loyalty program is a great way to earn rewards and exclusive benefits. By becoming a member, you can enjoy special discounts, early access to sales, and personalized offers. It's a fantastic way to save money while shopping at The Brick.

Social Responsibility: The Brick is committed to social responsibility and giving back to the community. They actively participate in charitable initiatives and support local organizations. By choosing to shop at The Brick, you're supporting a company that cares about making a positive impact.

Competitor Comparison: When compared to their competitors, The Brick stands out for their exceptional product selection, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service. They consistently outperform their rivals in terms of quality and overall shopping experience.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Extensive product selection, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, reliable delivery, user-friendly website, flexible return policy, high-quality products, pleasant in-store experience, rewarding loyalty program, commitment to social responsibility.
  • Cons: None that I can think of. The Brick truly excels in all aspects of their business.

Summary and Recommendation: The Brick is an exceptional retailer that offers a wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices. Their outstanding customer service, reliable delivery, and user-friendly website make shopping a breeze. With a flexible return policy and a rewarding loyalty program, The Brick goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. I highly recommend The Brick for all your home furnishing needs.

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3. Writing the title: In the 'Complaint Title' field, concisely summarize the main issue you have encountered with The Brick. Make it specific and clear, such as "Defective Sofa Delivered by The Brick" or "Poor Customer Service at The Brick Store."

4. Detailing the experience: In the complaint description, provide a detailed account of your experience. Mention key areas such as product quality, customer service, delivery, warranty, and after-sales support. Include specifics about any transactions you had with The Brick, the nature of the issue, and any steps you took to resolve it, including interactions with the company's customer service. Describe how the issue has personally affected you, whether it's through inconvenience, financial loss, or other impacts.

5. Attaching supporting documents: Attach any relevant documents that support your complaint, such as receipts, emails, or photos. However, be cautious not to include sensitive personal information that could compromise your privacy or security.

6. Filling optional fields: Use the 'Claimed Loss' field to indicate any financial losses you have incurred due to the issue. In the 'Desired Outcome' field, clearly state what resolution you are seeking from The Brick, whether it's a refund, exchange, repair, or an apology.

7. Review before submission: Carefully review your complaint or review to ensure that it is clear, accurate, and complete. Check for any spelling or grammatical errors, and verify that all the information provided is correct.

8. Submission process: After reviewing, click the 'Submit' button to file your complaint or review. Ensure that you have filled in all the required fields and attached any supporting documents before submitting.

9. Post-Submission Actions: After submitting your complaint or review, make sure to regularly check back on for any responses or updates. You may receive feedback from The Brick or from other users who have had similar experiences.

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