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The Brick / rude customers

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I am so absolutely sick and tired of people treating me with zero respect when I am at work. Yes I understand that your furniture may come in damaged, or the wrong color, missing hardware etc. But that is no reason to treat the person on the other side of the phone no less than a human being. I had a customer who got a leather sofa delivered and it came with a small cut on the back so he called in and got so angry that he decided to call me a stupid [censored]. I have been called every single rude name in the book and gone home extremely upset on many occasions. And for what? Because some stupid # has to wait another week for his furniture. Believe it or not, stuff happens!!

Take a step back and assess the situation and realize whether being ignorant towards me will fix your problem. I cant make your furniture come any sooner, I cant give you all your money back if your not happy with your furnitre after 4 years, and I sure as hell cant give you an exchange on a sofa after you've put numerous cigarette stains in it and let your dog use it as a chew toy.

People need to smarten the hell up and realize they are going to get much more done by being polite and respectful rather than using screaming, swearing, and agressivness.

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      2nd of Dec, 2009
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    Listen, you work there and therefore, you are getting paid to do a job and if your customers are not satified, you need to own up to your job and fix it and stop passing the buck!. When you call there (Richmond hill, ontario store) you get zero help and a heck of a lot of excuses with zerio results... if the person on the phone can help and you work there than who.. who who does one turn too? I purchased a complete bedroom set, bed linens etc., 3 weeks ago and 3 weeks later, I am still trying to get my stuff the way I ordered it... So tell me, if the person on the other end cant help us.. WHO CAN? you took our money right? now who will fix the problems? You take our hard earned money quick enough and than... "well we will check into it" and 3 weeks later, I still sit here with an incomplete bedroom set... so $2, 500.00 later... zero help on the telephone or at the store...
    Own up to your job people!... or we should start calling you "The Brick, where you pay and we screw you over but good!"... that should be your new letterhead... of course we have to be rude to you on the telephone, its the only way to communicate with you guys... and still, nothing get rectified

    any comments or suggestions on what i can do to get my stuff... you can write me at...

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      30th of Jan, 2010
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    she is absolutely correct!!! Most of you complainers haven't a clue, you are only complaining over your own ignorance! Blame it all on the salesperson that didn't inform me of that policy, they just took our money and ran. Please!!! In most cases, you just didn't listen, read, or inquire while you gave them your money!!! Do you honestly think that salespeople want to upset their customers? Is it really the customer service people that deserve to listen to your childish whinning when you just never listened, read, or inquired. Salespeople thrive on repeat business not on quick 'wham bam thankyou mam' deals. If you try being polite with people they will try harder to resolve your issue.
    Granted, most efforts made by any employee with any high volume company are usually subject to human error. Mistakes do happen, and sometimes they happen more than once.. so suck it up buttercup!!
    You know, if you weren't so hell bent on not paying the retail price and actually listened, read and inquired, you probably woundn't have half of the issues you have.
    YOu really have no business being rude to anyone. You say you will never shop there again? I am sure they hope with your disrespectful attitude you don't!! Think about it! Perhaps, if you took a step back and honestly looked at the whole deal in this rat race, you really haven't lost anything. Life doesn't have to be that upsetting!

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      5th of Feb, 2010
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    I totally agree with the attitude of the person that complained. Good for you take it from me I tried the nice way and then I tried it the nasty way at the Brick!!! I purchased a set of high end front loading washer and dryer and also purchased the five year warranty on both. After using the washer and dryer for only two and a half years the dryer broke down Dec 13 2009. After calling the warranty people and getting the run around they
    tried to fix it five time over six weeks!!!That's right six weeks without a dryer and I have a mother with dimmentia that I have to do three loads of washing and drying a day. After not complaining for four weeks I went crazy on the warranty people I talked to the head of the warranty company they didn't care I said to them "What are you going to do
    for me?" That's right silence on the other end of the phone. I couldn't believe their attitude
    about fixing the dryer, they kept sending us recorded phone messages because they don't have any customer service!!!I work for a company for eight years Safeway and we strive to give great customer service. After I got another recorded message saying I would receive another part from back east estimated time of arrival end of Jan 2010 I lost it!!!
    I phoned the Brick store locally and told them the situation and that I wasn't very happy with their customer service. I wasn't like they weren't going to fix the dryer but come on it is not my fault that they can't get the parts for their products!!! I paid the extended
    warranty bad bad bad service!!! Finally after yelling at the manager of the Brick and phoning him and the warranty company everyday for a week asking where the parts were for the dryer were I finally got a new dryer (the manager told me that the warranty
    company had already spent over 1000 dollars repairing the old dryer) he couldn't understand why they wouldn't give us a new one when a new one at cost is only 699 stupid huh???? Then to make matters worse had to pay new warranty on product don't break down new dryer or the brick is going to hear from me their worst nightmare!!! I have filed a complaint to the BBB but it takes six weeks for them to even get to the complaint. Also I phoned the Brick's head office but surprise, surprise they didn't respond
    to my phone meassage. So being nice sometime doesn't pay off, sometimes you have to be a little more aggressive. Good luck to all of you dealing with the Brick I will never ever shop
    there again!!!
    P.S. The very last person that commented on your complaint probably has not ever had anything go wrong in his life so I say to him I did pay retail for my washer and dryer 2500 and the 1000 on accessories so I could have shopped anywhere I wanted but unfortunetly I pickeD the Brick. Hopefully, they don't stay in business to much longer.
    rkn roz from british columbia canada.

  • Iv
      11th of May, 2010
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    Rebutal, you are awesome. Most customers really don't listen and they expect even the lowest employee to know every policy, where everything is etc. You customers need to read the damn policy expect us to do everything for you? Hell no. Go back to first grade and learn how to [censor]ing read and LISTEN.

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      11th of May, 2010
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    And yes, you customers like to complain about us but look at yourselves. Some guy broke my credit card reader because he would LISTEN (there';s the key word again) at how I was telling him to use it.

    And the truth is, we just want your money. We don;t care about you or anything else you could have to say or think

  • Ro
      20th of Feb, 2011
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    Well, you are totally wrong on customer oriented business model. The company would not survive without the customer. And the challenges your customers face and lack of professional service and negative attidude towards them result in their bad behaviour and affect your customer relationship. If you say "go to the first grade and..." - that's not a good proof for your good intentions toward your customers and prooves you are arrogant and not well trained in customer service. I would say, you go for a training to upgrade your customer service skills and stop posting on behalf of your organization, because I believe your executives would not agree with your statements.
    We - customers, expect every Brick front desk employee to know Brick policies and we want to trust you guys to give us a good advice - not a missleading information. You cannot expect us to study your policies to do a simple shopping. We expect honesty and good service and you being the leader in customer relations.

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