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Good day
My names jeremy kosowan
This was my first day ever as a telus customer and i am not impressed

My window for getting my Internet and tv set up was 9-11 am
Wen Sept 13 i got 2 phone calls and texts messages to remind me

At 1250 i got the first call form the installer he was gonna be half a hr to get to my place. Was not offer a apology for being 2 hours late even letting me know what was going on
Was just offered a excuse as to what happened and blame on other installers for not picking up my work order
I had taken half a day off work so i had already left for work by the time i got the call
I asked him to have someone form customer service call me to set up a time for Thursday the 14

That phone call never came i myself had to taken almost a hour out of my time at work to try and get my appointment for my products to be installed

Its nice that this installer first had the respect of my time to not phone me and let me know he would be late and then not follow through on setting me up with someone who could get me a new appointment

So when i get ahead of someone at the call center i am told i cant get a new time for someone to come out till Sunday
I protest that my services should be installed Thursday the 14 this was a mistake or a over sight that i get but i shoulndt have to forced to wait 4 more days cause of a issue a employee of ours caused

I spent nearly a hour dealing with two different people at the call center trying to get someone who would have the understanding to make sure I was made whole again
I had been a customer or shaw for 14 years i am someone who is loyal when treat right
My landlord company is paying the bill for this account i am not looking for something for free i just want my services hooked up on thrusday the 14 of sept

I was never once offerd to speak to a supervisor or someone who could make my request happen
I dont belive it is asking to much that my work order be placed as a priority on Thursday the 14
Jeremy kosowan

Sep 14, 2017

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