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Complaints & Reviews

false advertising and overcharging

The Internet connection plan that the company advertises comes with the laptop (provided that the customer...

terrible internet connection

I hate Telus with a passion. I would've never switched internet & phone companies if not for my brother...

double billing

In June 2007 I made a request to Telus to move my phone to a new residence within the same community. It took...

they screwed me in an internet promotion

In late 2007 I ordered an internet promotion from Telus. The web ad showed a picture of a choice between a computer with flat screen monitor or a notebook in return for a three- year contract. I have a computer with a regular monitor and decided to upgrade. I applied for the service. The service that I already had was cable internet month-to-month and was $5.00 cheaper, but the new computer with flat screen justified the extra expense and contract in my mind.

They sent the modem and months went by with no further communication with Telus. I went on holiday until mid-March and returned to an email sent to my Yahoo account, telling me that I had to go to the Telus website to confirm delivery address for the new computer. I tried and failed to access the page using the information sent. I called Telus and received assistance from one of their agents, Greg. While on the phone with Greg, we discovered that I had not been sent a username and temporary password from Telus to access my Telus email account and so had been unable to respond to any of the emails regarding the service sent to me by them. They had been corresponding with me at that email address for several months. He rectified the situation and credited me 3 months as I had been unable to use it the service.

We confirmed delivery of the promotional computer and I received it on April 1st. When I opened the box I discovered that the unit had come with a conventional monitor and on April 2nd sent the following email:

“I'm sorry Rebecca. There must be some mistake. I received the computer but it was supposed to be a flat screen monitor and they shipped a regular monitor.

Please tell me how to get the flat screen.

Thanks a lot.”

By April 8th I had not received a response to my question and sent the following email:

“I have not received an answer to this question that I sent to you on April 2nd. Is it maybe because that someone at Telus doesn't want to deal with it?

Please respond asap and include a copy of the promotional web ad that I responded to (with photos). I don't understand why I would contract to pay $5.00 per month MORE for telus internet (and a three year contract), as opposed to month to month cable internet when the promotional product supplied comes with an obsolete screen that I believe is not even manufactured anymore. That wouldn't be very smart, would it? I was under the impression that I had a choice between a notebook, or a computer with a flat screen.

I'm eagerly waiting to resolve this.”

That was the beginning of 6 weeks of total frustration. First “Ramona” responded the same day with this email:

Hello Cheryl

I apologize for the delay in responding to your April 2nd email, currently we have a high volume of emails and are slightly delayed in responding.

We can no longer send you the link for the offer that was online since it is now expired and has been removed from the website. Below you will find the specifications concerning the PC offer you requested. When the PC was ordered you have the choice of upgrading to flat screen monitor, the cost of the upgraded flat screen was $269.00 and it had to be ordered at the time of redemption.

Lenovo 3000 Desktop Computer

$5/month for 3 years

Model only available with TELUS offer

AMD Sempron 3400+ processor


80 GB SATA hard drive

Windows Vista Home Basic

17" CRT monitor, mouse, keyboard

CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive

1 year manufacturer warranty

Network Card (NIC) (not wireless)

value $628

Optional upgrades to desktop

512MB RAM (total 1GB) - new $54.95

DVD-RW - $134

19" widescreen LCD monitor - $269.00

Later that day “Suzanne” responded:

Hello Cheryl,

I apologize for the confusion with the monitors. The way it was explained to you, is how it is for all of our customers who have ordered that promotion. The only time a client will receive a flat screen monitor, or any other upgrade, is if they make that request at the time they redeem the offer. They also have to pay the required cost associated with the upgrade as well.

Thank-you for your email inquiry.

Here was my response, also sent on April 8th:

Nothing was explained to me at any time. This entire exercise has been totally fraught with frustration. No one ever contacted me and in fact, were sending emails for me to a telus email address that I was not given a username and password for until last week. Check my file.

The online ad showed a computer with a flat screen monitor. That is why I switched from cable to Telus internet.

I feel that Telus has conned me into signing up for a more expensive internet service than the one I was already on, by showing the computer with a flat screen monitor. I would like this situation to be rectified please. I already have a computer with regular monitor and have no need for another.

Thank you

April 14th I had still received no response so sent the following:

I am still awaiting a response to this email that I sent on April 8. I feel that the customer service needs working on.

Thank you.

April 16th I received this response from “Elaine”:

“Thank you for your e-mail.

I have reviewed previous correspondence regarding this.

I'm sorry, but, the 17" CRT Monitor is what was advertised on our website (as follows):


Includes 17" E773 CRT monitor (not LCD flat screen),

keyboard & optical mouse

1 year warranty with Dell Technical Support

AMD Sempron 3400 + processor

Windows XP Home Edition

Microsoft Works 8 (does not include Microsoft Word)

80GB hard drive

512MB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz - 2DIMMs

16X DVD-ROM Drive

Includes NIC (does not include dial-up internal

modem or wireless NIC)

Retail price $529 (subject to change by Dell)

BC & AB customers will need to enter a credit card #

and AB customers will be charged a $22 ECO fee + GST

during offer redemption on the Dell.ca/telusoffer



We do not have any way whatsoever to get you the flat screen monitor.

Firstly, to get the flat screen monitor, customers were required to pay an additional $269 via their credit card at the time of redemption and, secondly, once the computer is ordered, there would be no way to revert back (to Dell or TELUS) in order to request the flat screen after the fact. The promotion is now completely closed and Dell will not honour this request.

I'm sorry that you feel that TESUS' intent was to trick you into switching to TELUS for internet service. Our intent with this promotion (and all of our promotions) was certainly not to trick customers into switching from competitors to TELUS. The computer was a bonus gift for agreeing to a 3 year term on our High Speed Enhanced service.

I do not have access to a picture of the computer promotion ad as it expired long ago. However, if you require, I can check with the Marketing department who may have this information available to print so that I can send it to you via mail.”

My response the same day:


I did not receive a Dell computer. I received a Lenovo computer. And yes, I would like you to check with the Marketing Dept. I would like to see the web ad.

Thank you.”

Later the same day I received another stock response from “Jessica”. My response the same day:

It's very hard to believe that a communications company would have so much trouble communicating with someone.

I am not interested in going around and around with different agents sending me the same response.

Here is the latest one that I received:

"Hello Cheryl

My name is Jessica and I will be taking care of your request today.

We can no longer send you the link for the offer that was online since it is now expired and has been removed from the website. Below you will find the specifications concerning the PC offer you requested.

When the PC was ordered you have the choice of upgrading to flat screen monitor, the cost of the upgraded flat screen was $269.00 and it had to be ordered at the time of redemption.

Lenovo 3000 Desktop Computer

$5/month for 3 years

Model only available with TELUS offer, etc, etc, etc



If you will read the text below, and my file, you will see that we are far beyond the stock response above.

I am now well beyond any patience that I had with this situation and expect a resolution by Monday, April 21st, or I will be filing a complaint with the CRTC over what I consider are deceptive business


A phone call would probably be in order, or at least dealing with the same agent instead of multiple ones.

Maybe you should just tell me where to return the computer, monitor and modem and we can cancel the contract. This whole exercise has been filled with miscommunication and misrepresentation. I don't want to deal with incompetence anymore.

By April 22nd, I had still received no response from Telus so I sent an email asking where to return the computer and saying that I wanted to cancel the account. Received a response from “Janet” advising that she was forwarding my complaint to the Customer Loyalty and Retention department.

I spoke to 8 different agents via email over 3 weeks. I received a stock response from most and multiple responses from the same email! Not one followed up and one wasn’t even talking about the right make of computer that I received. I requested several times to deal with only one agent and was ignored.

I thought that finally I would be able to speak to the same person more than once and resolve the issue. On April 30th I called the 866 number that I had been given and spoke to “Farzana” in the Customer Loyalty and Retention department. After speaking for quite a while she promised to have someone from promotions call me and told me she would call me back asap to update me. She said it might take a while and asked for my patience.

By May 13th, I had still not heard from her and again called the 866 number. The person answering the phone would not connect me with Farzana, even though she was there. I asked for Farzana’s voicemail to leave her a message and was told that she didn’t have one. She said that Farzana had to receive permission to speak to me directly and would get that permission and call me back later in the day. Guess what? I didn’t get a call.

It’s beyond belief that a communications company would have such difficulty communicating with its customers. I am way, way past the point of attempting to resolve this issue with Telus and now only want an address of where to return the computer and modem and for them to cancel my internet account at no charge to me. Please help me.

Update: It is now June 15th. The computer is still sitting in a box in my living room. The CRTC can't help me with my complaint. I am now waiting for the results of a Better Business Bureau investigation, but we all know Telus doesn't care about that.

I guess I will be keeping the crappy computer and paying the extra $5.00 per month for the duration of the three year contract because I won't be paying to cancel it.

However, for the entire three years I will be telling absolutely everyone that I can speak to about this situation and Telus's response to it and the second the three years is up I will be cancelling not only the internet account, but also my landline and I will deal with ANYONE BUT TELUS.

  • Jo
    Josh Jul 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They screwed me too. I signed up for a 3 year contract to get a computer or a $400 credit for a new computer at dell. Months went by and I received no code for the promotion, called them like 5 times about this saying "its on its way" then after a year they said it was no longer active so I was screwed so they were just paying me lip service until the promo ran out and screwed me with a bait and switch but now im stuck in a 3 year contract with nothing. Telus can go to hell and their slimy customer service reps.

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  • Ih
    I Hate Telus Mar 27, 2009

    I don't think Jessica is a real person. I also got the "My name is Jessica and I will be taking care of your request today" email and it sounded like a machine wrote it.

    In my case, I was paying Telus about $2.50 a month to have a second listing in the phone book. (Because we happily switched phone service to Shaw, but they could only provide 1 listing. There are 2 in our household, so we had to pay Telus for this second listing.)

    Instead of paying this small amount every month, I pre-paid about $20.00 to have a credit balance. But then we moved and I asked them to close this account and issue the credit ($17.82). Well, it's almost 3 months later, and I keep getting my monthly bill with the credit being sucked up by this monthly charge.

    The last email I got, this is the one from Jessica, said:

    My name is Jessica and I will be taking care of your request today.

    Thank you for your email. Our records indicate that you have contacted our Customer Care and Sales Department and they have taken care of your situation. If you require further resolution please advise.

    The tracking number of this message is: 7812148

    Thank you for taking the time to use our online service. At TELUS we appreciate your business and invite you to visit http://telus.com for all of your communication needs.

    I trust this email satisfies the reason for your contact with TELUS today.

    The funny thing about this is that "Jessica" is correct. I have *repeatedly* contacted Telus's so-called Customer Care dept. The consistently denied that this account is even theirs! (Funny, it keeps coming to me from Telus, on Telus bill stationery.) They said it was the fault / responsibility of Yellow Pages Group. They said, no, it's a Telus account.

    Oh, and I previously had a BIG problem with Telus a few years ago when I signed up for high-speed internet service. They sent hardware and software, but the software had a warning that it could compromise my computer's security. So I sent it back to them and said "No thanks."

    They said (actually, I'm sure it was Jessica then, too) that I'd agreed to a contract, and whether I returned this crap or not, they would charge me.


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  • Yt
    ytrebil Nov 30, 2009

    After I'm done with my 3 year contract that telus talked me into, I am completely finished with them. They made it sound like such a sweet deal and told me I was recieving a FREE gift. Later I find out that it's not actually free, I'm paying extra on my bill which adds up to almost $400 for the computer. Whenever I try to talk to someone about it, they say "well $400 is a great price for a computer!" Yeah, but it's not Free.
    We just bought a home and I wanted to do a whole bundle deal with sattelite tv, phone, and internet. Well, I can't get the bundle price because I'm still on the 3 year contract. I have 5 months left, and have been a customer for over 15, I've always paid my bills on time, and they will not budge. Sorry, that's a lie, they took $2a month off my bill. So I said that I would have to switch companies because I had found a better bundle deal elsewhere, and I was told that I would have to pay$487 for breach of contract. Telus is a scam. They tell their employees to twist their words to make things sound good. I'm looking forward to the day that I can tell them to cancel all service.

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defective product, worse service

I bought a lg chocolate from telus (bc tel mobility). returned in in 2 days, was scolded for being an impulse buyer (my daughter and I had looked for 2 years) and was berated and told I didnt know how to operate it. she replaced the battery and sent me on my way.
said phone again died completly with in a month of purchase, and was sent away (for 6 weeks) for repair.
the say phone died again, and I am awaiting return of it. I purchased it and in 20 weeks I have only had it 8 weeks.. the rest its been in repair..
sickening service, from the 2nd day til now..
my advise stay away from lg product and telus service.. sincerly william

  • Bi
    Bianca Jul 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This has NOTHING to do with Telus' sevice! This is them having to send the item to a central repair location and your phone is in queue, sorry, but you have to wait your turn, as you do in your everyday life! It is a well known fact, if ONLY you had done SOME research, that the LG Chocolate phone, both slider and flip, are absolute pieces of crap, so you have no one to blame but yourself. Just b/c a phone seems great, you must always research it's user's feedback, both online and in store. Sorry man but you are sour for your own fault!

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  • 12
    123 Dec 04, 2008


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bad customer service and billing!

I am writing to inform you that I have (re)contacted the CRTC regarding my dissatisfaction with Telus customer service. I had really tried to give Telus a chance to address my issues and have made repeated attempts to dispute service and/or charges. Your "final" bill clearly illustrates how Telus will try to manipulate numbers (like not crediting for lack of modem for a month, or charging for equipment that I returned, etc) in order to squeeze every last dime out of their customers, a sure sign of desperation.

As I have mentioned to you in an earlier correspondence, I not only dispute owing Telus that amount, but I would refuse to pay even if I did. What gives Telus the right to "breach a contract" (I say in quotes because, obviously, there was no contract, only your word which meant nothing although I do have an email) and then expect payment for it? Insane. I have on file all correspondence and the bills to go along with them, so if this amount is worth your bill collectors time in court, and the amount you would collect should they proceed, then do what you have to do. I'm not too proud to make it public. Do you realize that while you are sending collections after me, your reps are phoning to offer Telus services? What's wrong with this picture?

While we're on the subject, I am officially notifying you to place me on the "DO NOT CALL" list. I never want to receive another call from Telus. I told your rep this and I still got another phone call. I will consider further calls harassment.
I have not yet distributed the email address that I set up for Telus complaints (just word of mouth at this point, as I have encountered many people dissatisfied with Telus), because, honestly, do you think I enjoy wasting my time on Telus? Is this really worth your time?

So don't pretend you're concerned with customer service, Telus. You must spend millions on graphics-heavy advertising spewing lies like, "The future is friendly, "and yet you nickle and dime the people you claim to serve. Is this to pay for the advertising? Do you not see the gap in logic there? I'm sure the CRTC will contact me to see if you have tried to come to a satisfactory conclusion (they did the last time) so I guess it's up to you what I tell them. If you wish to contact me, you can reply to this email - no phone calls, not only for the above reason but also because I want a written record. I will keep this correspondence on file for CBV, CTRC, and whoever else is interested.

Kelly Litle.

scam billing!

My contract ended January 25, 2008. But Telus mobility will keep billing you, unless you phone them to tell them that you are ending your service. Even though the contract is over, and when you were contacted by their customer service people trying to sell you in another plan. I told them I would not waste any more money on Telus mobility.

  • Te
    telusrock Feb 08, 2009

    OMG!!! U SAID U ARE HAVING THEIR SERVICE AND THEY ARE CHARGING U? HOW EVIL IS THAT? Are u stupid or what? u are using their service and of course they will charge u. i am sorry for ur parents, i dont even what they would think if they saw what u type in here, they must be sad that why their son is so stupid

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  • Al
    Aleta Mar 18, 2009

    The same here too. I closed my account on 2006, but Telus didnt stop billing me until 2008. I think someone must check what this company is doing. After all they just say sorry and even not willing to explain what happened. I am really disappointed and can't accept such a blunder on this century. We may need the CRTC to review this complaints and do something to the Canadian people who are trapped by the 3, 2, 1 years contract agreement with Telus.

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  • Te
    Telus sucker Mar 20, 2009

    TELUS extremely SUCKS...
    I have switched telus phone line to shaw cable since Jan 12 2009.
    But Telus sucker still sends me bill for the pone line.

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free phone offer

I received a call from Telus offering me a free phone. The reason for the offer was that I wasn't using my minutes. Therefore, they told me I would get a new phone for a family member or friend with no added cost plus wave the activation fee. Just pay the monthly fee that I am paying now. However, after contacting the local outlet I was informed that my monthly fee would go from $30 up to $80 per month. I am locked into a 3 year contract which I cannot be released from without paying $360. I am trying to contact Rob Durham at Telus.

terrible service and rip offs!

I've been a customer with Telus for over 6 yrs now. Just last November I decided to buy a Blackberry...

fraud (watch on youtube)

I have recordings of Telus committing fraud against me on U tube, enjoy:


Poor service

We had a Mr. Sam Sanduga come in today, Dec, 18th, to check our telephone service. He said it must be a broken wire and he would return in the afternoon to repair it. When he did not return we called him and he said it was not his job to fix it and told us to call 611! When we asked him why he did not call to tell us he was not returning he would not explain why he did not. When we called Telus they can not fit us in until Thursday. We are presently without any telephone service. What poor service!

billing and harassment after cancellation

After being talked into trying multiple 'plans' with Telus Mobility, none of which reduced the monthly cost compared to a landline, I called in July and cancelled my account.

When I got yet another statement in August, I called twice that month and was told I was supposed to talk with a 'cancellation team' and that telling the customer service agent I reached after waiting in a 'cue' for about 30 minutes was insufficient to cancel my account.

When I paid my July statement in August, however, I was charged a $30 'reconnection fee', which I questioned since I was told the account wasn't cancelled.

I have also received statements in September and August although I haven't used my cell phone since July.

The Telus Mobility representative I dealt with during one to two calls in August literally had me in tears and at that point I literally had to ask him to pull me in contact with the 'cancellation team' in order to cancel my cell phone service.

I haven't used my cell phone since July, but the company will be referring my account to a collection agency and affecting my credit rating.

I have had a land line account with Telus for decades. I've never been treated like this by any other service company.

The customer service agents aren't there for customer service; they're marketers trained to technically keep the customer on the hook for more charges.

I have no option but to contact the CRTC about my experience; and I have no doubt that I am not alone. The class action suit regarding the 'Access fee' I've been charged for the years I had my cell phone account are but the tip of the iceberg.

Telus Mobility in my experience is synonymous with corporate coercion and greed.

  • Sa
    Sabrina Feb 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your reconnection fee was for non payment because your account was past due. That's the only time they charge you that "fee". I know this because my brother forgot to pay my bill when I was on vacation so my services were disconnected as a result. However, because it was my first time ever late, Telus was gracious enough to waive the reconnection fee.

    If you call in July to cancel, you will get a final invoice for the next month because all services providers have advance billing. Also, just like Rogers and Bell, you have to give them with 30 days notice to cancel I think.

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  • Ja
    jackie Jan 09, 2009

    I absolutely agree with the comment above. Telus' customer service and over billing is getting out of hand. I too think I may just contact the CRTC to lodge a complaint. This is pathetic.

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  • Al
    Aleta Mar 18, 2009

    I have exactly the same story as you. What did you do?

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  • Ma
    MarcagainstTelus Aug 24, 2012

    I too fell behind two months payments because of vacation etc, I received a nice letter stating if my services are suspended I will be charged a "50$" reactivation fee. This is the first time I've heard a company charging so much to reconnect you when in fact your account is not FULLY cancelled. If my account was cancelled and I wanted to reconnect then I could see a reconnection fee, but just for being suspended?? Rediculus.

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billing errors!

I am really upset that Telus Mobility says their computers don't make mistakes and I have again been...

continued billing after cancellation!

I had a 3 year service contract for private cell phone with Telus Mobility. The contract ended and I started using a cell phone through my office so no longer needed my private line. I called to cancel the private cell was told by customer service to: give the account to my kids so they would be safe, give it to my parents so they could be safe, neighbors, etc.

I was then told it couldn't be canceled because I was in the middle of a monthly billing cycle. They continue to bill me for 2 months until I called then back and told them I was not going to pay for a cell phone I canceled and was not using. They told me they would just send the account to a collection agency if I didn't pay, which they did. They threated me with destroying my credit rating. I'm still getting harassing calls for the $40 almost 2 years later. They can get the money when they pry from my cold dead hands. What a horrible way to treat customers. I will never do business with them again.

  • Bi
    Bizness Man May 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Drop your telus contract like I did on cellplandepot.ca they suck and I switched to a better provider. I think Telus is lost as they screw us over for $hundreds$ of fees for early termination but yet they launch Koodo mobile which doesn't have cancellation fees...they are mental.

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  • Ke
    Kev Dec 28, 2008

    Drop Telus (Beware of Fido, Rogers and Koodo) Go with Virgin Mobile..it is not regulated by the Big-Three.. CRTC is rendered useless another example of neo-conservatives give large tax breaks to large corporations..

    0 Votes

defective htc pda, customer disrespect!

I bought a htc pda from telus on june 24 2007. It worked with a few glitches here or there, turning off and on on its own, freezing etc. Then suddenly the phone just would not turn on at all. I went into a telus store only to be asked repeatedly if " i used my phone in the shower...". Apparently, i had exposed my phone to moisture and was s.o.l and would have to pay to replace it! I am telling you with all honesty i have never exposed that phone to moisture. I was in tears begging telus associates to believe that i had not exposed my phone to moisture. I am a 27 year old business owner and i was insulted by the treatment i got. The staff was rude and accusatory. I was being convinced to give my "broken" phone to telus and pay 125$ for a new one! (i just paid full price two months ago for a new one!!! )when i asked if i could receive a diagnostic of the problem or notified if it could be fixed i was told "no". Now, someone help me here: why would i hand off a phone i paid full price for and am sure i did not damage, only to never see it again or told what exactly the issue was? What if they discover a defect? What if i can be refunded for my troubles? It all seems very shady to me. I suspect i was sold a refurbished phone and in turn my phone would probably be resold once they fix whatever the problem is. In the meantime my hard earned money is being spent replacing a phone i didn't break in the first place. I am still seeking some advice i can trust and am phone less. If anyone has any advice on how to get this resolved that'd be great. I will keep you posted!

  • Br
    Brad Wilson Dec 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You should leave Telus. They are the worse company out there. If i was you i would buy an unlocked GSM phone from eBay and go with either Fido or Rogers. THat would be the best deal.

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  • Sa
    Sabrina Feb 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The HTC (touch, s720 or even p4000) sucks! However, I wouldn't swap the unit right away, call the client support and see if they can't work out a better deal for you.

    Try taking your phone to another repair centre for a second opinion. Unfortunately, the HTC phones aren't made very well. My boyfriend has the Touch with Bell and it keeps freezing. I had the s720 for a week and I returned it for a Blackberry and no problems since.

    Water damage can happen even if you're carrying the phone in the rain. Unfortunately, the more the features, the more sensitive these damn phones are.

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  • Ca
    casey Aug 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just went through the same thing with my blackberry pearl. The charger port was not charging and the unit was technically in warranty. According to telus if the unit is not EXACTLY as it was when originally packaged it is considered out of warranty. If I was to hand over my phone one dealer asked for a $90 payment up front and $800 in credit card imprints, the next dealer would not even look at my phone and refused to help me at all. 2 hours on the phone with customer service I found out some disturbing facts. The storefronts that you walk into thinking your dealing with Telus are all independent and do not have to comply with any Telus regulations on what they can charge for loaners or replacements. It's basically a free for all! I was bullied into buying a cheaper replacement because the only other option was paying full price $499 for the replacement of a phone I did not break and Telus would not even look at to see if repair was viable.

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  • Mi
    missmemissme Nov 21, 2008

    i have the htc p400. bought it originally nov11/2007. telus has now swapped it 3x for the exact reasons you have mentioned... so as far as water damage... thats of bunch of bs... because all 3 times they had that same problem and not once did any of mine have water damage. so now were at nov 21/2008, 10 days out of warranty (might i add the last time the phone was swapped was 3-1/2 months ag0) and the phone shuts on and off over and over again. will only load to the windows screen and then repeat itself until i remove the battery. i am soooo livid. and then to be told, well your phone is out of warranty! because they state your warranty from your original phone purchase date, not the replacement referb phones that they give you. telus themselves hasent been too bad. they have given me a 400.00 credit towards a new phone and 50% off my bill for the next 2 months. but as far as htc goes... NEVER AGAIN!

    0 Votes
  • Na
    Naveed Mushtaq Sep 30, 2010

    Dear sir,
    i was used mobilink no 0300-3299730 2003 to 2010 july one day my sim can not Received signal then i call your help line and your customer officer say to me your no is expire without inform my is closed then i go to 23 Sep your franchises in darvics road Branch but he say to me this sim is not your name but my sim is my name and i have your from is show that my this no.
    i was call followings nos:-
    1) 0301-4148943
    2) 0300-8081405
    3) 0305-7125689
    plz open my sim
    Mrs Naveed Mushtaq
    INC #45502-4908420-4
    cell no# 0323-4009994
    plz inform to me i wait your reply
    and i attached from show is my no

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misleading advertising

I have been a TELUS customer for 10 years and have always paid my bills on time. Two years ago TELUS advertised a FREE I-Pod for existing customers who agree to switch over to Highspeed Internet. Of course the monthly cost for highspeed was higher than the dail-up that I was on. I thought: "How nice, after 8 years of being a customer at TELUS I finally get a perk, a reward for me for being a loyal customer and paying my bills on time". I contacted TELUS to sign up for high speed internet, agreed to pay an increased monthly service for high speed internet, and received the "FREE" I-POD.


Two years later I am moving to a new address. As any healthy consumer would do, I shop around for the best deal on phone, internet and cable service. Now SHAW has a great bundle that TELUS cannot compete with. It includes phone, internet and cable for only $20 more than what I used to pay for phone and internet service alone at TELUS. So I call TELUS to cancel my services.

I spoke to a TELUS representative from the LOYALTY AND RETENTION department. They will charge me $240 for canceling my services. WHY? Because I got a FREE??? (= not so free) I-POD from them two years ago and thereby agreed (without them telling me this at the time) to retain their services for at least 5 years. This is how TELUS retains their customers and creates customer loyalty! What a joke. I offered to send them back my not-so-free I-Pod. But they didn't want it. I guess they don't like my music.

They tell me now (two years later as I am about to cancel their services), that TELUS put me on a "Pay Protection Plan" - whatever that may be - which kept my highspeed internet service cost low (really? - I was still paying more than I was before!) and that therefore I have to pay them $240 unless I remain with them. Now after hearing all this, and after going through that very irritating automated phone service system, why would I want to stay with a government subsidized company who pretends to give you a free gift and charges you for it two years down the line. Thanks but no thanks.

TELUS is now advertising FREE laptops for customers to switch over to highspeed. Remember, nothing comes for free. You PAY dearly for your customer LOYALTY.

  • Ca
    Cathy Graham Apr 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks for the warning. I almost got into the same trap. Three weeks ago, I applied for the bundle which included telephone, high speed internet and the free laptop - all to be installed last Friday (one week ago today).

    Customer service arbitrarily changed that date to 4 days later, without ever notifying me of the change, causing me to miss a filing deadline and incur penalties. I have called 7 times this week, and spoke to 7 different people, and they STILL can't get a modem sent to me and they have no way for me to pick one up.

    One helpful customer service rep suggest I go to the library and use their internet -- problem is dipsy -- I don't have a phone book to look up where the nearest library might be, nor can I google the address because you haven't provided me with access to the internet.

    I've explained to each of these reps that for relatively the same cost, your competitor could be here tomorrow and do the installation for me tomorrow. Each has promised that they will send the modem out Canada Post express tomorrow --- and here we are Friday and the modem has STILL not been shipped so they cannot provide me with a tracking number.

    Finally, after trying for over an hour to talk to a Manager, they put me through to this Customer Loyalty group as well. He explained that the best he could do would be to provide me with interim dial up capability. Thanks but no thanks. I'm bailing before it ends up being three months without service. Not to mention free laptop!!!

    Maybe that would have been the solution, at least I could have taken that to Starbucks and used their wireless!

    Bad, Bad, Bad service.

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  • Ju
    Justin May 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a telus customer and i have been happy with the services provided i bought a new house and gave lots of notice to have everything hooked up knowing that things may not be the way they used to be and i am not the only house hold, Telus deals with. I told them when i got possesion of the house and they were able to have everything hooked up within a couple days of moving in. We had problems with the High speed internet and all it took was a 5 min phone call to telus and things were up and running no problems.

    When it comes to the free dell laptop if you sign a 3 yr contact, How can anyone say that is not a good deal you pay an extra $4 a month and get a $650 laptop. So in 3 yrs i will pay $144 for a decent laptop and i could back out at any time and pay $400 for a $650 laptop how can anyone in there right mind say that is not a good deal.

    When it comes to the IPod deal why don't you go down to your local electronics store and price one out with similar capabilities but also keep in mind that over 2 yrs ago they first came out and they were a hot thing everyone wanted one, including yourself.
    Yes Telus should not be telling people the laptops or Ipods are free, But come-on now people nothing is free read into it before you automatically jump into things. Thats like cell phones someone walks into a BELL MOBILITY store for example looking for a cell phone and they tell you a phone is free what would you think "WHATS THE KETCH" right, and again 3 yr contracts, and people sign up for those contracts all the time.

    People need to just keep in mind that your not the only person the big companies have to deal with and have some patience with these companies, Every company now a days is short employee's that why they make help wanted sign's, If your gonna be mad at someone why not the guy or girl you see walking threw town begging for money next time they ask for money maybe mention telus is probably hiring. Plan ahead its not that hard, Keep in mind it might take a week or two if not you can always schedule it in with them a week in advance.

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  • Tr
    tricia May 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No don't do it the computer is crap!!! My bill was one price when I was setting it up and now after just 3 months it is so much different by $50.00 dollars a month now Im paying over $100.00 a month. It is a waste of you breath to call and try and work things out. Just get the shaft all over the place!

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  • Ha
    haakon Aug 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm not with Telus (fortunately) but I came across this blog site trying to find out what Telus' recent ad that I saw on a bus yesterday meant. It said "we believe in staying dry." I still haven't figured it out to how it translates to buying any of their services. Probably I'm not smart enough to figure it out (which might explain why I'm not with Telus) but does anyone have any idea? I like Justin's entry there praising Telus for all its worth. Just pass me the KETCH up for my fries svp.

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  • Wa
    Wake up, Telus! Sep 15, 2009

    The Russians have an expression;
    "Free cheese--only in a mouse trap!"

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cancelling contract though my bills were paid

I was sacked by telus as a customer, I had a talk Halifax plan was with Telus for over 9 years, tried to get a PDA phone to work in Halifax, had great email and internet,but terrible audio or voice quality tried many many phones even BB phones but voice quality was nasty. So this afternoon one of the senior management people called on my phone and told me i was not allowed in any of their corp stores in Nova Scotia She screamed at me for over 1/2 hour, i asked her what had happened, still dont know, i didnt threaten any employee nor throw my phone or kick nor put my fist threw any walls, but i am now not allowed in any corp stores in Nova Scotia. Also she cancelled my plan which one cant get any more, i took my business to another carrier. My bill was always paid never left owing any money, this is the way Telus treats its customers like top bananas, their service SUCKS

  • Sa
    Sabrina Feb 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Telus doesn't cancel your contract unless you have abused the system in someway or have become abusive to their representatives. (Read the service terms, Telus can cancel your contract for various reasons)

    If you were not told the reason for the cancellation, contact their client support to find out, especially if you had a great rate plan. Every company is in the business of making money so they won't ban a client off their network for no reason...

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  • Ro
    Roni Jyan Sep 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Every thing bad. Unfortionately I can't explane how but all i can say I never see in my life like this to sucks people without reason .Should have rights.

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  • Gu
    Gumfoot Mar 19, 2009

    I chose Telus' $20 for 200 minute plan in a 3 year contract (and a Motorola Razr2 PCS phone). I also agreed to try out some additional options like web access and text messaging knowing that each time "I used those options" there would be a charge but I wanted these options in case I needed to download updates from the web or if I wanted to send a text message. Unknown to me, simply by agreeing to have web access, Telus took it upon themselves to send my phone web update requests so each time I used my cell phone, it would check the web for updates and simply by agreeing to text messaging, Telus decided to send me daily informational text messages each of which cost me an additional $1.00. I was not a heavy cell phone user but I typically used my phone 3 or 4 times a month and I never sent a text message or checked the web myself but my monthly bills were close to $70.00 for this $20/200 plan. That is gouging the customer.

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deceptive cancellation charges

I recently received a large bill from Telus Mobility after transferring my numbers to Rogers, due to poor...

cell phone contract is a rip off!

I have been a Telus Mobility (Calgary, Alberta) client for approximately 5 years prior to entering into a...

horrible and unprofessional service!

So I was using shaw cable internet and had no problems at all with it. I never had to call because my internet was not working, it always worked! So I went into future shop to buy a laptop and found out that if I signed up for telus high speed enhanced internet I would receive $400 off my laptop. I have had telus in the passed and had many problems but this was many many years ago so I figured that by now it had to of been better. So I signed up with telus last october. Since then I have had nothing but problems! My internet stops working all the time for no reason and my internet is very important to me because I do my schooling for courses online! If I don't have the internet for a few days it can screw me over with my classes. So then for the 3rd time my internet stopped working at the end of december so for the 3rd time I had to call telus tech support to find out why my internet was not working. I was then informed that my account was cancelled for non payment. I got very angry because I had not received a bill. I also did not realize that I hadn't received a bill yet and so I contacted customer care to find out why I wasn't getting any bills and to pay my bill immediately. So then I was told that my account was set up on automatic payments to come off of my visa every month and that was why I was not getting bills. This upset me very much because I never authorized them to take the payments for my bill off of my visa!!! The only reason they had my visa number was because I had to pay a small deposit for service because i'm just starting to establish my credit. When I had paid the deposit the representative asked me if I wanted to set up the monthly payments to come off my visa and I had said no!!! Somehow the cust service rep set it up on my account. I was then told that to reconnect my service I would have to pay a $20 reconnection charge. I got really mad and stated I was not going to pay this because it was not my fault the account was cancelled for non payment. The rep stated she would credit it to my account. The rep then stated they would send me out a bill because the balance owing was only $49. I offered to pay that right now to get it taken care of and the rep said that a bill would be sent out and it would be due then. I then asked for my account # so I could go online and get it taken care of right away. The rep would not give me this and said it would be on my bill. Then I was informed that to get my internet working she had to email another dept so they could unlock my modem. I was then told this would take up to 3 or 4 business days. And since this was thursday and the monday was new year's day that if my modem was not unlocked that day or the friday I would not have service until either the tuesday or wednesday. I was very angry but she said there was nothing she could do but she stated that the modems usually get unlocked within the first day. Of course for me I had no internet until the tuesday and it was a pain in the ### to get it working again!!!

Also if you are thinking about getting telus high speed enhanced dont do it!! My shaw cable internet was way way faster, more reliable and cheaper than telus!!! Telus enhanced internet is not enhanced!! It sucks!!! I have never had more problems with my internet than I have with telus!!

Telus cust service is horrible!! I work for a cell phone company and could not believe how I was treated with telus. First of all the technical support dept can't even speak english!! I am sorry but when I need help with my internet I would really appreciate it if I could understand what the rep is asking me to do!!! Also one time when I contacted telus tech support the rep was very unprofessional and treated me like I was stupid!! He was talking down to me and then after we got my internet working he then asked me "was there anything else I can do for you??? Would you like me to sing you a song???" I was soooooo shocked that he just said that to me. I didn't even know what to say. I have now learned to get the names and rep id's from every rep I talk to so then if I have a problem then at least I can try and do something about it!!! I could never imagine talking to a customer that way. I deal with customers every day on the phone for a cell phone company adn could never imagine doing or saying that. I always treat people as I would like to be treated when I call in to companies!! Telus is a disgrace!!!

  • N
    n Mar 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    your a knob, you knew and understood what you where getting into, you said you had them once and that that suck so you changed. your a ### for wanting to save $400. im glad you got burnt you stupid hick

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  • Da
    darkdrow Jan 07, 2009

    i have had the exact same problem as you in almost every way, other then it was my first time getting internet and my girlfreind at the time wanted the free laptop that came with signing up. i've had the cust reps bounce my call between like 12 diferent reps and each one just ask for my info and sent me off agian to another one each one being as incompotant as the last until i final asked for a manager. the first time i asked for a manager i was hung up on and the second time i had the manager listen to my problems then tell me he was going to call me back the same day once he had figured out the porblem ony why my internet had yet to be set back up after the billing miss haps. i have never to this day got a call back from that manager. my bill was over 200$ that they had been sending to an email adress that i didnt know excisted. no idea how to enter it and no password for it. and then i was told that i would only have to pay a portion of the bill the get my internet back. and the told by the next rep that i would have to pay it all to get it back. all in all i work to a retail company that sells telus phone and internet packages and i will never for as long as i live sell a customer a telus package.

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  • So
    SoFuriousCustomer Jun 18, 2011

    i am glad i finally found a place i can show my anger with that company. horrible terrible company with no "customer service" mind AT ALL!!! i have never dealt with such comapny in my entire life!!! it's 21C, not 1950s!! why in the world you should exisit in the society, Telus. please TELL US, if you can, and please learn how to add value to the society from others.

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