Telkom SAtelkom line adsl cancellation

I started my process in Oct 2016 where I wanted to cancel one of my 3 Telkom ADSL lines as I could not afford it anymore. the two other lines are on my name but other people are using it and paying for it. I followed the Telkom process and the documents was sent in for the cancellation. they said there is a 30 day cancellation period and this is fine. after the 30 days the line was still active I followed up with various people at Telkom and I have the contact details and times for these calls being sent from one department to the other. I have the string of mails directed to individuals and in every mail I make mention of the number to be cancelled, in November and December I followed up. I then stopped paying as this was the reason I cancelled in the first place... the reply I got from Telkom is that I should have continued paying as I will be getting my money back after the dispute. subsequently all 3 the lines have been suspended and still the line is not cancelled now they say I need to first pay all arrears in order that they can un-suspend the lines again and cancel the one... Telkom charges me R216 per suspended line to reinstate I cannot just continue calling Telkom and asking nicely.

I am at my wits end

Jan 11, 2017

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