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misleading information sent via sms by one of the customer service representative of sun cellular

I was sent a test message from someone from SUN Cellular from this number ([protected]) which read: "Hi this is Hash From SUN Gaisano Talisay. We would like to inform you that you...

billing and service/internet connection on sun broadband unit

With regards to my account No. [protected] (Mobile No. [protected], it was January 2019 when I started to complaint about the internet connection for my sun broadband at Sun Cellular service center in Megamall, but unfortunately my concern was not addressed, I was referred to Smart but because my postpaid plan is under Sun Cellular, I was then instructed to return/refer the problem to Sun Cellular.

February 9, I returned to Sun Cellular Service Center, again to complaint about the services I'm not getting for my Sun Broadband Post paid... this time this was recorded by your service representative and was given a service reference number (sorry I can't find the and follow up thru you hotline was done.. you can check this out to your records. This April when again I return to Megamall service center.. my concern was not address which prompted me to buy new unit of smart broadband... I requested to kindly check and make necessary adjustment to my account since I have no internet connection for three months.. This month I'm expecting that there will be adjustment but the problem is that Instead of adjustment, I am receiving text messages that I have a balance of P2, 500+...

Plan Type is SBW 799 with bundle for postpaid account number [protected].

Requesting to kindly check my billing concern coz it will be unfair for us consumer receiving and paying the services which was not delivered to us.

Hope for your immediate action on my concern.

Thank you.


internet data service

I just want to complain the SUN Cellular they blocked my data signal on which i register on their data promo costing 200 peso (TU200) I am using their prepaid sim for how many...

tu200 - no service for unli chat and facebook

- Registered TU200 on April 5, 2019 but was not able to avail the unlimited chat and facebook
- Contacted support on April 7, 2019 and was told to wait for 24 hours however no update.
- Called back on April 8, 2019 and was told that they can't do anything until the investigation is completed.
- This is not acceptable! I paid for the service in which i was not able to avail. I was told that possible reason is that over used of DATA. I am a TU200 user for more than a year already and my DATA is always turned ON with no problem. This is something to do with your system!

  • Ta
    Tazzy_517 Apr 15, 2019

    Same experience here i want to file a legal complain but i dont know where i am trying to figure it out until now because its so unfair for us to pay the service that they did not provide

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  • Ro
    Rodelio Galima Apr 22, 2019

    Same experience. I do not use any VPN/Application that will circumvent their system/internet but they blocked my data. I solely use the Tu200 for FB and Messenger as inclusion of the promo. I am going to file a case to NTC and DTI.

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Sun cellular postpaid bill

APRIL 3, 2019 SUN CELLULAR BILLING ACCOUNT QUEZON CITY To whom it may concern: Dear Maam/ Sir ; I am Editha Kasbaryan writing this letter regarding my complaint about my bill...

Sun Cellularcustomer service representative

Last time I accompanied my husband to claim his loyalty phone, the customer service representative who assisted us acted rudely. While my husband was paying for his monthly bill, I ask her if I could inquire about my loyalty phone too since I am a postpaid user as well (I was asking nicely). She responded ok and told me that she will verify it after she assisted my husband. So, I responded Ok. Everything went well except that when I was already talking to my husband and was telling me that he is going to give me his loyalty phone. Then I respond to him saying that I will inquire first if I have a loyalty phone too (so that in case, I wouldn't have to take his phone). That time she responded rudely in a high tone saying that "Pagkatapos ni sir i-aasist ko kayo para naman magkaroon din kayo ng sarili niyong cellphone!". I wasn't talking to her! But even if I did, that's not the proper way to repond to a customer. Plus she was obviously acting/trying to get to my nerves (as if teasing me). I don't know why she did that. I wasn't even a bit rude to her! Please instill discipline to your customer service representative. She is not being approachable and it's like I'm the one who should adjust to her standards.

data service

I am a prepaid user of sun.. Recently bought the sim and used the sim once or twice. They have just blocked me on using my internet since ive excessively using their service into...

hanggang ngayon hndi padin maactivate yung load kahit matagal ng bayad

account [protected] i just receive a text " Total charge to date has reached 100% of your Credit Limit. Outgoing calls, SMS and data are barred. We recommend the full payment of...

erroneous charges in my billing

Accountt# [protected] Account Name: Loreen Osorio Sarmiento Billing Period: Aug 16 to Sept 15, 2018 I am sending this complaint after two calls to your hotline #200. It's been two...

mobile prepaid

I just want to let you know that you have a false advertisement when it comes to your TU200 offer. It says that I can get free fb on it but I can't even view photos on. I've talked to your FB chat support and what they've clarified was the TU200 has only 15mb/day for fb which was not mentioned on their advertisement. Plus the other TU's offer are good like TU60, it has a good fb connection. So How come you'll get better connection on a lower amount of load vs the higher amount. Tu200 is just a waste of money. I want my load back on [protected] so I can register on tu60 instead.

end contract plan 350.

604814 Dear sun cellular, July 18, 2018, cel # [protected], Requesting to end my contract for plan 350, Please consider this application because no more Sun shop available here in...

text and call spam

Two numbers keep on calling me but I put them in the call rejects list already. But, they also keep on messaging me (I don't understand what are they saying either because of wrong spelling and spaces?) when I saw by the morning they called many times in the middle of the night which is annoying. I try to mark their texts as spam but still they keep on massaging me. Help me please.

text and call spam
text and call spam
text and call spam

termination of contract

604814 I purchased a mobile unit last October 24, 2015 for a 24-month period contract for which effectivity was November 3, 2015. For the last 6 months, i stopped using the device since...

plan 599/ and customer service representative

Nag redeem aq Ng iplan 55 and na consume ko then after that I stop usinng my data after notifying me na I already consume it. Tpos cnicingil nio Ako Ng extra usage charge? Na mas malaki pa sa plan ko!! Tumwag aq sa inio pinag antay ako Ng more than 20 mins at pinatay Nia nlng bigla without even saying na if my concern pa ba aq or Kung nasolve ba Ang problem ko.!! No hndi Nia nga mapaliwanag Ng maayos!! Nag babayad aq Ng Tama tpos ganto lng Ang serbisyo nio?

plan 599/ and customer service representative

customer support

i call around 2050h.spike with mr.Dags nevats reg.reconection.i told him we miss the chance to pay the bill for this month only.he said he cant reconnect the line unles paid.weve...

invalid charges

Sep 22, 2017 [protected] cleus 4:42 am I asked for soa. I was promised i'll get it in 30mins but almost 24hrs passed and nothing.. I paid on sep 14 and my balance must be 0 but when...

about payments charged me even when my contract has already expired

My name is Olivia Dumaya with cp no. [protected]. My contract has already expired since September 19, and I was not able to use Sun's services even before that date, especially...

non stop 450

On May 21-23, 2017, Sun Cellular call center agents had been contacting me almost every hour to offer their new mobile Internet promo NonStop450 in which I finally agreed to...

data privacy act of 2012

I am writing to you this letter to render a complaint. For the period of August 8 to August 13, 2017. My postpaid cellphone number [protected] and prepaid cellphone number [protected] call logs where forwarded to cellphone number [protected] via text by cellphone number [protected] and upon further queries I have traced the number to be belonging to a certain Mr. Emman Valencia, an employee of sun cellular telecommunications.
The owner of user name E100175LUHA access my two account numbers. See attached screen-shots.

I would like to know how my protected private information was maliciously released to an unauthorized third party without my knowledge and consent. Such action is a serious breach of the law and your company's privacy policies quoted below:

"we strictly enforce our privacy policy within the company and we have implemented technological, organizational and physical security measures that are designed to protect your information from unauthorized access, use, alteration and disclosure. "

This, I believe, is against my right to privacy as per RA 10173, also known as Data Privacy Act of 2012, protecting individual personal information in communication system in government and private sectors.

I request for you to look into this serious breach and conduct further investigation and provide appropriate disciplinary action to person concerned.

Such breach of privacy does not only affect me personally but the general public in nature. I fully intend to further exhaust full administrative and legal remedies if no satisfactory actions are made in connection to the issue at hand.

I am looking forward to your good office's prompt and satisfactory response on the matter. Thank you.

data privacy act of 2012

complaint for additional internet charges without using my sun postpaid sim.

On my July 2017 Bill I'd noticed that i was charged an additional internet charges without using my sim. I called right there and then to sun customer hotline to raise my issue...

prank calls

there is this person who kept calling me and it's obviously a prank caller because I hear them laugh when I try to respond.

I tried searching for the number their using ([protected]) and found out that there is a bunch of Sun cellular numbers that are accessible to the public mine included.

See sample links below:

Is there a way to report those numbers?

Sun Cellular — unresolved 3 months dispute request

288278 I've been calling and doing follow up a dispute to Sun Hotline since April until now. I am complaining on a The Mall Cosmic charges to my number which I haven't registered for or...

Sun Cellular — sun broadband

I would like to complain regarding the service of your customer service. Not friendly, not giving me much choices, giving me hard-time and most of all bad service. The first time...

Sun Cellularreconnection fee

I called your customer service and billing dept numerous times to adjust my being charge for reconnection fee which should not be in the first place. Ive been dealing with this for a month and still no result. Your billing team unfortunately is incompetent to even state the reason why im asking for adjustment. Last time i called was friday and the rep disconnected the call when i asked for a sup or manager. Im already preparing my letter to have this endorsed to ntc and dti or whoever government dept/office this apply. Ive had enough and im tired of dealing this with your company. i will also consult legal assistance on this. I want this kind of harassment stopped and mitigated so it will not happen again to your other customer.

Sun Cellular — missing load credits

Last april 25, I registered to uta15, and I was suspicious on why it shows that my remaining regular load credits is only p78.00, when it should have been p108.00. And thi...

Sun Cellulartext spam

A month ago, I Received spam text for real estate from a non-sun(smart talk n text) number. But indicated a sun cel as the contact number. which i responded a request for them to remove my number from their listing and if not that i will have to report the nos. used as spam in their respective network providers.
Again today, i got another spam message. (please refer to attached screenshot)
Complained Sun cell number: [protected]

text spam

Sun Cellular — monthly plan

I've been subscribe to sun cellular this past 2 year and have no complains but this year sun cellular been charging me almost triple my plan payment. I have a 600 monthly plan by...

Sun Cellularchange of ownership of my postpaid account

Hi im graycie adove and I would like to file a complaint.

Last may 2016, my friend, ma. Lydia s. Dumlao the account holder for this number and me, the owner of this number, requested for a change of ownership to one of your sun cellular branch at robinson's metro east.. We submitted proper documents and filled up some forms.

After a week, we received a confirmation and that it has been approved and we will be posted for updates..

After 6 months, we did not hear anything till we decided to go back to metro east for follo up. Little did we know, that branch was closed.

We're ask to call customer service. After calling and trying for many times, being on hold for too long, being hunged up on, advices that it was escalated for the nth time, we still did not hear anything.

After many try, we we're able to speak to a supervisor and was assisted and advice for another escalation. She told us that the documents was missing and no where to be found. We ask the supervisor if she can find the forms and investigate. Instead, we're ask to submit another forms and documents to start all over again.

We refuse to do so since, we already sumbitted the forms and it's not our problem that it was missing. We're not even informed that the branch was closing and not advice that our documents will be forwarded to other banch. We only request to change of ownership and this should have been very easy. Instead, we had to go through this and still no updates up to date.

I've been using this number for over 6years, if you will check my payment history, im always on time in paying. The part that I dont understand is, this is just a 350 plan, and why do I have to struggle to fix this issue. The fact that it's a negligence of sun cellular, my change of ownership should have been approved.

I dont wanna cancel my account because my number is very specific to me.

I need a resolution to this issue.

Thank you.

Graycie adove

  • Do
    Donna Viray Apr 14, 2017

    I filed for change of ownership as well. And it has been more than a month, still no progress. What a crappy service.

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Sun Cellular — sun pocket wifi

It's been a month since my sun pocket wifi has no service. I have been to their shop for 8 times but still no action yet. The first time i went there, they told me that i have a...

Sun Cellular — postpaid

Received a letter from Hildawa Law Office today, Feb 1 demanding me to pay Php 19, 771.482 fro my unpaid bill, but my unpaid bill is only Php 2, 901.00. I went to Sun Shop last...

Sun Cellular PostPaid — continuous billing of disconnected line

Here is my experienced with sun cellular. My line was cut since june 21. I've paid my balance amounting 1, 900 sometime in august (But even after payment my sim is still...

Sun Cellular — customer mistreat

I first contacted loyalty hotline near the end of feb. i requested for my service to be upgraded to sun 999 + 800 and get a samsung note 4. After processing the request the agent...

Suncellular — poor connection

Sun Cellular is a poorly operated company with equipment that is not able to perform at levels suitably satisfying to consumers. The best way to battle companies like this i...

Sun Cellular — unsettled bill

hi guys, my prob po ako under sun. feb pa po ung last payment ko. and ngaun, ginugulo ako ng legal office magsettle daw ako ng 15, 660php ano po dapat kong gawin? ginawa ko po...

Sun Cellular — sun cellular broadband in laguna

I am a regular subscriber at sun cellular... more than 3 years now and 2 years solid for the broadband service. My dismay comes this december wherein my broadband speed wend...

Sun Cellularover charging

I called their customer service hotline to dispute a charge on my bill. They charged me php 495.44 for 1 second call. The call was from singapore to philippines. I told their cs that I can acknowledge the call if they noted the actual call duration. Their per minute roaming charge is php 70.00+ and they are claiming I talked for 7 minutes. I cannot accept that because how would I know they did not just divide that on the amount showing up on my bill? And why will they put 0:1 on my bill if it lasted for more than 7 minutes. Up to now, I have not received any resolution. I have been their customer since may 2010 and been paying my bills on time but they cannot give a courtesy adjustment even if it's their fault.

over charging

Sun Cellular (Sm Centerpoint Branch)poor customer service and not processing disconnection request

I have been a sun subscriber for almost 3 years and my plan is bundled with a broadband. I decided to go to sun shop at SM Centerpoint branch last April 24 2012 to cancel the broadband to reduce my plan cost since i do not go online anymore when i got home and just renew my phone plan. So on that day i went there for 2 reasons DISCONNECT the existing broadband line and RENEW my phone line. After several months when i got my bill from them it still shows there that the broadband IS STILL EXISTING AND NOT CANCELLED. I went back to talk to their customer service to see what happened. It ended up that the previous STUPID representative who helped me last April 24 only processed the RENEWAL of the phone line and NOT THE DISCONNECTION OF BROADBAND.
They advise me to just pay what is in on the bill and they will just reverse me for the charges? what a hassle! I hope digitel and suncellular knows well how to train thier people and not be stupid by not processing a legal request from their customers.

here is the attachment of the CUSTOMER"S COPY - REQUEST MODIFICATION FORM as a reference that I cancelled the BROADBAND on the said date.

I hope higher management of sun cellular will see this and take actions also for you guys out there to be aware how CRAPPY the service of SUNCELLULAR/DIGITEL Telecommunications Phillipines is.

poor customer service and not processing disconnection request

  • Ni
    Nightwolf Dec 30, 2012

    I am a regular subscriber at sun cellular... more than 3 years now and 2 years solid for the broadband service. My dismay comes this december wherein my broadband speed wend down... i dont know what is the reason behind but large part of it will be network related.
    i dont have problems with my pc. I am also a computer IT, so i guess i know my pc is ok..
    i have called their customer service more than 10 times i think.. also my relatives are calling for help. the CSA's were very kind and accomodating. Be thankful that you got very good human service attitude in them. but your products are NOT!!! i haven't seen any improvement yet and i was trying to reach their big bosses to find this out and do some heck of a fixing... This is business and you should know your business of what is going on from the bottom not just on the top, just looking for the bottom line of your financials...
    know where you are getting your salaries from... come think of it.. we are lovers of your product. but like i said.. in relationships... if someone gets tired... it will look for another one. Just speed up your service...

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Sun Cellularwatch who buys your sim cards

I’m not a sun cellular subscriber but for most of the time I have received prank phone calls using sun numbers. It really gets annoying when people do that and when you check their numbers it’s mostly sun numbers.

I just hope that there is a way to track down the people who buys their sims or subscribes to their services because I really do hope they aren’t using your services or numbers for prank calls.

Sun Cellularpostpaid charges

I have been using Sun Cellular Postpaid mobile for one year and suddenly, I realized that my account has been charged with P1200. I was confused because I have not used the phone that much for the past one month.

So, I called up the customer care and I was told my account has been charged with P800 for data uses through GPRS! I was shocked because I have not used the GPRS service! I complaint about it and later I was told that it was some technical issue on their side and they will return my credit.

But they did not, and the monthly bill was reflecting the same amount. I again complaint about it and then, they told me that the charges were accurate and it was due to my data uses. I told them properly that they have earlier accepted that it was technical error so, why are they telling me that it was accurate all of a sudden again!

That is just not correct and I want to report it here so that proper action is taken and my credit is returned.

  • Ge
    gelz Feb 19, 2012

    bk8 hnd ako maka tanggap ng incoming call sa abroad na block
    paki check kung ok pa ung sim ko inaasahan ko ang magandang serbisyo ng sun...

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  • Ld
    ldel.mendoza May 06, 2012

    Just want to ask about your complaint against sun cell.. My sister's line was cut a while ago because the credit limit was reached. She was shocked since she only got plan350 and she's not really using it except for the phone's wifi. I called the hotline and the outstanding bill is already amounting to P1600. I asked the csr to tell me where that amount was consumed. She said it wasn't reflected in the system yet since the cut-off was only yesterday. I asked when can I get the information I need, she said that probably later or tomorrow. While waiting, I came across different blogs regarding subscriber's complaints against suncellular. Is there any progress regarding your complaint? My sister doesn't wanna pay for something which she never used and this thing really gets into her nerves.

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Sun Cellular PostPaid — unknown gprs being charged to account

314330 I had been a Sun Cellular subscriber for over 5 years. Last April, I received a text message saying I can claim a loyalty phone again when the 2-year contract expires. It means I...