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Target Store In Rogers, AR. / wrongfull termination

1 Rogers, AR, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 479-986-1100

i have worked for the Target Store in Rogers, Ar. since 11-2009. I went to work today and was terminated for suposedly saying something that I didn't say! what Charity Givens told them I said was the f-bomb in front of her and Chuck Simmons (our store manager) last tuesday! Now if I would have said this in front of our store manager, then why wait a week to fire me! Charity Givens is the one that needs to be terminated!! If Target would investigate her, they would find that they are paying her 13.00 an hour to sit on her butt and do nothing! She is the type of person who wants her fellow team members to kiss her butt! She even buys alcohol for the minor team members for doing her favors! She has a bad habhit of talking about those she works with to other people! She is a team lead over Starbucks and has spoke very badly and spreads rumors about everybody else. As a team lead, she does not have the right to talk about other team members to other team members, etc. I feel she only has the right to talk to other management about problems with her team members! She does not do this! She has talked to me about other team members she was going to get fired, wrote up, etc. This is not right! Chuck, the store manager is her best friend, and in his eyes she can do no wrong! If Charity likes a person, then they don't have to worry about their jobs, but because I don't kiss her butt, I lost mine! The whole management team needs to be overhauled in this store! This store is less than 2 yrs old, and isn't in the green! And it will never be in the green, until they get new managment! I also have to complain, because my job title was cart attendant. They moved me to Target Cafe and never gave me cafe pay! I should have been mking almost a dollar more per hour! I was making 7.60 and the new cafe team members were started out at 8.00-to 8.50 an hour! Please Target investigate this store! you will find some deep dark secrets of wrong doing this I promise!


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