Target (Eureka California)schwinn bicycle repair

Review updated:

My dad bought me a schwinn bicycle in 1964. The bike is still in out family and my father's great grandson is now riding the bike. This bike has never broken a spoke or needed any repairs and it cost about $20. I bought a schwinn at target in 2005 for $200. Withing 2 years of the purchase, the bike spokes have all broken because they are made from cheap pot metal. It lasted for a dozen rides and now it's ready for a land-fill. Target told me to bring them the bike for inspection in june of 2008. I gave them my receipt and they took the bike in for a repair (Replacement of the front and back wheel) after spending $90 on gas for 4 round trips to target, and wasting an entire summer, target told me to come pick up my bike 3 months later. No repairs were done. I ordered all the parts from schwinn and now i need to spend an additional $80 - $100 dollars for bike repair tools and parts. Target dropped the ball every step of the way. Today i spent 2 hours on the phone and spoke with 4 different customer service reps before i was told that target would not compensate me for all of their errors. I urge everyone to stop shopping at worst retail chain in america... Target!

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