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1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN, 55403, US
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9:22 pm EDT
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Target - Gift card purchased at target.

I purchased a gift card from on October 23, 2021 just a couple of days ago. I was deriving out of town to celebrate my son's Birthday Party. I planned this trip on a budget so I went ahead and purchased a gift card for $100 for my lodging and a Visa gift card for expenses and I had my gas, gifts, and travel items already covered. When I tried to check into a motel that night to rest before heading back home the next day on that long drive the card would not work. After several hours trying attempting to get a room I got in touch with Target customer service and they did not help me. They said to try another motel which I already had and was tried so finally gave up at 10 am the next morning. Was on the phone with for 3 hours while they were attempting to book me using the gift card on there end, but it would not work anywhere. Bottom line, I purchased the card at Target not through them so they did everything they could do to help me on there end. So I had to sleep in my car to get some kind of rest to drive back home. So when I finally made it home on the 25th of October, I called Target again and after speaking to 7 different people they basically told me there was nothing they could do. I asked if they could give me another gift card since the one I purchased at Target did not work and they said they could not help me. So not only did I have yo sleep in my car that night because there gift card did not work but I was also out $100. I have purchased a lot of items at target through out the years and have been a good customer. I was very sad and disappointed that they did me that way. I did not know that Target was in the business of stealing peoples money. I payed with hard earned good working money and in exchanged they gave me a product that did not work and did not even care to make it right.

Desired outcome: A working product. Another card that works. What I payed for

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1:50 pm EST
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Target - extortion

Around nov 12 statement was received indicating that a new balance of 739.96 was owned
The period closes around the 9th of each month
The due date for minimum payment was dec 6
Auto pay is setup to pay the balance for dec 6.
Payments toward statement were made on the following date
11/30/2013 payment made at target austin tx 250
11/25/2013 payment made at target austin tx 400
The expected amount expected to be charged through autopay was $89.96
On dec 6 the target red card site indicated the following charge
12/6/2013 auto payment 669.17 department store.
This is not a possible amount that could be derived from any possible scenarios. option 1 ($739.96 original amount), option 2 (739.96-$400-$250=$89.96), $739.96-$250=$489.96 or $739.96-$400=$339.96
I suspend payment and contacted target to dispute this..
A confirmation was received that that payment was suspended. however it still went through.
Target did agreed to pay the fee's associated with transaction
Between 12-9 and 12-12 no action could be made to account while waiting for fund to adjust for return of $669.17 payment attempt.
12-10 in my attempt to ascertain how $669.17 could be calculated I totaled all purchased made for history of account and subtracted this amount from the total history of payments.
The results are as follows
Total history of payments 3849.28
Total history of purchases 3722.46
Amount owed to me by target 126.82
I contacted target to bring this to targets attention.
Amber d created ticket number [protected]
Dec 13 $669.17 is returned back to target
12/10/2013 returned payment fee -25 fees
12/10/2013 return payment interest c harge adjustm ent -1.68 finance charges
12/10/2013 auto pay returned payment -669.17 fees
New charge total 695.85
I contact target again to find out the status of investigation and to have target honor it’s promise made to investigate the issue and not charge any fees
Targets refused to honor its promise and refused to perform any audit on my account in spite of all proof presented
Target has extorted me for the amount approximate to 126.82
Target has refused to pay this money owed to me and continues to refuse to perform any sort of account inquires.
How to I collect on money and or how to I submit for charges of extortion.
Where if I have a choice or success, I would prefer to fill for extortion then only if that is not a simple solution then my second choice is for suit of $126.82 plus any other cost associate and any pain and stress targets extortion

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Moose balls, US
Dec 17, 2013 9:34 am EST

"Where if I have a choice or success, I would prefer to fill for extortion then only if that is not a simple solution then my second choice is for suit of $126.82 plus any other cost associate and any pain and stress Targets extortion" Gosh, with clear concise writing like that I can't understand how there is any confusion.

12:39 pm EST
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Target - false advertising

The two day sale flyer for the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving 2008 advertised a 2 gig thumb drive. It clearly says the price is $8.88 and includes 40 free prints. The website said the same. I went to the store and the package has the same information. It was a special deal between Target and Kodak and has the information printed inside the plastic package. "40 free prints. Who doesn't love free? 40 prints for you, from Target." You can't get much clearer than that! It also said "See coupon inside for offer" but you can't get to that unless you cut open the plastic package. I assumed it had some unimportant details such as expiration date.

Upon reading the coupon which was hidden inside, it turns out that this offer is not for 40 free prints. The coupon clearly states you receive 40 "free" prints with the purchase of 40 or more. This is NOT free. This is buy 80 for half price. I don't think I'm being overly picky here - this is very misleading and quite wrong.

I called customer service and spoke to a supervisor who took my phone number then put me on hold to research my complaint. After a few minutes, their system hung up on me. Since he had my phone number, I assume he'd call me back but he never did. I called back and finally got someone who took three tries to correctly record my phone number. I don't know what she was doing for several minutes but we never even got to my problem so I asked for someone else. That supervisor told me there was nothing she could do except for me to pay for the 40 prints and send her the receipt after which she would send me a store credit. While better than nothing, this is a lot of unnecessary effort on my part. I also have to trust I eventually receive the credit. What I wanted was some way to go to the store and get my 40 free prints without the hassle. But they don't know of any way. It took me 45 minutes on the phone to find this out.

Since it does not seem to be possible to communicate with anyone higher than customer service by phone, I wrote a polite letter to Gregg Steinhafel, President, asking how I could get the promised 40 free prints. I gave my address, phone number and email address.

About two weeks later, I received an email from Joseph who said he wanted to discuss this with me and to call him. He gave the customer support phone number and a reference number. I went through their horrible phone system again on Monday morning and finally got someone who told me he wasn't in yet but would be told I called. That was over a week ago and I still haven't heard from him.

I encourage everyone who was mislead by this item to write and complain to

Mr. Gregg Steinhafel, President
Target Corporation
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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Update by Mike
Jan 16, 2009 12:48 pm EST

Follow up by original author...

Thursday December 18, 2008. I received an email from Joseph, Target Guest Relations, saying he would like to discuss this with me and that I should call him at the customer service number.

Monday December 22, 2008 at 9:30 I called. I had to go through many menus and none of them was applicable to me so I just picked one. Tom told me Joseph was not in yet but would be told I called and would call me back. (Why didn’t he just call me when he received my letter?)

Wed December 31, 2008 at 10 AM I called again and Mike told me Joseph, Cust Support Supervisor, was away from his desk but would call me. Mike informed me that Joe called me once before and left a message. I never received a call or a message.

Tue January 7, 2009 11:40 AM. I called. Mike tried to transfer me to Joe only to find he was away from his desk and would call. Mike said Joe is the only person who could handle my issue. I told him he was not doing a very good job of getting back to me.

Wed January 8, 2009 2 PM. Joe called. He didn’t seem to be up on the details of what had happened but is sending me a $20 Target gift card for the misunderstanding. I told him thank you but it was not a misunderstanding… the ads were wrong. He said he would have it looked into.

Thursday January 15, 2009. Received a call from someone in Consumer Affairs. Although the coupon is very ambiguous and poorly worded, it turns out it WILL be accepted for 40 free prints. It turns out that he purchased the same item and misunderstood the coupon in the same way. Ok, I stand corrected. But all of this could have been handled in one phone call had Target Customer Service just explained that to me during my first call. And the way I was treated after my letter is completely unacceptable.

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Dubuque, US
Mar 11, 2013 7:40 pm EDT

This is a joke, right? You are quibbling over "40 free prints" that are BOGO? Really? You are one petty person.

2:20 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Target - terrible experience

I received a little notice from Target National Bank informing me that they were going to raise my rate to 18.9. It has been 15.9. Now this may not seem like much but it is for no reason at all. I have always paid on time... never ever late. I have always paid over the minimum. I am writing this to inform others to check their interest rates. I have written them a letter opting out of their new rate and closing my account. I despise sneaky, underhanded practices which punish those of us that bust our tails to pay their bills on time.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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, US
Mar 09, 2009 7:03 am EDT

In January I called Target to request a reduction of my interest rate on my credit card. Target informed me that there was a moratorium on reducing interest rates, but I could write and make a formal request. I wrote them a letter about how I have been a valued customer for over 10 years, how I have generated over 8000 of dollars for education and how I had never had an interest reduction.

So, on February 11, 2009 I receive a response to my letter. Can I give them a call they'd like to help me with my account. I called. Again they said we are not giving any interest reductions. Why waste your time writing to me if they had no intentions of helping me out? Uncle Sam bailed them out, so why can't they help me. 22% interest is not only ridiculous it is usurious. Thank you Target for your help.

Now, I recommend that noone shop at Target ever again. Why should anyone support a company that does not stand behind the customers who have made them successful.

Hattiesburg, US
Aug 29, 2011 4:07 pm EDT

We have to stop talking trash on the web sites and start talking to people that live next to you. We all work and live around people that have to deal with the same stuff that we do. If we come together at work and school and stop letting these big bullies push then they will keep pushing.

MJ Heckler
wheatridge , US
May 23, 2011 9:52 pm EDT

Target bank does suck. Target is one of the worst credit cards to have.

, US
May 09, 2011 8:43 pm EDT

then go shop at wallmart with the other trash like you

, US
Jun 28, 2009 5:32 pm EDT

I just had the same experience with Target. I am so disappointed in there business practices and agree we should all boycot.

, US
May 25, 2009 2:05 pm EDT

We have had simaliar experiences interest rate raised to max
then I told the 19 year old that I was on my way to Souix Falls.
They, Wal-Mart, and others are REPUBLICAN PREDATORS who
prey on working Americans by providing inferior imported products
at inflated prices then when their mismangement comes to light
seek protection under the archiac bankruptcy laws. SCREW TARGET

rosepine, US
May 05, 2009 11:26 pm EDT

TARGET SUCKS, , First some ### that operates their website, let it get hacked, , now I have to enter 5 yes 5 freaking security questions.. WTF 5 come on, one your incompetent people cant do their job, , fired that person or persons, , , , , THEN some educated IDIOT, woke up one morning thinking, , I will raise all redcard holder, I mean ALL... what a dumbazz I'm done with you target, , I could have seen this from Walmart but from TARGET... I HOPE TARGET HAS TO FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY.. the CEO's JET CRASHES, and what other evil things that can happen, , just like TARGET CHIT ON ALL THEIR CUSTOMERS...

Nov 20, 2008 5:41 pm EST

@ Nicholas:

Well, I'm sure if you pay them the money you owe them, they'll stop calling you. Yep, it's that simple.

Nicholas Meyer
Nov 10, 2008 11:28 pm EST

Target National Bank continues to call me from numbers all over (see telephone numbers at end of this note) They are harassing. I ask them not to call, they continue. I realize I am late and am paying what I can to resolve my debt I created. They have disrespected me, ask me to post date checks in order to bring balance current. I am seriously doing the best I can at this time. I am experiencing temp financial hardship, have told them this - but they, of course care less. When you write to them all you receive in answer is a bunch of form note replies. Steril responses. My annual percentage rate is now 28.99%. Isn’t that some XXXX. They called me a total of 15 times between Saturday, Nov 8 and Sunday, Nov 9 An APR of 28.99
Warning these are the numbers : [protected],
[protected], [protected]

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