Target Brands / customer relations

Lincoln, NE, United States

I was checking out at the Target on 40th and Yankee Hill in Lincoln Nebraska, on Saturday, September 16th around 10:45 AM. I was buying fall decorations. The cashier who was checking myself and my husbands items commented on how cute they were, them began talking about how the stood was getting new lights put up as part of a remodel. Both my husband and I commented about how it looks nice. Then, the cashier whose name was Mae began talking about plus size clothing. The conversation went as follows:

"You look to be plus size like myself. We are getting new mannequins in the store that are plus size."

I responded with "oh, that is nice." And immediately became very upset that she labeled me as plus size, especially with a line of customers behind us. I was visibly uncomfortable and yet, MAE, continued to talk about how these new mannequins would help me find clothing for myself that would fit.

I am very bothered by this conversation. The cashier had no business commenting on my size; I did not bring up any questions about sizing. I was not even purchasing clothing. Furthermore, I believe it is common courtesy to NOT comment on any other person's size and for one woman to do so to another, is very disrespectful. My husband and I were both offended by her comments and I am not sure if I will return to target if that is how I am going to be treated.

Sep 16, 2017

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