Taco Bell / rude manager

Brand new taco bells at 321 1st Avenue in New York. Manager on duty is always rude everyday to his employees as i worked here for just one complete month and every day i was on schedule i always worked my hardest And tryed my best he would say things to me and the other employees very nasty comments an also he would sometimes come in the line while we serving customers and push us with his shoulder and never say sorry or anything he is really rude to work with and i also notice he is a "womanizer" every women that walks into this location he's always stairing at them so much and never even blinks he's unprofessional . His name badge said Tariq be careful i hope someone takes over his position he is abusing his powers so I decided to quit today . I will forever love taco bells and everyone else is really nice in this place all the team members but that man "Tariq" he is abusing his power at this location just the other day another employee punched him because tariq pushed him so hard and the employee was defending himself and he was scared at this work place . I hope an investigation gets handled here contact me back if you need every detail and more information

Jun 10, 2018

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