Taco Bell / misleading commercial

I'm not sure if I'm the only one that has this complaint or not. Taco bell is not the only company to do this and it is something that has bothered me for years now. Taco Bell has just come out with a new sandwich, the Chicken flatbread sandwich. I simple inexpensive sandwich, looks good right. The commercials appears to state every ingredient that is a part of the sandwich; chicken, cheese and flatbread. But then you order it and it also has a chipotle sauce. What I do not understand in the least bit is why these companies cannot say one more ingredient in their commercial, especially one as important as a chipotle sauce. I mean I can see it has flatbread, there's really no reason to restate that...but the chipotle sauce is orange/yellowish and therefore looks exactly like the cheese.

I had no problems with the sandwich personally, liked it actually. But I had ordered this specifically for my three year old son. I figured this would be perfect for him; inexpensive, simple and non-messy to eat, and who can beat chicken and cheese. But the sauce was too spicy for him. Had they said in the commercial that final ingredient I would have known this was not for him, instead I waste money.


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