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T-Mobile / billing

1 Milwaukee, WI, United States Review updated:

T-Mobile is a very dishonest company. I returned a phone that simply quite working. I was told to return it via UPS in order to receive a new phone. I was also told by the rep in the store, where I returned it, that the particular phone that stopped working, had many returned by many people and had reported complaints and was discontinued by the company due to its poor quality. That was two months ago.
Today, after paying the bill and expecting my service to work I was informed that my service was suspended, because I have been charged a 100.00 out of warranty fee for the returned phone. The company states that the phone has water damage so therefore is not covered. But the phone did not have water damage, unless they poured some water on it after they received it. The phone simply stopped working. I now have to pay 100.00 in order to use my phones even though I have paid my monthly charge. I have never received anything in writing about a fee for the phone, I am just supposed to take their word for it. This company is CRAP!

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  • Yo
      29th of Oct, 2008
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    Was charged 2 times for bill filed compliants with customer relations & was told that payments were justified & that also if you are making pay arrangements on your account have been a good custoemr for 2 years it does not mean a thing. over drawn & is getting nsf fees

  • Lo
      22nd of Dec, 2008
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    They are always looking to nickel and dime. Bills never come in a timely manner, due on the 7th and late charge assessed on the 8th, no grace period. Very poor customer service, they won't give you a last name, no accountability and they never probably note your account. Have called many, many times about my bill not coming on time and it not being available online but they don't care, they just want there money or an excuse to charge late charges. There should be a law against no grace period!

  • Mo
      30th of Mar, 2009
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    I was a coustmer For T-MOBILE on 2002 to 2003 Then I got Deployed to Overseas and i went to T-mobile Store i did a Change Responsibility and then Later in 6 Years i recive A Collection Notice from AFNI Collection For a Charge of $217.09 For T-MOBILE and i Contact them and they told is for Cancelation Fee I belive this Not True What they Did to me I well like file a Complaint to them

  • Ca
      16th of Aug, 2009
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    Customer service sucks and now since they changed the web site I cant even make online payments!

  • Al
      26th of Mar, 2010
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    Dear John,

    I don't know how to write this letter but I have to tell you.
    Unlike being in the fields of Iraq, not knowing whether you live or die, nor is it like living in a tent in a protected area and seeing the tedium and boredom from day to day.
    No, this is different.
    You are getting ###ed. Today and actually quite often.
    By signing your release, anyone can sign up for cell phone coverage with free phones with multi-year contracts so they can enjoy very expensive mobile service in country while you are out of contact.
    Understand the "###ed' part yet?
    It gets worse.
    By signing that document cell phone, domestic phone, cable tv, high interest rate car purchases, yes. They are all yours. And not a damn thing you can do about it, as you are there. And she is here.

  • Hj
      12th of Jul, 2010
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    I had been a T-Mobile customer for about three years when the service I =
    received at my residence began to falter. I was told to do several =
    things, including switching out Sims cards and getting different phones. =
    Finally I asked for the tower to be checked in my area, and was told =
    that indeed it needed repair, but it was not in T-Mobile's budget to fix =
    it. I was told at that time that I could cancel my account with no =
    early termination fees as it was "not my fault". When I called back to =
    cancel my account, I verified that I would not be charged any fees.

    Today I found out that I am being charged for two early termination =
    fees. (I had added a new person to my line right about the time this =
    started, unfortunately.) I spoke to customer service and to a =
    supervisor and was told the best they could do was cut the fees in half. =
    They told me that unless there was absolutely no service in my entire =
    area, they could not waive the termination fee. They had no records of =
    anyone telling me they would be waived. I had assumed it would be =
    logged in my account.

    I am unemployed and can simply not afford this. As a matter of fact I =
    have been called by employers whom I missed due to my coverage and could =
    not get a hold of again, so who knows how much more this has cost me. I =
    do not understand what good a cellular service is if it only works a =
    fraction of the time.

  • Sh
      20th of Jul, 2010
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    I represent an Attorney in Memphis, TN that handles consumer protection class action civil lawsuits against large companies and we have recently been made aware of situations with T-Mobile and problems consumers are having with billing, account services, and other customer service issues. We are investigating the potential for a consumer protection class action lawsuit to be filed against T-Mobile to have them answer for their poor performance and gross negligence. Please contact me at to discuss your options.

  • Di
      7th of Sep, 2010
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    Beware of T-Mobile, way your service provider options before signing a contract with this company.

    I have been a loyal customer to the T-Mobile brand for 10 years. The company first captured my value as a customer when I lived in Germany in which I was a loyal customer of Deutsche Telecom (T-Mobile is a subsidy of Deutsche Telecom). The value that I captured from Deutsche Telecom was satisfaction and a good customer relationship. Once I moved back to the U.S. I felt the brand was still worthy of capturing my value as a customer. When I moved to an area where T-Mobile didn't have good service, I stood by the brand by getting T-Mobile at Home. This service allows you to make calls using a WiFi connection. I gladly paid the additional charge even though T-Mobile did not work with me to lower the cost of the service (that I had to use to stay with the brand). The additional T-Mobile at Home service more recently has been an additional charge on my tight budget, which was the cause of inflation and a decrease in pay just so I can keep my job. I eventually had to discontinue the service because I couldn't afford it. When my service was discontinued with T-Mobile they charged me for three additional months of use and a $200 disconnection fee and a service fee of $140. I was surprised when the service representative told me this because I thought there must of been an error on my bill. After talking with the representative I asked to speak with a manager. He connected me to the manager's line and I waited five minutes or more just to be directed to a voicemail, which disconnected me before I could leave a message. T-Mobile was a brand that I would have stuck with for life, if I hadn't experienced financial difficulties, even though I would have paid less with other service providers.

    As of today I'm no longer a loyal customer to this brand and as far as this company capturing future value from me, "that will never happen in this lifetime."

    For those of you thinking of considering T-Mobile as a service provider, look at what other phone service providers can offer you and if they cannot provide you with your service, then consider T-Mobile.

    My monthly bill before I terminated my service was a little over a hundred dollars a month after my Boeing employee discount. My termination bill is over $600 dollars. As I told the representative, "I'll pay the bill, but you're losing a loyal customer and a customer who paid over $3, 000 within the last year of service for your service."

  • Ch
      13th of Mar, 2011
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    T-mobile would not return my adjustment money. They said because they can only go back to 2 month in order to do the adjustment. ( i didn't see the bill because i was out of the country )I think THIS IS WRONG. They were the one made the mistakes, yet i have to pay their mistakes. Can somebody tell me what to do?

  • Mr
      13th of Mar, 2011
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  • Ta
      7th of May, 2011
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    I have been a loyal customer for T-mobile since 2007 and it seems like they keep getting worse every time they slap all these unknown charges and make your paper bill look like it is in a foreign language I have upgraded my phone and everything was fine until my new phone was sent to me and I had a second line on it I did not ask for a second line. I called customer service to inform them they told me to send the phone back and reorder the phone so within the next 24 hrs that’s what I did exactly after a week later I had to call them and wait for hrs to get to another rep and they so called canceled the second line and I reordered my phone to the original phone line at the time the phone was on sale and I was available for the upgrade the rep he was great so I thought he said he will charge me $149.99. for the phone The next billing cycle my phone bill was over $ 400.00 dollars they have charged me for the extra phone line and charged me for unused usage charges for that second phone line and told me I should pay for it and there was nothing I can do about it I did not understand what I have been charged it’s sad that it’s a communication company that all employees there do Not have communication I keep getting bounced to another rep every time they make you hold for hours until your phone dies and hangs up on them because that’s what they want you to do this company is awful.

  • Gm
      2nd of Sep, 2011
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    Hey, after visiting a T-Mobile Store my phone was cloned and international calls were made. Maybe someone in the store is involved in the scam. T-Mobile refused to investigate and, since, has charged me for everything but the kitchen sink. Don't use T-Mobile and if they merge with AT&T, don't use AT&T.

  • Sl
      17th of May, 2012
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    seems every 3-4 months they try to bill extra on services that i do not use nor need. it's always web access on my phone...i don't even text (have a block on that) much less use the web on phones, which is why i don't own a smart phone. had a block installed on the web access too (which i requested before but seems like they didn't) by a supervisor? named sabrina, at least that's what she said her name was. lets see what happens this...can't wait to get out of this contract and then just go prepaid.

  • La
      22nd of Aug, 2012
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    I cancelled my contract with T-Mobile in March 2012 because they do not serve the area in which we are now living. T-Mobile continued to bill me thru July 2012. That is four months of incorrect billing. They have acknowledged two months worth of credits but still have not corrected the credit nor refunded the credit! Customer service refuses to help me because my contract has been cancelled. Ridiculous!!!

  • Je
      28th of Sep, 2012
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    if you have any complaints about your bill, customer care can only provide you information or explain the bill. if you would like to file a complaint, feel free to ask them to give you the dispute process and they will be giving you the steps and the how you can contact the specific department that will lead you to the answer of your concerns. since you are aware that you are on postpaid, you as a customer must read the TERMS AND CONDITION of your service. feel free o go to this website:
    and read this: " If you terminate your Service, your termination will be effective at the end of your current billing cycle, and you will remain responsible for all fees and Charges for your Service and usage through the end of that billing cycle. If we terminate your Service, we will determine the date of termination, and you will be responsible for all usage and Charges through the date of termination. "

    you cannot say that you just "know" that you have cancelled the service since you still have the phones with you. after they tell you the review process in this, they are going to listen all of the calls from the date you have said that you would like to cancel the servce. please know that it will be an investigation and they are going to show you the resolution fairly.

  • Da
      15th of Oct, 2012
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    I am being billed by T Mobile for Three downloads that I didn't do, so they disconnected my service for because I refused to pay for a download that I still don't know what the download was.This is a volition of the Two year agreement I signed. When they restarted my service all I had was the phone, no texting, no Internet. Oh and one other thing was when there was a bad storm, or the lights went out the cell phone was ot also, which according to other people this shouldn't have happened. I made up my mind that If T Mobile wanted to kick me around I wasn't going to let it happen, so I changed Carriers because I was tired of being treated like trash .

  • Sr
      20th of Oct, 2012
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    T Mobile has over charged me a $349 bill this month, we had cancelled a $17 plan and they had told us we had not cancelled it. They had no explanation for the $17 fee that they charged us which we had already cancelled. They told us that it is a 4g network but it is not 4g service. Very dishonest and they promise you many good services and once we joined they had lied to us. Very dishonest company and customer service is just as bad.

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