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am not being racist but am fade up, I went to T-mobile store on broadway downtown LA on address 259 S...

rip off restocking fee

My Blackberry broke. Customer relations sent me a new Blackberry to replace the broken Blackberry. I sent the broken Blackberry back or else I’d get charged. I sent the phone back with the T-Mobile-provided pre-paid UPS label and box. I dropped the box off at the UPS self service drop box located at 3200 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94509. Later I received phone calls from T-Mobile stating that the broken phone had not been received. I call T-Mobile to take care of the problem. The nice young lady with T-Mobile decides to call UPS and open a three-way teleconference. The T-Mobile representative gives the UPS representative the UPS tracking number off the T-Mobile pre-paid label and the UPS representative states that the box had not been picked up yet and that there was no way UPS could open an investigation on the missing package because of the type of pre-paid label that T-Mobile printed and sent to me to send the broken phone back.

So now I’m being charged a restocking fee with tax in excess of $394 based on a shipment that UPS cannot open an investigation on BECAUSE of the specific nature of the shipping label that T-Mobile printed and gave to me to send the broken phone back.


about t-mobile lottery

dear sir, I got a message from T-mobile lottery company. that we won the lottery prize $8, 50, 000, is given in that message from [protected] we're recieving message's from T-Mobile. the person "frank glenn" interacted with us from that T-Mobile company from the following numbers [protected], [protected]). that he gave the information about this in the form of message"that we won the prize that should arrived to New delhi and the customs are demaning for Income Tax charges of rs.17, 600. and he said this amount of 17, 600 rs. should be deposite in the name of account"TAKHELAMBAM SHASHIKANTHA"a/c number - [protected] (S. B. I) they send the information about R B I for the transfer of money to contact this E-Mail ID -"[protected]@rvsolutionline.in". & also a contact number"Joe moore"-"+[protected]", and a message from +[protected]" Dear winner you won fund has beeen deposited in R. B. I... contact R. B. I (Website - "[protected]@ACCOUNTANT.com" from 'Joe Moore'... Is this true or fake... please give the proper information about this T-Mobile lottery scam...
plz gave reply and details about this T-mobile lottery... thanking you sir,
J. Chenna Krishna ([protected]) ([protected])

defective phone

About three weeks ago, somehow, my phone dock became damaged and my charger didn't work on it. I turned it off. Today, I went to the corporate store to see what my options are on getting my phone fixed. I was told by a friend that I had a one-year warranty on my phone in case anything happened to it. I got there and the guy I talked to was very friendly, very descriptive, and I gave him thanks for describing my situation. I am down-right annoyed at MetroPCS. I learned that I had purchased a defective phone (about three months ago) and now I have to pay $10 just to get the new one, and another $39 just to get some memory card that's required for media since the phone itself can only store a couple of megabites. I can pay the money but really the inconvenience they are causing me is really just unprofessional.

t - mobile lottery

I got a message from T-mobile lottery company. that we won the lottery prize $8, 50, 000, is given in that message from [protected] we're recieving message's from T-Mobile. the person "frank glenn" interacted with us from that T-Mobile company from the following numbers [protected], [protected]). that he gave the information about this in the form of message"that we won the prize that should arrived to New delhi and the customs are demaning for Income Tax charges of rs.17, 600. and he said this amount of 17, 600 rs. should be deposite in the name of account"TAKHELAMBAM SHASHIKANTHA"a/c number - [protected] (S. B. I) they send the information about R B I for the transfer of money to contact this E-Mail ID -"[protected]@rvsolutionline.in". & also a contact number"Joe moore"-"+[protected]", and a message from +[protected]" Dear winner you won fund has beeen deposited in R. B. I... contact R. B. I (Website - "[protected]@ACCOUNTANT.com" from 'Joe Moore'... is this true or fake... please give the proper information about this T-Mobile lottery scam...
Thanking you,
J. Chenna Krishna ([protected])

  • Co
    complaints Board1 Jun 29, 2011

    Dear Complainant,

    We have received your complaints and queries.We have gone through your complaint and after contact with The British High Commission.The donor companies; we have understood that there is a series of LOTTERY and giving Out of CASH reward from The United Kingdom.This series of LOTTERY and sweepstakes are being conducted for the upliftment of the people in the developing and under developing countries to eradicate poverty and illiteracy. We have verified and clarified from the United Kingdom Financial institution bodies that the only legal and authorized body responsible for all forms of LOTTERY and sweepstakes being conducted in the United Kingdom is.The WPC ([email protected]), London. Any other means apart from WPC is not legal and been approved by the Great Britain Government.In this regards, we have forwarded your complaint to the Winning Processing Centre through Email.We request you to forward your complaint and queries to the WPC. Their contact details are given below. We assure you that they will assist you to know the fact of your complaint and to solve the issue. Do not contact anybody else there is a lot of fraud and only WPC and HMRC can pay the money to you if it is truth.

    Kindly contact the WPC:-([email protected])

    Admin Team
    Consumer Board.in

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  • Ar
    Arunkumar Sabae Jul 20, 2011

    DEAR SIR, , ,
    I got a message from bbc lottery company. that we won the lottery prize 500, 000 pounds is given in that message from 20-7-2011 we're recieving message's from sms caster.com and gave contact number(07838208002). My Email [email protected]

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unlock problem

I have been using T mobile for the last one year, though while purchasing it from the store I was promised that this mobile hand set can be unlocked after 60 days of purchase by just calling the tech support of t mobile, now I am leaving USA back to India on 28th May and I am not able to do so for the last one month I have called customer care representative several times its just killing my time. They are not able to resolve this problem, Now since my subscription is expired today, they say that unless you pay 10 dollars we won;t be able to take your request.
Though I got the unlock code tow time but this code is not working with the procedure as mentioned below.
I am completely fed up with t mobile at my last part of the stay.
One of the representative had asked me to contact Samsung and I did but they also were not helping me to unlock this hand set I had spent 200 Dollars to purchase it, now it seems it will go waste if I won't be able to unlock it and use it in my country. So it seems either the store had fooled me while I purchased this phone or I was fool to get the t-mobile subscription.Now I realized why many people have asked me to go for another carrier instead of T-mobile.

I don't know what to do I am tired of calling customer representatives and now I do't have much time.
Please help.
my mobile hand set is SGH T-659 ([protected])

t-mobile fraud charges

Someone with a T-Mobile account fraudulently and automatically withdraw payments from my banking account. My bank has stop payment, provided my with a new account and asks me to contact T-Mobile during the mean time.

When I contacted T-mobile and warn them about the fraud charges, they did not care and told me my bank has to take of it. I try to give them the fraudulent account number but they didn't even want it. Don't they think they should investigate and stop the service ASAP because neither my bank nor myself will pay for it? Thousands of cases like this with will add up additional costs to T-Mobile customers. Don’t care and don’t check accounts – scary, anyone could be the next victim, just not a good way to do business.

  • Ri
    Rick Chau Nov 20, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have AT&T service and received a fraudulent charge on my checking account. I contacted my bank and filed a claim and will be getting a new account. How did this happen?

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out of warranty fee

Recently the trackball on my Blackberry locked up. I called T-mobile to see what my options were. They had me check the water damage sticker on the inside and said as long as there was no water damage, the phone was under warranty and would be replaced for free. The sticker was still all white, so all was good and they mailed me a refurbished phone and a sticker for sending them my phone. A few weeks later, there was $234 fee on my account. At first the customer service said they did not have the info on what it was for, but after a bit of calling, I found it was an "Out of Warranty Fee". They said the phone I sent them had internal screen damage so the fee was charged. I have called and called and there seems to be nothing I can do. I keep old phones around just in case. I would never have agreed to pay $234 for a phone, especially not a used phone. This is even $100 more than if I had gone through the insurance I pay every month for. I feel screwed and I feel angry. I also feel helpless.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins May 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They definitely should've warned you before repairing it.

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I recently ordered a phone from t-mobiles hotline.I was told I had 30 days to decide if I liked it and if not I would not be locked into a contract. It is a flex pay account which means I pay for teh month ahead. When i ordered my phone i was charged 95.42. After recieving it i used it for 1 hour and it was suspended for non-payment. When i called thier customer service I was told that only 78.00 was charged so i wnet to teh computer looked at my bank statement and said no I was charged 95.42 i will print this out and take it to a store. I was told that would not work. It wil take 2 weeks to investigate so I should just pay teh diffrence. I became upset I understand that it is less than 20.00 but it was teh principle i was being called a liar so i asked for a supervisor, I was placed on hold for 27 minutes then hung up on. SO i called back agian i was called a liar, then i was told to chill out and drink some water when i became upset. Then the customer service rep asked me for my debit card pin number, When i told her i would not give her this she laughed at me again and told me they copuldnt help me then. Finally after being humilated and drug through the dirt they found the mistake that they made. NO APOLOGY was told and iam quoting "you no be mad no more its fixed" as she was still laughing!!! SO i hung up the next day i was horrified at my experiance i called back to try to get an apology again treated like dirt. no apology. As i was told i had 30 days to not be locked into a contract i asked how to return teh phone. I was told to mail it back and they would pro rate it and count the time it was being shipped. SO i would get 3.45 of my 95.42 back. Also when i asked if this ended teh contract they would just place me on hold transfer me and hang up on me. I posted on thier facebook page and i remained calm simply explaining teh situation and asking how to return teh phone and get my full or atleast most of my money back. They responded to all teh posts all around mine offering apologizes to everyone eles. SO teh next day i posted again this time asking why everyone eles could get an apology but not me. Again tehy responded to everyone before and after me but not me. At this point iam now stuck and horrified at how I was treated, Please pardon my spelling iam quite upset.

  • Gm
    GM2000 Sep 02, 2011

    Hey, after visiting a T-Mobile Store my phone was cloned and international calls were made. Maybe someone in the store is involved in the scam. T-Mobile refused to investigate and, since, has charged me for everything but the kitchen sink. Don't use T-Mobile and if they merge with AT&T, don't use AT&T.

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Being charged for a full month after terminating service 10 days into new billing cycle. After my 2 year contract expired, I switched to verizon. Verizon ported my number from t-mobile 10 days into my new billing cycle with t-mobile. I received a bill for the full month from t-mobile. When I called t-mobile about this they stated that according to section 3 of their contract, unless I personally call them, they can charge me for the full month. The contract paragraph actually says: 3. * your term of service and termination fees. Your “term” is the period of time for which you have agreed to maintain service with us. Periods of suspension of service do not count toward your term. After your term, you will become a month-to-month customer. Except for month-to-month customers, an early termination fee will apply to each line of service if you do not maintain your agreed-upon services through the end of your term for that line of service, or if we terminate your service early (See section 18). The early termination fee is: $200 if termination occurs with more than 180 days remaining on your term; $100 if termination occurs with 91 to 180 days remaining on your term; $50 if termination occurs with 31 to 91 days remaining on your term; and the lesser of $50 or your monthly recurring charges (Including any applicable taxes and fees) if termination occurs in the last 30 days of your term. Some devices require maintaining certain features or services (E. G. A data plan) as part of your rate plan, and cancelling them before the end of your term will result in an early termination fee. The early termination fee is part of our rates and is not a penalty. The early termination fee applies only to the extent permitted by law. If you terminate your service, your termination will be effective at the end of your current billing cycle, and you will remain responsible for all fees and charges for your service and usage through the end of that billing cycle. If we terminate your service, we will determine the date of termination, and you will be responsible for all usage and charges through the date of termination. You can request that we port your number to another carrier, and service for that number will be terminated when the porting is complete. If you port your number, you may be responsible for all usage and charges through the end of your current billing cycle. If you bought your wireless device from a dealer, they may charge a separate fee associated with cancellation.

phone exchange scam

To similar complaintants, do not bother contacting Robert Dotson. He already stepped down as T-mobile CEO. You may not also receive a response back from their Executive Customer Service email address. Your best bet would be to file a complaint with the BBB, FCC, and State Attorney General. In my case, T-mobile finally agreed to credit the $300+ fee after my BBB complaint. Yet somehow in their response they managed to deny any fault/responsibility on their part- go figure. Here was my original complaint to BBB:
I'm filing a complaint against my cell phone provider, T-mobile, because T-mobile has wrongfully billed us of an one time charge of $327.99 and is unwilling to waive the charge. My entire family and I have been customers of T-mobile for many years.

On August 23, 2010, I renewed our two year contract with T-mobile and purchased a Samsung Vibrant at PhoneX, a T-mobile retail store. However, the Samsung Vibrant started having trouble turning off and on. The phone was never dropped and always had a protective covering. On January 15, 2011, My husband and I brought the phone back to PhoneX. The employee at the store inspected both the outside and inside of the phone (took the phone apart) in front of us. He called T-mobile and put in the exchange request for me. I asked him multiple times if this exchange is free and whether I would be charged for anything, and he said NO since there was no physical damage and ensured us that the shipping fee was all we had to pay.

However, when we received our February statement, a whopping $327.99 was charged as a one-time fee. Below is the documentation of the phone exchanges that took place afterwards with T-mobile consumer service. Please note that some names were not spelled out over the phone so I had to guess on the spelling.


3/4/11 evening:
Angela- Angela says that the phone was charged because although no outside damage was found with the phone, there was "inside damage." I say, of course there was inside damage because it was a defective phone from the get-go! She was not able to provide any evidence of where exactly the phone was damaged. I tell her that since my T-mobile store employees already checked the phone, that either the phone was damaged on the way to the return center or the examiner there purposely damaged it. She could not provide an answer and transferred me to her supervisor Herbetta.

Herbetta- Herbetta says that there's no way that I would get a defective phone because all phones are checked when they leave the manufacturer. (Toyota probably said the same thing by the way). I ask her why T-mobile even offer warranty if all phones are PERFECT. She offers to reduce my fee in half as part of "good will." I told her that is unacceptable and that I will not pay a penny. She transfers me to her manager Victor.

Victor (ID: 0732260) -Victor tells me that my T-mobile store was not really a T-mobile store but a dealer. I tell him that since the store carries T-mobile phones and sells your plans, how could the customer possibly distinguish which is a store is completely T-mobile which one isn't? I explain to him that the store employees had verified the return process on the phone with someone else at T-mobile. Victor also offers me a 50% reduction which I do not accept. Victor tells me that he will look into the records of what exactly was wrong with the phone and pull up the phone conversation that took place with the PhoneX employee on the day the return request was made. He tells me he will give me call back at 11AM the next day. He never called.

3/30/11 evening:
Pammy - She transfers me to her manager Anaette.

Anaette (ID: 1244439)- I tell her that I want to speak to Victor and gave her the ID number. She tells me that she doesn't know of a Victor and that the ID number doesn't exist. She denies that anyone at T-mobile ever offered the 50% reduction. I ask her to provide evidence of where the phone was damaged or just return the phone to me so I can get a third party to look at it. She says that she can't do either and hangs up on me.

3/31/11 and 4/4/11:
I go on the web and I find the email and number for T-mobile's Executive Customer Service team. I send an email on each day nd receive no response. I also call the number provided for the Executive Customer Service team only to be sent directly to a voicemail box that says that it's currently full in messages.

4/5/11 afternoon:
I find the number of Robert Dotson (T-mobile CEO) on the web and call the number. I learn from the operator that he's no longer with the company and she transfers me to someone else's voicemail so I can leave a message.


During this time, PhoneX has also called T-mobile customer service numerous times to explain the situation on our behalf and told me that a T-mobile customer service rep will call me to provide a resolution or evidence. I never received any calls. The PhoneX senior store manager is also willing to provide a statement if requested.

  • Pe
    PennySmiff Apr 20, 2011

    THIEF and criminal Suzanne Jean Stokes Karama Darwin NT. Convicted criminal Armed robber Shawn Grant Stokes Darwin NT. Criminal "jail-bird" Willie Stokes Karama Darwin NT... READ MORE ABOUT THESE CRIMINALS HERE ... http://globaldisabilitynetwork.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=79


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termination of service, extra billing

Recently cut service with T-Mobile. Recevied a bill for a FULL month of service plus the partial month. For example, billing cycle is 1/28-2/27. Cancelled service 3/6. Bill from 1/28-2/27 paid. Receive a bill for "2/28-3/6" for XX.XX$ with an additional month labeled "3/06-3/06" for a full month. This happened to both me and my boyfriend who have joined a family plan together at Verizon. This is most definitely billing fraud, as the statement is completely incorrect. Watch out if you are terminating services with T-mobile! I called and got this resolved, but if I didn't carefully review the bill, I would have paid and extra 100$.

  • Xx
    XXXXXXXXXXXXX Apr 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear All

    This complaint board site is fully fake. They are playing HAVOC with innocent victims by bullying them. This is the biggest racket on the earth.

    Anybody can post any complain which mostly happens to be vague and false. What this people do is they have floated lot of reputation management companies. They are in sync with this complaint board site.

    Anybody can upload any type of complaint about any person or organization. They also allow to use foul and abusive language on their website. To save their reputation the people who are the victims approach these so called reputation management companies which is floated by this website and make lot of monies.

    This website (complaintsboard.com) do not bother to check whether the complaint uploaded in their website is true or false. They only allow people to upload. There is no verification of truth here.

    Any body can upload any damning and untrue piece of article which is harmful.

    Complaintsboard.com should have first the ethics to verify the facts before they publish on a public platform.

    There are many persons who are jealous nature and they are just uploading all sorts of wrong and invented stories.

    So all readers be aware of this complaint board site.

    May be you will be the next victim.


    -1 Votes
  • Bo
    Boston8484 Apr 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am not complaining. I want to prevent others from overpaying on their bill. There are some ridiculous posts on this site, but it is easy to see a post that is written in anger and one that is just providing information to others. Thanks.

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credit card payment

allow me to introduce myself my name is michelle Lynn carter and I have an inspirion dell netbook through t-mobile in which I pay my payment every month on time. Well this month was no different I called and made a payment of 22.65 with an agent i might add. The payment was made with my credit card which is a visa on account number: [protected]. I was lucky enough to get a reference number of: [protected] and an authorization number as well which is: 102669. My mother has a cell phone with t-mobile and her name is Linda C. Gibson and her number is [protected] and her account number is: [protected] I put the payment on my wachovia card which is the following number: [protected] and it expires on 08/12. I was under the impression that these people know what they are doing that work for t-mobile however, when I checked the payment it went on my mothers account and not mine as I was assured it would be Sir or Madam: In order to get this mess straightened out I had to go to the hospital where my mom is lying after a heartattack her second one and is now facing surgery to get her permission to talk to them regarding the mix up; which by the way was the man that took the information on the phone and I assure you it wasn't mine. All they could do is file a missing payment for me to see if the payment is found but what if it isn't sir my life is my computer! And this was their mistake in the first place not mine. I paid the bill on 3/29/2011
I cannot afford to make another payment as I am on a limited income Social Security Disability and I only get paid on the 3rd of the month. I am very distraught because I even called the local T-mobile store and Ken that I spoke to couldn't even give me a straight answer as what to do. Their store is Ameritel and it is located on Sheridan Street here in Hollywood, Fl. There number if you need it for references is as follows: [protected]. Please Please do something to help me please because my life is my computer an outlet to the world and I cannot afford to pay the 22.65 again will you see if you can do what noone else seeemed to be able to do and put the 22.65 on my account which is [protected] from my mothers which is [protected] . and her phone number is [protected] and her social is as follows: [protected]. I am outraged at the fact that I know I have called over 6 times to the 800 number and no one can do anything but file a missing payment. If you cannot do anything I will have no other choice than to contact Robert Datson the new CEO of the company Im sure he can get the job done somehow.

credit card payment

  • To
    tom 441 Apr 10, 2011

    YEs why Would you do that and a SS number wow delete this right away

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  • Yo
    yolitatx Apr 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, you have given away your whole identity to the world to steal from you and your mother s accounts at their hearts content. It s sad that you don t know the basics of security on the internet.

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customer satisfaction

T-Mobile does not stand by its customers when it comes to the phones that they offer. I am suppose to call the cell phone company directly about a problem when I am T-Mobile's customer. That's like going to the store to return a product and they tell you to go to the manufacturer. Their customer reps are unsympathic and the manager was extremely curt with me. I am so frustrated by the whole deal that I am walking away from them with a contract balance and they can sue me for it. I have been their customer for over 9 years and they have treated with disrespect. Be warned. I am not the only person out their complaining on their poor quality of customer service and products.

phones and customer service

I have been a customer of t mobile since 2004. After all these years of pretty good service I thought it would be ok to get a new phone with them, which meant a new contract. Big mistake! They wanted $30 a month just for the web service, so I tried to get the best touchscreen phone they have that didn't have to have web. ( Gravity T) After I opened the phone I thought it was lacking some features that would have been nice, but I could live without. A month later after talking on it for about 10 min, it started giving me a lot of feed back. I called them, they replaced it. It started doing the same thing, and they replaced it. They charged me $20 for shipping. I had the same problem with the replacement phone. I called them again. They told me that I could get the same phone (a 4th phone) or I could get one that was rated so low they are discontinuing them. Or I could pay them $200 to cancel my contract. After this I will NEVER use them again!

  • Te
    tess123 Mar 27, 2011

    T-Mobile sucks!

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  • If
    ifcubs1 Mar 28, 2011

    Like 8 mos. and counting! That's how much longer it could take, bunch of bs!

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  • If
    ifcubs1 Mar 28, 2011

    I had a payment disappear and I have not gotten a response as to where my payment went or was applied towards! I totally agree that money does disappear!

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  • Gm
    GM2000 Sep 02, 2011

    Hey, after visiting a T-Mobile Store my phone was cloned and international calls were made. Maybe someone in the store is involved in the scam. T-Mobile refused to investigate and, since, has charged me for everything but the kitchen sink. Don't use T-Mobile and if they merge with AT&T, don't use AT&T.

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misleading services

I find it very disturbing I have been with t-mobile 9 years and you have lost a customer. Due to slopping service, your customer service department is unorganized and barely speaks english. They also lie about service they say are being provided. I happen to have myself and 5 other people with t-mobile and have been for years. We are leaving t-mobile as of april of 2011 due to your sloppy business ethics. So say goodbye t-mobile to $466.99 a month. Thats one less paycheck for one of your employees.

  • Tw
    twalker074 Mar 28, 2013

    I bought a samsung gs2 brand new from someone on craigslist for $280 when i got the phone it worked fine. A couple of weeks later i tried to use my phone and it kept saying no registered on network so i contacted tmobile about my phone and they told me that the person i bought the phone from had placed a block on the esn saying that the phone was lost and did a fraud claim to get a new one. I called to the fraud department and all they told me was they sorry that it happened to me but they cant do anything about it so long story short they just let people file bogus reports and do nothing about it which is wrong.

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no service anywhere

So about three months ago I switched out of Verizon Wireless because I just couldn't afford it at the moment. After looking around for a bunch of choices, and having one of their stores oh so close to my house, I decided to go with MetroPCS. Their services are $50 a month without a contract and they have decent phones. I found one phone that caught my eye - the Huawei Ascend, an Android smartphone capable of amazingness.

I went back to my house and set everything up. I then started looking around for apps to use and I browsed the internet. Sometimes I would be able to load up a page in 5 minutes, sometimes it wouldn't ever load because I had either 1 bar or zero bars. I was confused because they said they covered a lot of locations with good service. I guess mine wasn't one of them.

The next day, I went onto their website (from my PC) and checked the areas where they had the best coverage. To my amazement, it was right on top of my city, my house, where they had the BEST coverage around. Yet I am stuck with 0-2 bars. WTF. I bought a smartphone from them yet I am unable to utilize it's best features because of no internet connection. Thank you MetroPCS.

It's a good thing I finally got my WiFi to work, otherwise I would have returned this phone and gotten something crappier. With a phone like this, you need decent speeds.

4 bars of 3G on MetroPCS is equivalent to 2 bars of 3G on Verizon's service. MetroPCS sucks.

  • Yo
    YouThere Mar 24, 2011

    Also, this is just my experience with the coverage. During my registration, the person who was creating my account messed up and we were billed twice for some plan I didn't even choose. I had to go back to fix everything up.

    Thankfully, there was some other girl there, someone with a brain.

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bad network serive

My name is Yashin Franco and my account number is [protected]. Motorola Corporation account. I've have been with T-Mobile since 2006, never had any complaints in the past, up until we had decided to buy the HTC Smart Phones. Now, i have bad reception since i had got these phones, due to the bad reception, T-Mobile does NOT emit that they need to improve there 3G or 4G services. So basically now, they don't credit me nor give me an apology, due to their bad network and customer service that they have. So what i usually do is grab my simcard from the new smart phones, and put them on the old phones. So i can actually use my service at all. But that sucks because my old phones don't have any internet service, so now I'm stuck paying a huge amount of internet service a month from T-Mobile that does NOT work at all. And what i want from T-Mobile is for them to refund my money under purchase of these smart phones that i had bought back three months ago. (That it was close to $400 plus my 3 months bad service that i got from them) If they want to put me back on my old contract because i don't think they are EVER going to improve there network services or give me an early termination (because i am not going to pay a fee) Also every time i call customer services they are a bunch of lairs and i don't think its fair for the consumers out there. Please admit that they do have a network problem and they need to correct there errors. Any further questions please feel free to give me a call [protected], because this cannot continue any longer, Thank you for your concern.

  • Valerie Nov 26, 2007

    I had 2 phone lines with t-mobile, originally started the line in 02 with my mother, she added me and my brother because we were minors. In 2006 we decided to get off the plan and move on our own. Hey at least I can earn credit that way right...

    So then:

    My brother called t-mobile recently to get off of our family time shared contract. I said why? (he needs to earn credit). Ok,
    fine. As long as I can switch back to the original contract that is fine with me I said. T-mobile Took him off my contract and explained to me that my brother was off and they would switch me back to my original plan which was 600 min a month, free mobile to mobile and 9.99 unlimited text and picture messages/internet.

    So my plan was 39.99 +9.99 text/im/internet, 50.00 or so a month.

    Good deal..

    Ok then the bills come... The guy on the phone said sure... to my old plan. I call t-mobile recently to ask about it... to check into this new upgrade with the free flight. They said... Sorry We can not switch you back to your old contract.

    We are sorry We made a mistake. And the funny part was, they bragged about receiving jd powers award for customer service 4 years in a row. This is not the first time I ran into problems with t-mobile. The last time was a defective phone I sent in, and was charged 100$ for it due to 'cracked screen' when the phone was shipped securely and in the same condition I received it in.

    This recent problem is larger than the last, sense my new contract that I did not agree to switching to cost me on average 80-130.00 A month.

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  • Ro
    Rowen Dec 07, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    T-Mobile. Where Do i begin?

    1.) They changed my contract without letting me know. Illegal.

    2.) They are taking 4 weeks to refund money.

    3.) I had been using their phones in my area for two years and last week I got one turned off and and was told I was going to be charged a penalty for using it 90% of the time in roaming areas. Turns out it was an executive decision that was not made public to do this to customers without telling them.

    4.) 90% of the time their website does not work.

    5.) their executive response person told me my refund was processed. A lie.

    ...they really pissed me off. DO NOT UUSE THEM!!

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  • Mi
    mitch360 Mar 15, 2011
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    Verified customer

    get a signal booster, www.cel-fi.com offers one for us T-Mobile users

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  • Ma
    Maggie123456789 Apr 19, 2011

    I was on the phone to T Mobile for an hour when I got to LA and then again when I was in Aspen. I bought a T Mobile pre-paid phone to use while i was in America since I travel there frequently. They are useless. They wouldn't let me put credit on my phone since i had an Australian credit card...it wasn't a problem when I originally purchased it online. As soon as I wanted to put more money on it I got the run around, they kept transfering me to someone different and each time i had to tell the person my whole story again. The stupid girl kept telling me that they didn't have a store in Aspen that I could go to, but they did have one a few hours away...that really doesn't help me when I can't drive in the US, i'm on the ski slopes and trying to meet up with friends then my credit runs out. They were so dumb. In LA when i first got there I had to go out of my way, pay a fortune in taxi's to go to a T mobile shop so that i could put money on it. Then all of a sudden it stopped working. i had no end of problems with this US sim card. NEVER use T Mobile, they are USELESS.

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  • Ha
    hattie kidd Apr 26, 2013

    my name is Harriett davila and have been a loyal customer of t mobile over 11yrs i have purchases many things threw there stores, spend a lot of money, i purchased a broadband dell mini PC and the sale person was deceiving to sell me the product, i was inform, if it any trouble that t mobile will take care of the problem customer care, the first 6 month no problem, then all hell broken lose problems after problems some day the problem of PC would not come on, now get close to contract ending may 27 2013, what i was not inform was to get warranty on part of computer and that i would have done but they inform t mobile would handle any problem until the contract is over by they lied to me, some one needed to investigated t mobile and it practice i, m leaving them found someone else the lied and mislead customer .

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false statements

To afni collection center you have made a huge mistake by sending me a settlement offer on a t-mobile account that I never even had you need to make sure that this paper is correct because my phone carrier is with some one else for 8 years straight now I dont know where you got my name and address but im going to look more into this and if I find out your scam I will file a law suit with afni collections on this for identity theft. Account number [protected] you can contact me anytime at [protected] to take care of this matter.

stay away from this company

I purchased a T-Mobile G2 from the company website on [protected]. When I recieved the phone, I realized right away there was something wrong with the slide out keyboard. So I called customer service and they informed me I needed to send the phone back in the same box I recieved it in. I had already ported my phone number to T-Mobile from my old phone company so they recommended I go to a T-Mobile retail store and get a new phone and once they received the defective phone back, I would receive the money I paid for the phone back. I got the phone for free online because of a promotion but in the store they wanted 200 dollars so I thought it was only fair I would get my 200 dollars back. So I went to a company store and they said they have never heard of somebody being able to just go to the store and get a new phone and that I would have to call customer service. The problem with T-Mobile customer service is all of the employees are foreign and while they do know the english language, they do not understand what you mean when you talk to them. I called customer service back and they said they just needed to clear something in the system and to go back to the T-Mobile store. So to save myself embarrassement, I went to another T-Mobile store and was told the same thing. To make a long story short, I have spent about three weeks and hours upon hours on the phone with customer service and I have never been able to get a replacement phone. Then my nightmare really began when they informed me they never received the defective handset. I gave them the UPS tracking number and someone from customer service filed a missing handset report for me and he promised me he would make the situation right for me. After waiting and waiting and spending so much time on the phone with them, I finally ended up porting my number back to my old phone company. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and somebody from the so called office of the president called me back. I finally thought I was going to be able to resolve the matter but the guy I talked to was a cocky sob and pretty much told me to eat crap and die. So when the better business bureau asked me to respond back to their offer, I told them they never made me any kind of offer and I would like the case to be marked as unresolved and that T-Mobile was unwilling to compromise. T-Mobile responded back that the case needs to be closed and that they are unwilling to do anything unless I give them the tracking number that I already gave them. Stay away from this company. They also never gave me back the money I had to put down for my first month of service.