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T-Mobile / awful customer service

1 2701 penwood placeLithonia, GA, United States Review updated:

My nightmare with T-Mobile began on October 28, 2008 mind you up till this point i have been a faithful customer for almost 8 years even through phone issues down towers and yes bad customer service i still remained faithful and hopeful that T-Mobile would go back to being a good company how wrong was i. I made the mistake of making a payment on the phone of 20 dollars on 10/17/08 and stated i would pay the remaining 140 in store on 10/28/08 rep told me fine and this was done 20 immediatley came out of my account on 10/28/08 i took a check in the store for the remaining balance of 140 in the store o 10/28/08 . On 11/04/08 i had to go into the bank and withdraw funds from my account and noticed my account was incorrect i sasked the teller to please show me my accoount she gladly did that when i noticed T-Mobile had done an electronic withdrawal of 140 and cashed my check of 140 i immediately called an the first hting T-Mobile said was ell you going to have a nother bill due in a few days so just leave it i then replied no please refund me my funds of 140 i did not authorize to have funds withdrawn form my account the rep pput me on hold stated she was putting it in the system and i should hear something in 7-10 days by the end of of the day i had occured 2 overdraft fees due this mistake on T-Mobile part that is an extra 64 dollars out of my account so now my running total that i have lost due to T-Mobile is 204 dollars i cooled down gave it a couple days and called back now i was up to 238 due to another overdraft fee (i had other checks out there for those that live in GA i had just done my emission and tag for my car) so that is how i encoured all these fees. The rep i got this day sarted out polite but as the covnversatiion went out was extremly rude she informed me that well the fees were my problem and tha T-Mobile was still researching the issuse i just wanted my funds and overdraft fees back I then asked to speak to a supervisor his name was Phillip rep ID 1049368 he was the WORST he got loud he was beyond rude when i asked to speak tio his supervisor he told me no i could not and hung up the phone i then waited and called back this time i asked strictly for a rep i got a guy named terrance rep id 0458653 he was polite and helpful. I thought my nightmare was over but it was only the tip of the iceberg a few days laater i recieve a text saying my bill is 428 of course i call now they say i never wrote a check and it was not cashed then they stated it was recievied but returned nsf mind you the check had been cashed and cleared on 11/03/08 but now on 11/10/08 they claim it was not recieved i had to call my bank verfiy that it was recieved, cashed and cleared a week prior to this now i call tmobile back give them the check number transaction number and they say we are going to investigate oh and by the wasy yor bill is due of 114 all i could do at this point was laugh to keep from blowing up . Two days pass i call t see whats going on and they tell me we need the past due amount of 114 and theat i have a past due balance of 160 i ask from when the rep starts looking he goes as far as 09/07 to find how far back this goes and he says i have no answer he states he is confused it shows this amount comes from no where but its there he transfers me to another rep She claimed to be a supervisor her name was crystal rep ID 1725093 she begins by telling me how i basically have no rifght to be upset i owe tmobile and that nothing can be done to help me till i pay them i then go through everything that has taken place since this started she then says let me see what i can do at this point im fustrated i haved lost close to 300 dollars because of tmobile i have gotten the worst customer service of my life im ready to sue tmobile for un do stress cause in the beginning all i wanted was my money back .At this point i would not reccomend or advise ANYONE to become or remain a tmobile customer i have three lines i am pulling my so in law has two he is pulling and family that has 4 lines tmobile is an awful company based on their customer service

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  • Ki
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    dont ring customer support.. you will be on hold forever, ring the source

    Contact this t-mobile employee he is helpful 24/7 and can work out any of your problems. Thats his job!

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