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Symantec / unauthorized annual renewal

8044 Canterbury CircleSanf0rd, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 919-499-2042

Charge for Norton annual renewal [protected] CA, Plan Name PPLNO1 is erroneous. I no longer have this on my computer. Am now using Panda.
I want a refund.
Susan Farrington
MasterCard Gold
BB&T Account # ####


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  25th of Feb, 2007
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Symantec - Norton Internet Security 2007 update problem!
United States

I've been a Norton customer for several years with only a few minor issues with their service comparable to other software programs. Recently, Norton detected a virus that it could not quarantine or delete. I contacted them via e-mail for the solution. Their response was to uninstall my Norton product and download their latest version at no charge. All worked well, except then product activation key was needed. They never gave me one. Over one hour on the phone and they claim they have no record of me. I have copies of e-mails, account numbers AND even subscription renewal records. My only recourse will be to uninstall AGAIN, and reinstall my old Norton disk (which is 3 years old) can you imagine the updates I'll have to download? I won't do it, I'd rather buy another program. Computer associates will be worth the try. The phone tech won't even send me a survey via e-mail so that I can rate their service. I still have the e-mail saved with Incident number that shows what they suggested. A phone tech with a better grasp of the English language would have been nice.
  26th of Mar, 2008
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Symantec - Scam billing!
Norton AntiVirus
3849 South 99th East Ave.
United States
Phone: 918-814-3006

There should be a notes sent out be for you bill a persons Credit Card. This way a person can say oh yes please set me up for another year, or I was not happy with your product and to take me off your list. Also there is times you help some one out and they use your card and it should be a one time use. So if the Card holder and the account is different this should also send up a red flag, to not use the credit card for a renewal.
  28th of Mar, 2008
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Symantec - Annual Renewal
Norton Antivirus
United States

I was charges 69.99 for annual renewal without my personal authorization...I do not use Norton anymore and yet it was renewed?!
  6th of Apr, 2008
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Symantec - No refund received as promised
United States
Phone: 906-228-4338

On 1/23/08 $59.98 was charged to my visa and I found out that I did not need the product so I notified the company and the Norton was removed from my computer but I have yet to receive the promised refund.
  13th of Apr, 2008
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Symantec - Did not receive valid subscription key!
United States

For third year in a row, I ordered a renewal for my Norton Internet Security subscription, and for the third year in a row,
the subscription key code did not work. I tried to call the 800 number, and got into a push-button nightmare. The system stated they would call back in 30 minutes. Three hours have gone by and no return call. I also tried to contact them through their website to no avail. This company does not care ONE BIT about their customers. Their return e-mail charged my credit card, of course, but I did NOT get what I paid for. My subscription will expire in a few days, I will be $49.99 poorer and I have no product. Their e-mail says "We hope that you had a pleasant shopping experience." What a joke!!! My abdominal surgery was more pleasant! Millions of people have complained about this "rip-off" company. Why are they still allowed to business???

I will NEVER buy their product again!
  21st of Apr, 2008
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I was charges for Norton AntiVirus on my Visa and did not order it and don't use Norton AntiVirus at all.
  7th of May, 2008
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Symantec - I have been charged twice
DRI*Symantec Generic
United States

I signed up online for antivirus protection. Received an email confirmation but next time online I had a message that my application had not been completed. I did another application as I had no other option offered. I now have two separate billings on my charge card for the for Norton antivirus protection.
  29th of Jun, 2008
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Symantec - Software doesn't perform
United States

Symantec software claims its software protects computers. It implies that it automatically protects the users computers by making it secure as well as backing up documents, all content on the computer. This however is not the case. Symantec software on my computer indicates that my system is not secure. It has an icon which says FIX, when you click on the FIX icon nothing happens. I would like a refund as I am on 12 months contract. I do not wish to use SYMANTEC.

Another point regarding BACKUP. It gives the impression that it automatically backs up when you designate a time drive etc. This is not the case. I have tried to view back up information, which Symantec confirmed my backup was updated it appears that no backup has been saved, but instead it asks me to purchase backup space.

I would like an investigation so that such unethical practices are withdrawn immediately.
  22nd of Jul, 2008
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Symantec - download
United States

I did autorize symantec to download anti virus DRI Symantec on 6-2-08 but it would not download because of my other AVG. So, on June 23, o8, I asked symantec to cancel my subscription and have not heard from them and it has not been reimbursed on my card, as of today. I was also to receive a copy in the mail of this anti virus protection but have not received it. The amount is $69.98. I need to hear from them or someone that can tell me how to reach them by phone.
  24th of Jul, 2008
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I am proud of my internet ability since i am 86 yeras old.

Symantec has taken much enjoyment from this experience. Instead of protecting me they are hurtful. Thought I had downloaded a 2008 vesrsion it says 2006.

Also when a problem comes up. no real sincere, practical way to contact them.
  5th of Aug, 2008
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Symantec - Don't buy or try it
Symantec Norton's Antivirus
United States
Phone: 330-524-2458

I downloaded the free update for Norton's 360 2 it did not load properly so I had to contact tech support. I allowed them to remote into my computer and after an hour they fix the problem or so it seemed. When I went to my documents it was completly empty. I then notice info was missing from my desk top as well and all of my bookmarks were gone. I immediately called back they said there was nothing they could do it was not their responsibility their tech support people do not bother our personal files. I decided to do a search of my computer for 2008 documents and they all popped up in recently changed with a date of 8/1/08 at 7:12 PM which of course I was in my remote session. I called them back and told them I had found the files but did not understand where they were or how to access them back. The tech person suggested I use restore and go back to an earlier point in the day. I did this and everything was gone including my reference to them in recently changed. I am in grad school and I need those documents! I shut my computer down a little later and then had to reboot it so I could do some school work. It would not reboot it would not even reboot in safe mode. I took it to repair shop the next day and was told they would have to reload Windows and then they would put a recovery tool on the computer. The cost of at the least $130.00. I immediately contact their customer support to once again be told it was not their fault and I requested a supervisor contact me. Today I found out my hard drive had crashed and it would cost me an extr $120.00 I again contacted them and was told it was not their fault and the most they would offer was a refund of the product. There was nothing wrong with my computer until I downloaded their update my computer is just little over a year old. There are all sorts of complaints on the Internet about this product don't buy it.
  16th of Aug, 2008
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Symantec - Fraud and cheating
Phone: 613-332-0260

I purchased Norton Security antivirus off of the Symantec.com website through my Visa and would like to have a cd with the program set to my home. When I purchased I was not able to download the program and my computer crashed with all the info I needed to contact the vendor. I purchased the program August 25, 2008. I was provided with a reference number and was also unable to print. i have the info on the visa only where it was debited from my account. It would be much appreciated if I could get a contact name I sent a email from the website with no response.
  19th of Aug, 2008
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I was actually trying to order the latest Norton Antivirus upgrade (2008), and the rep ended up selling me Norton Internet Security without my knowing what I was getting into. The thing appeared to take over the Windows firewall, or at least the familiar user interface for the Windows firewall was replaced by an irritating Norton interface. I had already had warnings against using anything besides the antivirus. I was unable to find any clear way to disable everything but antivirus functionality, and it was apparently impossible to disable the overall interface and get back my familiar Windows security center. So I asked for a refund. It was promised within 5 business days, and did not arrive. So I requested it again and the same was promised again. The same time has passed again and the refund did not arrive.

Symantec's phone and online chat reps in India proved to be the most incompetent people I've ever dealt with. They made mistakes of one kind or another (misinterpreting me, not giving me what I asked for) so many times in so many different regards. I have never seen such incompetence in my life. It even goes beyond what MCI did wrong, and they were previously the worst.

I will not deal with Symantec again.

If there are others not getting refunds, perhaps we need to look into a class-action lawsuit. It is not something I've ever been motivated to do, but Symantec has taken me to a new level of irritation.
  27th of Aug, 2008
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Symantec - Annual subscription

I just paid for my annual subscription for the Norton Security System. They billed me 63.38 US dollars paid via credit card last July 24, 2008. Now they are flashing the sign that my annual subscription is due to lapse in 26 days.

I tried to contact the company but they require all sorts of requirements to be able to contact them.
  15th of Sep, 2008
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Symantec - Norton internet security does not work
10201 torre ave
United States

Over the past two months i have had countless viruses make it through norton. contacted technical support and they said that it is not possible for their software to capture all viruses, i have been with norton for years and their early software, even if it did not recognize the code would at least quarintine the virus.

the first time i had a problem i switched out my hard-drive and contacted cudtomer support, and was told i had a hardware issue. i knew this to not be true as i am adept at pc platforms, so i purchased another virus program and installed taking care of the virus. i thought o/k i will just forget about it and life goes on.

about two weeks later my pc started freaking out, malicious pop-ups etc. so i loaded the other software, deleted the viruses, turned norton back on and contacted norton customer support. i was then told windows had to have all the latest updates installed. i told the person on the other end of the chat that if norton says secure on the cover page that means that windows automatic update is on and it is up to date.

now here is where my problem truly lies, the tech support person then asked me if i wanted to have a tech look at my pc and find out what is going on, i replied o/k and then that person asked me if we should continue, which sent up a red flag. i then asked was there a fee for the tech looking into the error and was shocked that they wanted to charge me $99.99 for a problem that clearly lies within their software.

here is another kicker, if their software says my machine is secure, and it is truly not, should i not be compensated in someway for my remaining subscription fee. i was told i could only get a refund within the first 60 days and i have paid for 2 years of subscription. you be the judge.
  21st of Sep, 2008
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Symantec - Charged without autorisation
United States

I was charged 49 dollars for norton renwal without my approval. I paid 120 dollars to get norton . When i was checking my account i found that norton has charged me 49 dollars more for the renewl of norton antivirirus knowing that my norton antivirus has stopped working 3 months ago. I do not understand why they charge without any call or any previous contact to let me know. I am now trying to get my money back, i do not know if it is possible or not.This a lesson that makes aware of the fraud that can affect everybody.
  17th of Oct, 2008
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Symantec - Charges for Services Not Received
United States

We bought Norton Spyware to get rid of viruses on the computer. It didn't work. Then we called Symantec and were told (after a 1 hour wait) that for $99.99, a technician could remotely access the computer to eliminate the viruses. We gave them our credit card number, expecting the work to begin immediately. Then we waited an hour, until they gave us the option to schedule a time which we eagerly did. After a hour past the 1-hour window in which they were to call, it became obvious that they were not going to do so. So then we logged into the on-line chat room where some folks with poor english kept punting us to other folks, until finally we wound up back to the service area where we waited yet another hour. Desperately, we logged back onto the on-line chat room begging them just to cancel the service call. They again punted us around until finally, they just left us hanging . . . with automated responses coming to us about about 10 minutes that they were still 'researching' the issue. After an hour of this, we realized that we were being had, so we hung up - and no surprise! - found that our credit card had been billed for the non-existant service. Obviously, we will be disputing this charge but meanwhile we spent about 5 hours of our day dealing with this horrid company. Please learn from our mistake - just get a local computer company to fix your computer instead of calling (what appears to be) India where the staff has obviously been trained to get your $$ for nothing.
  24th of Oct, 2008
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Symantec - Bad product
United States

I bought norton antivirus for my computers and had it installed, when i noticed that i could'nt enter internet explorer, so i took it to circuit city and they told me my laptop had virussssssss!
So what is the deal i have norton antivirus on my laptop and it does not work . So now i have to pay 2oo.Oo dollars so they can take off the virus.
Im looking for the telephone number of norton and i cant find it.
  26th of Oct, 2008
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Symantec - Difficulty in Renewing Subscription
Have No Business Name
2629-35th Avenue S
United States
Phone: 701-237-4735

My credit card was charged $48.98 a month or so ago for what I assumed was a renewal of a subscription to the Norton AntiVirus protection. I received an e-mail which appeared to confirm that the renewal had actually taken place. However, I keep getting these constant reminders that my prescription has expired. Repeated efforts to reach anyone from Norton to resolve the problem have been to no avail. Expiration notices just keep coming. In the meantime, Norton has my money and I don't know if I'm protected or not. I have had similar problems with Norton in the past. How this outfit is allowed to remain in business is beyond my comprehension.
  3rd of Nov, 2008
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i canceled my norton in 2007 and now in late 2008
they did a renewal of $39.99 on my credit card
without my permission. i have several numbers but
i can't get a live person.

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