Steak 'n Shake / manager and cook at kissimmee route 192 store

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Tonight we went into the restaurant at 7:15 on a Tuesday night. The restaurant was only 1/4 full. At least 1/2 the rest of the tables were full of dirty dishes. We got a table right away, then waited 52 minutes for 2 steak burgers. At first the waitress kept telling us our food would be right out. Then she started apologizing, and finally she told is she went and got the manager.
But, the manager never came to our table. She went and started to help cook. When we finished dinner i went to the cash register and stood for at least 5 minutes before the manager even came and took my money. And yes, she knew I was standing there. I told her we had waited 52 minutes and she said "yea, the waitress told me., " No, apology nothing. That is the 2nd time we have had horrible waits at that location. We will not be going back EVER.

Mar 21, 2017

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