Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / service

Mason , ohio, OH, United States

My husband and I went to a steak n shake in mason Ohio last weekend. There were two full tables when we arrived but the rest were empty. The server seated us and never once smiled. When it was time to order she dint say anything to us other than "are you ready"? Never got a smile. When our food came she dropped it off and didn't ask if it looked OK or if we needed anything else. Again, didn't say anything. And no smile. My food was dry and there was no sauce. I ordered the chili 5 way. She never came back to check on us. I wanted to order a shake bust she never stopped by. She did drop off a refill for my husband but just did it in passing. The whole time we were there, she said less than five words to us, never smiled, and never asked about our food. And the only reason I was there was because last time I went I had a terrible experience and was offered a free meal. However when I went to pay, without asking questions or anything, we were told they would not honor our free meal. I eat steak n shake often and this location has the worst service I have ever had.

Aug 14, 2017

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