Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / everything about the steak and shake in muncie, indiana

First, the restaurant is always dirty. Napkins, french fries, etc. all over the floor. I can only imagine what the restroom looks like.

Secondly, we went last evening and had to wait maybe five minutes for a table, which was not bad. However, this is the third time in a row when the restaurant was not particularly busy that we waited over an hour for our food. Nothing complicated, no milk shakes. I ordered a single with bacon and cheese and my husband ordered the Royale. After about ten minutes, the waiter came back and asked if he wanted an egg on his Royale. Well, the egg is what makes it a Royale!

Finally, our plates came. Fries were cold. I didn't even look at my sandwich as my attention was on my husband's plate. The eff was not properly cooked and raw egg yolk was running all over the plate, soaking into the bun. All that was on his sandwich was the burger patties and undercooked egg. No bacon, no condiments, nothing! I wish I had taken a picture as this was unbelievable!

We used to eat here a couple times a week but no more.

We took our receipt to the counter and told the cashier we would not be paying as the food was not edible. She asked if we wanted to speak to the manager. What good would that do? Wait another hour for a new plate?

So disappointing!!!

Nov 27, 2017

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