Sonic Drive-Inthe managers are not serve safe and are very rude to there employees

the gm of hamilton alabama is very rude and always cussing when she comes in to work.the gm or assistant managers are not serve safe and said they dont care.they never wear gloves or use sanitizer and never take the ice cream machines apart and clean them i have seen black mold in them and they still serve it. i have seen several of the workers drop food in the floor and still use it and the carhops would use a spoon to scrape whip off of the ice cream and send it back out.until they get a call from another sonic that the audit or health inspector is coming they never have sanitizer or have anything clean.they cook all food up in the morning and use it all day until the audit comes in then they throw it out.chicken as been completely thowed out and they still use it.they are having to use a cord in the ceiling to run all the none of the employees wash there hands unless the health inspector is there.there is no air conditioner system there so they leave all of the doors open at all times.i believe something is to be done about this place if not close the doors because there has been a lot of people getting sick off of the food and the ice cream.

Apr 30, 2017

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