Sonic Drive-Inservice

I ordered two #10s (just the sandwich), for which I had a BOGO free coupon. As I was ordering the young man who was taking my order (Kevin) kept interrupting me which was very irritating, but I tried to ignore it. I proceeded with my order and requested that pickles be added to each sandwich for which I was told was extra (not a problem), and I also ordered a small fry. After waiting for a few minutes, he finally came out with my order and I then presented the coupon because I had forgotten to mention it while I was ordering. With an attitude, he (Kevin) let me know that I was supposed to mention it while ordering and took everything back with an attitude. While forgetting to mention the coupon was on my behalf, the attitude was unnecessary. When he returned I just decided to go home because being 4 1/2 months pregnant I just wanted to go home, eat and rest.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Palmdale, CA As I was getting ready to eat, I noticed that my sandwiches were two visibly different sizes, almost like I had received one adult size and one kid size...not what I ordered and not what the coupon offered. On top of not getting 2 of what I ordered, there were no pickles on either and my fries were EXTREMELY cold and the one sandwich I did eat, or attempted to eat, the chicken was almost rock hard like it had been over cooked, sat out for a while, and then reheated in the microwave. Being pregnant not only did I not feel like driving back out in traffic, but lately I have been craving Sonic for a while and it is very disappointing when my craving is not satisfied. I was not able to eat any of the food I purchased and had to go back out when that was not what I wanted to do, to spend more money on something else to eat. I do not know what can be done to fix this, maybe a refund or compensation. Thank you in advance.

Dec 03, 2018

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