Sonic Drive-IN / management

Conway, AR, United States

Me and my friend went into Sonic to grab some after hour slushies. We went to swipe our card and their systems were down. They tried to swipe our card inside and had no luck due to systems being temporarily down. The manager came out and asked if we had cash. We politely said no. She then said, "Well, if its okay with you i will need to write your card information down and process it later if you are comfortable with that." I politely said no, and I wasn't going to hand over my private information on a piece a paper for a 3.00 order. She got VERY rude and said, well this is the only time I will let this slide and let you Have a free ticket and then she walked off. This wasnt our fault to begin with so to leave feeling in the wrong os not right. Making me feel horrible for refusing to write down my card information, expiration date, and cvv number is disresectful on all accounts.

Thank you.


Jun 21, 2017

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