Sonic Drive-IN / extremely poor customer service & foul tasting sandwich

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I went through the sonic drive-through in Edgewater Maryland today to get a breakfast sandwich and a corndog for my dogs and Cinna snack.

Right away the young kid in the loudspeaker sounded like he was giggling and laughing at my order while I placed my order. that seemed pretty inappropriate childish and unprofessional. Then when I pulled up he was rather arrogant and sarcastic. Once he gave me my bag he just shoved it through the window looking at me smiling he didn't say thank you for your order come back and see us he was very rude.

I pulled away stop somewhere to eat a sandwich. I drove a half hour out of my way just to go to the sonic because in the past they've always had great customer service extremely friendly and wonderful food better than I've ever had any other drive-through restaurant.

Once I bit into my sandwich that was a Fowl taste in there and I thought oh gross I spit it out and then I went to another side of the sandwich it was a egg and cheese with bacon on Ciabbatta bread. It tasted extremely foul . I spit it out of my mouth and threw it away.

I tried calling a few minutes later and I called about five different times and nobody would answer the phone ever that and self is a disgrace for a business how can you not answer the phone when it rings 7 times how can you not answer the phone when somebody calls five or 10 times separately it's as if they're not taking any calls throughout the day. That's bad customer service period. It was slow there - it's not like they were slammed or something.

I called hours later to find out who the manager was and if they had time to speak with me a girl over the phone acted like a spoiled 14-year-old brat and was very unprofessional. Her name was Emily.

I kept asking what the managers name was and then if I'd be able to speak with them she wouldn't let me through and she didn't give me a name. eventually she said that she was the manager but she was very rude and unprofessional she wasn't customer service friendly at all and she didn't act like any manager should ever act when there's a problem over the phone.

The guy that took my order his name was Justin he was the most unprofessional rude arrogant kid I've ever seen working at a drive-through.

Maybe you guys shouldn't hire children and if you do make sure that they don't act like childish spoiled brat‘s. they need to learn how to be professional how to take orders right and something was disgustingly fowl with the sandwich that he gave me. had I have known I never would've gone an hour out of my way and wasted gas and $10 for nothing I didn't even want to give my dogs that sandwich it was so sickening I wanted to throw up. I ended up eating somewhere else.what a waste of time.

Rest assuredI will never ever go there again that's sick whoever made that sandwich should be fired and both Emily and Justin need to take some kind of a training refresher class On how to treat customers properly with respect. I'm pretty disgusted how they handled everything.

Sonic Drive-IN

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