Sonic Drive-Inemployee's lack of service

I've never ever had to do this because I believe there is a reason for insufficient duties. But, I gave these people a second chance and was unsatisfied with the service I received.
I went to sonic a couple months ago on reelfoot Avenue in union city tn 38261, and while there I ordered a large coke and 2 cups of ice, well it took them 45 minutes to bring me those 3 items, I didn't say nothing because they were kind of busy, no more than 25 cars there. Then last night (1-14-17) I went up there to the same sonic and ordered 3 milkshakes roughly between 9:10pm to 9:15, well we sat there and waited and waited and and 20 min later I beeped back in and asked where my shakes were and the guy said on his way, we'll I watched him go to the fountain worker and tell her something and she started to make our shakes, abt 10 more minutes passed and still did not deliver my shakes, so we left because they obviously didn't care about they're customers waiting forever. The fountain worker was layed up against the table where people's orders were sitting and was just conversating with the carhop, whom was standing there just playing with her hair, I've never dealt with such incompetence at any sonic before and was very displeased. I would of understand if they accidently forgot our order, someone could have came to me personally and apologized for that, instead they all were mad at me because I inquired about my order. I wished they would make right for the way I've been treated twice by the same set of people but they will not. And they were not busy lastnite either. There were no more than 10 vehicles there

Jan 15, 2017

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