Sonic Drive-Incross contamination

On Sunday May 27th. 2018 I ordered through the drive in at "stall #9" in Killeen Texas on Rancier Ave. and order a Jr.Deluxe Cheeseburger with no lettuce, no mayo but add mustard and bacon. Driving home I started to eat the burger and after one bite I knew there was no bacon. NOW any other fast food place would make you a fresh sandwich, it is WRONG to take someones' food that they were eating back inside the restaurant, open it up and slap a piece of bacon on it and send it back out to me after I had eaten some of it !!! That is cross contamination for one thing and since they made the mistake a fresh sandwich should've been made. Even though the sandwich was made there the thought of someone else opening up something you were eating and giving it back to you just turned my stomach so I couldn't even eat it..I threw it away!! This is wrong!!

May 30, 2018

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