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Sonic Drive - In / reply to all sonic complaints

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For all those who file complaints against sonic drive-in locations-

1. All sonic locations are not owned by the corporation.
In fact, few locations actually are. Most are franchised locations which are independent of the company with the exception of branding, recipes, and marketing. That being said, each drive-in is going to differ based upon the ownership and the general manger in place.

2. All locations are not the same.
There are quite a few locations which are run exclusively "by the book" if you will. These particular locations have excellent service and great food. One thing that definitely helps with customer service is to know exactly what you want before you even consider pressing that pretty red button.

3. You can complain against any one location by calling a simple and easy-to-remember phone number.
The call is free and your next order will most likely be free (To an extent) as well. That number is simple:


This is the number for the customer service hotline which is offered through the coca-cola corporation. These are the same people that will take your complaints from wendy's, mcdonald's, or any other location serving coca-cola products.

A few little-known facts about the chain:
-sonic does not offer, nor do they endorse, warming lamps of any kind. Fries and tater-tots are to by kept for no longer than 5 minutes under a thermal glass lamp that looks exactly like a thermal glass cook top or stove. It is very hot and keeps those tots extra crispy for your enjoyment.
-our burgers and all other items are kept for no longer than 30 minutes. Don't get upset! If you like wendy's then you should know that they have been using this technology for years before us. It is called "infrared heating equipment". This equipment functions like some modern-day microwaves. There is a sensor located in this state of the art machine that measures the moisture inside a particular pan. When the product is no longer up to standard, it is discarded.
-most locations follow the "if you wouldn't eat it, don't send it out" policy. We do not ever serve anything off of the floor. All of our items are preserved at safe temperatures which prohibit the growth of bacteria and food-born illnesses.
-all locations must follow a strict sonic-safe policy that is endorsed and enforced by an independent organization known as "nsf" (National safety foundation). Each location in every state undergoes two rigorous audits each year where an inspector investigates all parts of the store and normal daily operations. The inspections are random and the store does not know when the inspector will arrive.

Most locations strive for great customer service and realize that the guests are who pay the employee wages. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly or that the location just isn't up to par, please call 1-800-ok-sonic and report the establishment directly to the big dogs. I assure you that every complaint is heard by numerous persons. The complaint process will go like this:

1. Call and speak to the representative.
2. Possibly receive coupons.
3. Rep. Files a categorized complaint which is sent first to the corporate office, second to the store owner, and last to the store manager.
4. Depending on the severity of the complaint, the owner will inspect the location. If the situation is bad enough, sonic corporate sends out either a regional representative or regional vice-president to handle the situation. If the location is too bad out of shape, sonic does what is called a full operational assessment where they come in with a full team of certified trainers. Each and every employee and manager is observed for one full week. During a second week, they are all retrained. A follow-up assessment decides whether to revoke the locations operating agreement with sonic or leave the location open.

Hope that all helps.

-a friendly sonic supervisor

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  • Be
      20th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes
    Sonic Drive In - DeFuniak Springs, FL - Poor service
    United States

    The Sonic Drive In located in DeFuniak Springs, Florida always gets the orders wrong, overcharges for what was (supposedly) ordered, and the service is extremely slow. Many of the waitresses are often rude.

  • De
      19th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes
    Sonic Drive - In Hewitt Tx - veggie worm in my sandwich
    United States

    I was 3/4 finished with my chicken sandwich and looked down to see a small caterpillar-like worm in my sandwich. Disgusting!!!!!!

  • Tr
      29th of Nov, 2007
    -2 Votes
    Sonic Drive - Management's treatment of minor employees!
    Sonic Drive
    North Q Street
    United States

    My daughter, who is 16, was hired to work at the Q street Sonic in Pensacola around July 2007. It was her first paid job and she was excited. Although a little withdrawn at first, she was a willing worker and eager to learn. What I noticed from management staff was horrible in how they treated the employees as a whole. Most are young and school/college age and are talked to in a very bad way. Trish, the GM seemingly wanted to work with my daughter and train her, but I found out this never happened. She never received proper training and was given second hand, soiled uniforms to begin work. Ray, an AGM and husband of another drive in GM, was also a problem and seemed to have issues with the black employees who worked under him. My daughter was subjected to harsh words, bad attitudes from management and even physical harm before leaving. Ray, an AGM, was supposedly playing around with my daughter one day and kicked her in the leg. She didn't think it was funny since I had told her not to fool with him other than to do her work and handle the customers effectively. He said he was playing, but from the complaints I got in the beginning about him, this was no game. My daughter didn't even tell me until a week later to keep my husband and I from going up and showing him what was really up. After I found this out, I spoke with the GM who stated she would handle it, but of course she was friends with him and did nothing. It seemed that the white managers stick together through bad and worse and this was an example of worse. I contemplated pressing charges, but he would have gotten off too light I am sure. On a day when my daughter had been spoken to harshly and mistreated, she was handling a customer order and didn't perform as well as she should have. This happened to be a mystery shopper and received a low grade for her demeanor. I don't blame her for being in a bad mood at that time, but she should have told me sooner so I could have taken care of the problem. The GM and I both agreed that this wasn't a good environment for her and she left in September 2007. This job only lasted 2 months, but it was the worst 2 months she has ever had in her life. I didn't want her 1 st paid experience to be her worse, but that's what it was. I wish Trish and Ray the best, but what goes around.... comes around... Remember that!!

  • Al
      27th of Mar, 2008
    -1 Votes
    Sonice Drive In - Gravy!
    Sonice Drive In
    N. Main street
    United States

    I ordered a chicken strip dinner and ordered onion rings instead of french fries, I did not get the onion rings and the gravy was so watery that you had to just throw it away. Stay away from this place!

  • Je
      29th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    The sonic in Moberly Mo has the WORST service and the rudest workers I have ever seen in my life!! The manager is even worse, he allows his employees to treat customers in this fashion. I have reported this store to the proper departments and NOTHING has been done. Example; We ordered drinks they were all wrong! My son took the drinks back inside and the girl woking said to [censored] bad, get over it!! We ask to speak tot he manager or have a number to reach him at she refused!! This store is run by teenage BRATS

  • Da
      30th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes
    Sonic-Drive in - Terrible Customer Service
    Sonic-Drive In
    Hwy 80
    United States

    A couple of my team mates and I decided to go to sonic after practice, especially since it was half-price Tuesday.(burgers are half price) So with it being 3 of us, we all ordered from separate menus so that we might get our food faster (because sonic is soooo slow.) Anywho, after the 2 of us that had got out and ordered from separate menus finished ordering, we got back in my team mate's car because it was cold outside. So finally the guy comes with one of our orders but doesn't see us waving him to the car we're in (which, mind you is right in his other customers were around) so he immediately goes back inside. We're thinking he forgot something. So when he comes back out he comes to the car and I pay for my order and get back in the car. By this time we all have our orders. So one of my team mates says "Are yall's burgers cold?" All 3 of our burgers were cold so we press the button for someone to bring us hot burgers. So this same guy comes back out and before we even say anything, he says "The burgers weren't cold, I've been out here waiting on you all to come and get your order". I am in total shock! We were all like, "excuse me??" So he's going back and forth with us and finally my team mate says "are you going to reheat the burgers or not?" He says "I'll reheat them but I'm not bringing out new ones" Then he has the audacity to say "you don't have to get rude!" So i've had it at this point. I ask for the manager so the mgr comes out and says he's sorry and will talk to the guy and asks us what we want for free. We tell him and we are waiting and waiting for him to bring out this "free" stuff to us. A female employee tells us over the intercom that he's not bringing it so we leave very upset, with our burgers still cold after all of that. Worst experience at sonic ever!

  • Hi
      16th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes
    Sonic Drive - In - How do you mess this up?
    6202 Broadway Blvd
    United States
    Phone: 972-203-2993

    So I just went to Sonic and ordered the #8(The Chicken Wrap) and ordered it with extra ranch. Tell me why I got a Jr. Chili Cheese Frito wrap(WITH EXTRA RANCH???) How the hell do you screw that one up? They HAD to have known that it was the wrong thing when the opened it to put the ranch on(which looked disgusting). Bunch of freaking ###s, I swear. I'm going back up there tomorrow to give my complaint to the manager.

  • Tl
      16th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Sonic hires complete idiots. There is one near my house... half the time we go, we can't order what we want because their ice cream machine is broken... they're out of this ingredient or that ingredient... et cetera. Or, like you said... they just screw up your order and act all shocked when you confront them.

    Good luck seeing the manager! Reply and let us know how it goes. Although based on my experience, the "manager" you see might not be the sharpest tack in the drawer, either.

  • Sh
      20th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes
    Sonic - Over charged
    Grand Prairie
    United States

    I took a client to lunch today. I was charged 49 cents for 2 small packages of ketchup! When I called sonic asking about the charge they denied it. I told them my ticket # - 220 - and they still denied charging me for it even though the price is/was on my bill. I will NEVER go to sonic again and will tell everyone I know about this. Sherryl Clark

  • No
      10th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Ok first of all i have been a fan of sonic for a long time and have overlooked their short comings 3 times so if u wanna down play my complaint u can suck on a sock :), 1st there was a piece of clear plastic in my drink, then it happened two more times at the location that i will discuss. After the first i vowed not to get anymore shakes, second no more shakes or cream slush, third no more shakes, cream slush, slush or mixed drinks period. Only fountain drinks. Then someone ahead of me paid for my meal (the electronic pay outside) in the drive through and i had to wait FOREVER for them to take care of it. Less than 3 days later I paid for someone elses. I only glanced at the amt before i paid, trusting the machine because i hadnt really had a problem (not thinking of the other day). Then i thought to myself that seemed a little much. I thought i would wait for my receipt then see if i paid the correct amount. Well after attempting to give me the wrong order, and waiting for her to get the right one she looked at my receipt and proceeded to give me my order without the receipt attached. I had to ask for my receipt. After reviewing it and seeing that it was diff than the amt i paid i stopped at a pull in station to let it be known that i noticed what had happened. I said it had happened twice, its ok right now but they need to fix the machine. The lady who i later found was the manager decided to argue with me and proclaim that it was my fault i paid the wrong balance and i should look to see if the amount is for my ticket, unfortunately for her her worker neglected to tell me the balance before i pulled through. She cut me off in the convo saying she would fix it then cut off the spkr. The woman that brought me the diff (also the lady at the window) which im sure was inaccurate but i really wasnt wanting the diff just to voice my concern, was also very short with me saying the manager is busy. I then called and the manager, whom i realized was the original voice i spoke with, basically gave me an uh huh ok im sorry were busy ill talk to her ok "click". This just happened so i will attempt to contact a district man. But i def will not be going back to ANY sonic. The customer service is horrible. It only takes one bad experience to ruin the whole name anyone should know that. Would it have been so hard to say "I am so sorry i will fix that for you", to which i would respond "no problem dont worry about it ya just might wanna fix the machine"?

  • Da
      15th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes
    Sonic - discrimination
    United States

    i worked for sonic for 3 weeks and one of the managers, jeff, was rude and took a girks mp 3 player from her and threw it on the floor and stomped on it. he was rude to me and told me to take my earring off because i was a cook, whike the girlks who wore earrings and cooked could wear theirs. he fired me for being too slow. he us a jerk to everyone who works there and has a temper.

  • Do
      1st of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Question...Why would you want to work at a place like that?

  • Lo
      12th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes
    Sonic - paid for produc,but cant download program.
    sonic store
    112 hellfire drive. darch
    Western Australia
    Phone: 08-9302-1601

    Baught sonic produc for mi computer on 22-09-09 but from the begginning cant get it downloadet.After
    several complains to sonic with E-Mails telling them I cant get it downloaded.Some of the E-Mails Isend them
    I had to wait 7 days for respons from them.So I ask them for a re-fund on Mi money because till now Icant get the program they say.Mi request for refund have past our 30 days policy upon purchasing this product, ant cant get refunded. But i ask them for a refund weeks ago.

  • Fi
      12th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    next time, dont download from a website that yo udo not know about.
    just get the game from

  • Ru
      13th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes


  • Ji
      4th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Funny thing is I worked for sonic a few years ago and one of the most annoying things, aside the know it all customers who think they could do any better, is to be in a hurry and trying to get the food to one guest so you could get the next taken care of but you get stuck at the first guests car bc hes taken forever. Then finally he gives you the money for the order and sits there and watches while you fumble to get his change of 53 cents from the changer all while balancing everything in your one hand and while sometimes even wearing skates. Then after all that you go to hand him the 53 cents and he says “keep it I don’t need it!!??” Oh my God really? 53 cents and you made me stand there and dig it out only to act as if you gave me a couple bucks? That is why we ask! Not to be rude but bc we are trying to hurry up and get to the next person before he gets mad and files a complaint! I hear so many people complain about things and they have no idea. For example, did you ever stop to think that EVERYONE pulls up to a sonic and pretty much hits the button at the same time and demands service….. Goto McDonalds drive thru and try that??? You can’t! Its one car and one order or maybe 2 if they have a double lane however its still only one transaction at a time! On top of that if you actually take a stopwatch and goto another place like BK or McDs and time yourself when you pull up during a busy time like lunch you’d be really surprised how long you really wait. Your perception is it’s the person in front of you taking forever so you blame them but at sonic you don’t see that person so you blame sonic.. You speak of things you have no idea about. Go put yourself in other peoples shoes before you assume the worst in someone or a place!

  • St
      16th of Dec, 2017
    -1 Votes

    @jinla Boo hoo!!

  • Ga
      22nd of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    The machine was not broken in any way. It just works a little weird because the Drive-Thru is very odd at Sonic. At my Sonic in particular, if you park in a stall, it sends us a number and, on the switchboard, we press the number of the stall, and then hit a button that says "stall #". However, the confusing part about that, if for some reason, it does not take that you hit the stall number, or some other weird occurence happens, hitting "stall #" without a proper number before it is how we ring up drive-thru orders. Now it is easy to accidentally ring up a stall order to drive-thru and we do it about once a shift. People have the possibilty of someone paying for the wrong order.

    Now, they didn't tell you a total, meaning that they did something wrong as it is. One way that they could have fixed the problem was to give you a refund in cash. Covering you for the accidental charge, however, what SHOULD have happened was that the ticket cancel, a receipt handed to you saying that they Credit was voided, and then the order rung back up and charging you for your order properly.

  • El
      3rd of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Oh, SHUT UP!!! I've had some horrible experiences at "Sonic", and I'm going to let the world know about it. I've called before, and they gave me the run-around.

  • Sh
      21st of Jan, 2010
    +2 Votes

    sonic drive in of midland, texas has no respect towards its employees. they refer to their employees as special, ###s, [censored]es, dumb, and etc. always yelling for anything that happens. always cussing at everyone and embarrassing them in front of every one. you can work up to 10 hours a day or more and all u get is a 15 minute break to sit down and eat. carhop (waitress) are on their feet all day long walking around the entire area delivering orders and only a 15 minute break is given. the cooks dont even recieve a break at all.

  • Le
      21st of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    @shoana Ha! Welcome to the job industry! It's gonna be like that, until you are 70... So get used to no breaks.

  • Sh
      21st of Jan, 2010
    +3 Votes

    very horrible

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