Sonic Drive INburger combo

This past saturday I got there right when breakfast ended and lunch started, because that's when lunch is the freshest. I ordered the sonic with cheese burger combo, with mayo and mustard, and all the vegetables. Well once I got home (which is less than 2 miles away) I realized the burger wasn't even fit to be given to a dog. The buns were rock hard, like they weren't even real, or had been left out in the open overnight, the mayo and mustard were overwhelming. I took the top bun off to look at it. Yourself couldn't see the vegetables and meat because of the condiments. This had to have been a joke to someone. I don't believe in getting anyone in trouble, because people need their jobs, but this was absurd. People need to do better, because if you're that miserable, and can't take pride in what you do... Move on to something that makes you happy... Smh

Nov 26, 2018

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