Sonic Drive-Inbreakfast slider

I went to the Eustace Tx sonic on 12-3-18 at 7:45 am I went in the store because they have a drive through or you can go inside because it is paired with a gas station and the line outside was long and i was in a rush. I went inside and ordered 2 breakfast bacon sliders and a sweet tea I asked the guy if he made sure they were the breakfast ones and he replied with yes. i got my tea it tasted like it had been sitting for a WHILE and I got in the car and took a bite of my sandwich and then noticed it was not the right one because it had hamburger meat and mayonnaise in it. I called the Sonic back and the manager told me i had to bring them back to get fixed i understood her and told her i had to get to work and would've be able to come back until later i also told her that i had eaten the sandwich even though it was not what i ordered because i am pregnant and can not go without eating. she continued to laugh at me and told me "look lady i can't help you if you don't want to come back" and then she hung up the phone. i really hope to hear back from someone so that i can get the sandwiches i ordered

Dec 03, 2018

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