Sonic Drive-IN / bacon/cheese croissant

Gravette, AR, United States

Went to our local Sonic in Gravette, Ar. on Sunday Oct. 15th. It was between 8:30-9am. We ordered a sausage toaster, a bacon/cheese croissant with the bacon well done, 1 coffee and a Rt 44 unsweet tea for which we had a coupon for. We were on a limited time schedule and it took awhile to get our food. When we did get it we headed to our appointment. The only thing that was correct was the toaster sandwich. The tea tasted very old ( i get tea at this Sonic all the time so I know what it is supposed taste like. It was undrinkable. Our coffee was cold and the worst part was the croissant. Not only did they make the bacon well done but they cooked the egg so long that it was hard and rubbery. It was dark brown instead of yellow. We drove back to Sonic and asked to have the sandwich remade. My husband said he could deal with the cool coffee and since we had a coupon for the tea I didn't ask for a new one esp if it was going to taste bad again. The car hop came out a few moments later and asked if I wanted the egg well done. That is when true frustration started. I told her that I only asked for the bacon to be cooked well done not anything else on the sandwich. We were so late by this time that I just asked for our money back. What a horrible experince. I don't know what was going on that morning with the workers/management but it needs to be looked into. By the way we ended up being half an hour late for our appointmen. Not cool!

Sonic Drive-IN

Oct 16, 2017

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