Sonic Chicken Strip SandwichFound plastic on my sandwich !

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I have had numerous problems with this sonic. A few months ago we went through the drive through and saw one of the workers working with food in the back, with a small baby on her hip. She was preparing food with a baby in her arms !
Today we went through there, and ordered 3 chicken strip sandwiches.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Seymour, TNI ate half of mine, and when a piece of chicken started to slide off the bun, I opened it to fix it back, and found 3 small pieces of hard black plastic on my sandwich ! One was the size of my pinky fingernail. God knows what I ate, as I had already eaten half the sandwich, and my children also !!! how can a worker not see that they are putting harmful items on a sandwich, OR, was this done on purpose ??

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  • Li
      Jul 07, 2009

    That's awful what you got on your sandwich. I would definitely complain. That could really hurt someone. As far as the baby thing, that is unfortunate. I feel so sorry for the people that work at sonic. They get paid $2.15 an hour ( I know cause my room mate works there) +tips. On a busy day my room mate brings back a little more than $3 in tips. She would go work somewhere else but there isn't anywhere else that is hiring. I know cause I'm looking for a job too and I am having hardly any luck. That poor girl is working her ### off to feed her baby and doesn't have anyone to look after him/her and sure can't afford a babysitter. I think sonic has gone too far. They really don't care at all about their employees. How can anyone live off of that?

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  • Dh
      Dec 19, 2009

    I am an employee of a Sonic chain. I am in the supervisory field for the ArkLaMiss region.

    The way we handle these types of complaints, for if you take it back, is like this:

    1. You would be instructed to notify the supervisor or owner, NOT the GM, of this incident. If you notify the GM, he will try to skirt the issue.
    2. You will need to have retained at least the sandwich with the contaminate and in its original condition if at all possible. The reason being is that if the issue goes to court, which it probably won't, then you'll need evidence or the judge will throw the case.
    3. Do not let the issue go. Believe me, Sonic will hope that you forget about it!
    4. Hire an attorney and sue. This is actually against health code so you do have a case. It's called foreign food contaminate which violates health code regulations in every state.
    5. They will eventually settle out of court if you have hard evidence.

    As far as the baby in the kitchen-

    This is a violation of many state and federal laws and the management could be fired, at the least, for that type of infraction. Worst case scenario is a closure of the location. This is an issue to be taken up with your local labor office. You could also take the complaint to Sonic. However, they will handle it all internally and you'll never know if the problem has been corrected. I encourage you to report this if nothing else because this poses a serious health and safety risk to the child.

    PS: All sonic workers are not paid $2.13. Only the carhops qualify for tip-credit and some sonic locations elect to pay more. For instance, the chain I am employed with pays $3.50.

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