Shoppers Drug Martstaff

Hello my name is samantha, I just received a do not enter form from the shoppers drug mart, I just spoke to the manager stating why this occured when I was not in the wrong for giving feedback on how I was being treated, he said I was demanding and rude
I came in to the shoppers on the side of the building, I buzzed in two minutes goes by I buzzed again and I went in, a lady came up to me and said why are you pushing the button twice (mimicking me rudely with hand gestures) I stated I didnt know if you heard me, she said ovbiously I heard I was on the phone, I stated didnt know that (I cant see in the store) she then rolled her eyes at me, I stated to her.. Again I didnt know you just had to say hey hun I was on the phone next time just know someone is coming. I have in the past rang the buzzer and no one came, I came in the afternoon asking what happened they said we didnt know you were aloud to come in before 9am (manager said I could) so I didnt know who was working that day or if they in fact heard me. There have been another incident with a girl stated I wasnt aloud in there I proceeded to tell her I was and have been doing so for a while she then began arguing with about it, I asked for her name and the pharmacist said its none of my business to not worry about it. I feel so sick to my stomach about this!! Because I told this lady I didnt know and she didnt have to speak with me like that, that now I am not aloud in the store. I feel that is it because I am on the methadone side they seem to think I am a nobody who they can talk to as if thats the case. I am just as much as a customer as anybody else. I need to go in there seeing its the only place that open before I go to work and now I am left with no other options sadened beyond belief for doing nothing but calmly stating my opinion. The manager wanted nothing to do with what I had to say, not even hearing me out, if this was a customer on the other side this would never take place im sure of it. Please help me as I am going to be devasted with potentially losing my job due to this matter, I feel like ive been kicked in the stomach by this emotionally

Jan 26, 2017

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