Shoppers Drug Mart / shoppers drug mart store employee (third line and dundas location) oakville

Oakville, ON, Canada

This is the Shoppers Drug Mart located right by my house and now I'm choosing to go else where because of the inappropriate treatment I received from some of your employees there one specific named Alex, a male individual who has been rude and accusatory.

I am a couponer and I am proud to say so. It is a smart way to shop and it helps me and family and in return I also coupon to donate. On Saturday, June 30 I went into the store to do a shop and also planned it out as there was the 20x the points event. I spent about 30-45 minutes in the store and upon checking out I brought out my coupons at the end of the transaction as I know that's when it's taken. I had 1 coupon for wonder bread which was a printed coupon and that was given a hard time but they allowed it. The next was manufacturer coupons for VIM. I had 22 coupons to use ($1.50 in value and the VIM was $0.99) and I was denied using them because it was making the product free. I've done my research on Shoppers Drug Mart's coupon policy and know that I do not get overage but that I would get the coupon applied only for the amount of the product. I was calm and collected about the situation I was put in, and looked up Shoppers Drug Mart's coupon policy on my phone while at the counter and another female employee gave me a bit of attitude making the claim "I don't know what that is or something along the lines of I've never seen that" referring to the coupon policy. At this time Alex is also involved shutting down my ability to use the coupons and then proceeds to make the comment of "I've already given you free things in the past". This is remark to Scanning Code of Practice as in the past I've so happen to purchase items that had the wrong tag still up and I know the Code's policy and he said this time I'll allow it but know next time our store policy is because there's an end date that's not applicable to the policy. I'm 100% this is not in compliance with the SCOP and because of that time he made that comment on June 30 in front of other customers which put me in a position of felling embarrassed and ashamed as if I was trying to do something wrong. His actions and demeanor, along with the older female employee who was working along side of the cashier helping me was by far the worst experience I have ever had at any store.

After Alex pointed out that Shoppers has the ability to limit quantities sold to me I obliged and said ok can I take 10 then, that's half of the amount of VIM I was originally going to purchase. He said I can only allow you to use 3 coupons, which absolutely doesn't make sense after the fact that he said he can limit my quantities but really he's in reality limiting my use of coupons because it so happens to be free. My coupons also states "one per purchase" and he was adamant that I'm limited to "one per customer". That is 2 different things and I told him one per purchase is per item I purchase gets 1 coupon. He was adamant on the fact that he will not give me items for free, even though I was following all of Shoppers coupon guidelines. And honestly the staff there needs to either show or post this "store policy on scanning code of practice" that he states omits items that have an end date because truth of the matter is that is a lie and not right because all tags have an end date.

I'm honestly disgusted at how I was treated and more annoyed that because of the way I was treated I'm resorting to go another store to purchase my items which this store location in literally a walking distance from my house. His treatment of me in front of other customers and accusations and comments is by far in appropriate. I've worked my share of retail and in the grocery chain in the customer service and know myself that every claim he made to me was incorrect and just spiteful because I was a smart shopper who knows how to coupon to lessen my out of pocket cost.

I would appreciate someone responding to this and the form of solution to this issue. Thank you.

Jul 04, 2018

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