Shoppers Drug Mart / service

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Hi, I went to the Mcphillips location near garden city tonight at about 9:47-10:00pm and I was standing there for about good 20 minutes trying to find something which I clearly couldn't and the philipino lady that was working she completely ignored me the whole time which was very rude! When I tried to go upto her she walked away but she was okay with helping other people I found it extremely rude and didn't want to ask her for help again. I couldn't find what I was looking for so I had to settle for something else then I went to the checkout and that lady was gone there was someone else working and she was super rude to me too. I don't know if I did something or they just didn't like me which was very weird because they both were okay with other people. I hope you read this and get back to me because my experience was horrible and I never want to go back to that location

Jun 23, 2017

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