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I went to shoppers drug mart yesterday on montreal road, I usually go to the one on vanier parkway but I was in a rush and decided to go to the one on montreal road and st laurent. Big mistake!! There was no one there to help me on the floor and then finally I get to the cash and theres a huge line up but the cashier doesnt do anything about it.. ? Her name was tina marie, she didnt smile, she was rude, she didnt even look like she was happy to be there, not only that but she wasnt even wearing the proper uniform, I mean her pants were black not blue and they were so tight, they were almost about to rip. She and the management should know better then to wear something like that to work! This was the worst shopping experience ive ever had. Oh yes and she forgot to ask me for my optimum card, usually the cashier always asks me if I have mine and thats when I take it out. This time she didnt ask and so I forgot and then she tells me she cant add my point anymore. It was her mistake I know she could of asked someone to add the points but she proceeded to the next customer. They are opening a new store and let me tell you I wont even look at it! Its going to take me a long time to walk back into any shoppers drug mart.

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  • Jo
      Jun 10, 2010

    Poor service and money hungey.I moved to Overwaitea drugs.

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  • Sa
      Feb 03, 2011

    I have been to 4 different location in BC. Namely Davie Street, Granville Street, Richmond Mall and Royal City Mall and they are all the same. I like the fact that some of their location operate 24 hours but in general their service sucks big time. Lack of customer service training or just basically lazy bunch of employee. Very slow at the cash register and hardly any staff on the floor to assist the customer. The wait at the cash register can be very long and none of them even bother to open another till until someone complaint. Hardly smiles at customers or being apologetic for the long line and most of them seems unhappy behind the counter. They should have a name tag that says buy it or leave it because I don't give a rat ###! Seriously, I think 90 years old seniors are more energetic and can do a better job then their current employee.

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