Shoppers Drug Mart / bonus cash your points days

I'm a big fan of Shoppers Drug Mart I always wait till I hit my Max in points in purchase large item things when they have the bonus cash your points days. But I've noticed that when they have these days and they say spend $95, 000 get $40 back in points but big item purchases is actually $30 more then if you were to purchase it on a regular day. As I realized when I took a picture of the Canon camera that I was interested in purchasing was on for $330 on the cash your points event. This week the exact same camera is listed for $300.00 in the flyer. It's not really a savings when the price goes up just because it's cash your points day. You're not really getting the extra. I've noticed this with other items to price always seems to go up on those days when you cash points stating that you get all these extra points back on your points card. Hmm seems like a little bit of false advertising there. So anyone out there waiting for these special days to cash your points in you may just well cash them in when your ready without all the extra lineups and trying to hit the stores at opening hours to make sure you can get your item. Also the hard drive so I bought last year turned out to be 30 to $40 more than purchasing it at Staples Just saying!!!

Shoppers Drug Mart

Dec 01, 2016

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