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Agree with a similar complaint! My wife's car has a similar situation, bad vibrations when you press the brake or turn the steering wheel. It is a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt. We took the car in for service to Sears at 12.10pm in Raleigh NC. Invoice mentioned 1:11pm check in time and 7:00 promised time. Service mechanic said "it needed struts and shocks/alignment. That would fix it, and if you wanted the parts they would be there at 4:00pmand had to be ordered now from Morrisville if we want them." I asked if that is going to fix it, to go ahead and order them; so looked like we would just have to wait. The mechanic said it would fix the problem; so I said OK. As we were waiting, at 4:10pm Sears called yet I did not hear the phone ring and saw I had a call from sears about 6:30pm; called it and they said the car was” fixed and ready for pickup”. We could not understand at that time how the struts, shocks and alignment were completed in 10 minutes. After paying over $700.00 for quick shocks and struts/alignment, and waiting for numerous hours, we paid and asked if the car had been driven prior and after work. The customer service lady said yes, that they should always do that. It was after 7pm (closing time) and as we drove away; nothing had changed with the vibrations and the alignment was not corrected, still pulled to the left as before. The car was not fixed in any way. I called the service manager (Ken) the next day and he seemed to say it was a hit or miss on why the vibrations… that the “rear drums/plates have deep grooves, steering wheel has a lot of play, right front axle seal was leaking” as on the paperwork we received; may have something to do with it. He also mentioned, after I asked, that the car was driven prior and after (work) was (completed) He told me that “the shocks and struts are the first thing to fix and this is an older car” (same comment as previous complaint)... sheesh... out over $700.00 and NOTHING fixed. VERY FRUSTRATED.

Dec 30, 2014

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