Searsunacceptable customer service for a general & regional manager

D Nov 15, 2017

On November 4, 2017 for the second time since I hav moved to this rural area (87402) the general manager of Sears (with permission from his supervisor) has made the decision of what & what not I can purchase with my Sears card! I was simply trying to purchase gift cards for my assistants when I was told, "do u have cash, something is fishy, go to wall mart & has the audacity to tell me that he is Sears & makes all decisions. My mother & other witness were flabbergasted as he continues to embarrass me as employees & patrons witness this sexual orientation discrimination act. Just because I gave feminine manorisms does not excuse the Sears general Manager & his supervisor from treating me differently than any other hard working law abiding citizen. I am trying to resolve this issue in a civilized manor & have made many phone calls with no response from a Sears representative. Why does sears think that this is not an important issue that affecting my physical & mental health???!!!

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