Order placed online after 4 attempts to pay. After 3 calls and explaining to people that could hardly understand english and explaining it was their website, not my card i found a manager that was able to place my order and have it go through. After hanging up i checked my account and the first order amount was still on hold through paypal. When i contacted paypal they stated although i was given notice from that my order was canceled they didn't notify paypal. It took three days to release my funds from the first order they canceled. Then the order that was placed on the 15th that had a delivery date of the 18th didn't arrive. The 23rd i get an email stating it will be delayed yet again. I call ups and they stated that the item was now set for friday the 26th. Today, the 26th, no package. I call to find out that my order was on it's way back to them through ups and wasn't set to be returned to them until the 30th which after it's processed i will have my money back 2 - 5 days after. I explained to them that the money was needed now because i'd already had to tell my child that i was terribly sorry and that christmas would just be delayed for 1 day and i needed my money back now so i could purchase more gifts for him from stores that were local and had products. I was ignored and again told sorry for the inconvenience, but nothing would be refunded until their shipper, that never shipped the items to me, shipped the items back to them and the 2 - 5 day period was complete. This means that if i'm lucky all the money i gave them on the 15th will be back in my account on the 5th of january.
I was unfortunate enough to purchase items on black friday from kmart (Which although i placed my order through sears is where i found out my items actually came from) and 2 things from sears. I've requested those gifts back from family members and will be returning everything purchased from them.
Their company is a joke and it's no wonder why 100s of kmarts have closed in the past few years. I can't believe they've done this to us.

Dec 26, 2014

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